On My Wishlist (45)

On My Wishlist is a fun weekly event hosted by Book Chick City and runs every Saturday. It’s where I list all the books I desperately want but haven’t actually bought yet. They can be old, new or forthcoming.

Hester MacDaniel is recovering from an engagement gone awry by summering at her brother’s holding in the Highlands, and looking after her brother’s young step-daughter, Fiona. Tiberius Flynn, heir to the English Marquis of Quinworth, appears on Hester’s doorstep claiming he’s Fee’s paternal uncle, and he’s been sent by her English relations to make the girl’s acquaintance. Tye believes his brother’s dying wishes compel him to take Fee south with him, but he doesn’t plan on Hester capturing his heart, even as she fights him tooth and nail for custody of Fiona.
Lily Langdon has finally grown up. Now that her brother the duke’s completely malleable best friend Edward Wallis has been brutally (and luckily) rebuffed by his intended, Lily knows her chance for a very permissive and entirely convenient husband is here. In fact, he is staying in her very own home for a house party.

But this promising party’s tone is quickly changed by a horrible twist of fate that threatens Edward’s very life. Nothing but luck can save Edward, but Lily’s heart is lost for good when she sees what a strong and devoted man he can be in times of trouble. Lily has set her cap on a man who should be unlovable and fallen more in love than she ever thought possible. Their passion brings great risk, but when a man and a woman prove to be so much more together than they were apart, is there anything that their love cannot overcome?

Prisoner of love…

High-spirited Nadine Quinn’s apprehension about her family’s move to Australia quickly vanished when handsome Lloyd Harpster won passage on her father’s boat for the long voyage. Swept off her feet by the charming Australian, Nadine struggled with their
growing love–for Lloyd was a wanted man.

Forced to watch helplessly as Lloyd was arrested and imprisoned by the notorious Captain Grenville, Nadine vowed to set him free. But could she trust her heart to the daring bushranger–or was their love just . . . a Passion in the Wind?

The year is 44 B.C. Julius Caesar is dead. And as rebellion divides Italy and Britain, a Roman centurion and a Celtic princess forge a bond no woman or man can rend asunder.

To ensure peace between her tribe and their savage conquerors, the exquisite Bronwen has been promised in wedlock to a high-born Roman tribune. But the British beauty is also a secret spy ready to risk her life to free her people.

Dispatched to Britain by Mark Antony, Claudius is irresistibly drawn to the flaxen-haired, cobalt-eyed Bronwen. Yet he knows he dare not trust the woman who is bound to him by law—not love.

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