Lusting For Covers (236) What Happens At Christmas

Two Strangers, One Enchanted Christmas

Quinton Roxbury, son of an earl and as charismatic as a prince, thinks St. Nick has provided him the perfect bride in rich, ruthless Lady Emmeline Tarleton.

Lisette Hamilton could not have wished for a more reasonable beau than stable, staid Henry Brooks.

But on one wintry London day, the magic of the season intervenes, bringing Lisette and Quinton together just long enough to realize that there is more to love than to connections or contentment. And the passionate moment they share will force them both to choose between the perfect lives they always wanted and a desire they’ve only just discovered. . .

Why It Happened One Christmas?

This cover is so enchanting!! It has a sensual tone to it, but I love the festive and Christmas-y feel to it.

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