Lusting For Covers (166) Thunder On The Plains

Lusting For Covers (166) Thunder On The Plains

Lusting For Covers (166) Thunder On The Plains

In a Land of Opportunity
Sunny Landers wants a big life—as big and free as the untamed land that stretches before her. Land she will help her father conquer to achieve his dream of a transcontinental railroad. She won't let a cold, creaky wagon, murderous bandits or stampeding buffalo stand in her way. She wants it all—including Colt Travis.

All the Odds Were Against Them
Like the land of his birth, half–Cherokee Colt Travis is wild, hard, and dangerous. He is a drifter, a wilderness scout with no land and no prospects hired by the Landers family to guide their wagon train. He knows Sunny is out of his league and her father would never approve, but beneath the endless starlit sky, anything seems possible...


Welcome to Lusting For Covers!! Such a wonderful way to share those covers we love!!

Why Thunder On The Plains? 

who wouldn’t love this cover, I would read this book just for the cover alone!! Love the dress, and the pose, and boy isn’t that man just mouthwatering, I adore those rugged looking ones; and I just love the bed of sunflowers with the sun beaming…perfect summer read. 

6 thoughts on “Lusting For Covers (166) Thunder On The Plains

  1. Great cover! I like the almost kiss pose. There’s more tension and hints of things to come. I also like the flowers and the sunbeams in the background.

  2. Yes yes yes I absolutely love this cover especially the beautiful color tone of this cover awesome pick! 🙂

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