Lusting For Covers (262)

Loyal Sir Gawain pledges to marry a hideous crone in exchange for the answer to a riddle that will save King Arthur’s life. But the loathly lady is actually the lovely Aislyn, former sorceress, in disguise, who is out to make Gawain pay for rejecting her in the past. Then Aislyn finds herself enchanted by the gallant knight.

Why Knight of the Round Table?

Well one this is a fantastic medieval romance cover, so swoony and sweet and utterly romantic. I have had this cover as one of my stepbacks, and thanks to Alyssa over at The Eaters of Books!….I found the actual book that this art is connected to. It has such a great feel to it, and I would love to just jump into that cover and explore the medieval era. And I would mind having this man as my partner in crime. What about you? What do you think of this one?