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Book Review-Truly Madly Whiskey by Melissa Foster

by | Nov 3, 2021 | Book Reviews | 2 comments

Book Review-Truly Madly Whiskey by Melissa Foster

Book Review-Truly Madly Whiskey by Melissa FosterTruly, Madly, Whiskey by Melissa Foster
Also in this series: Taming My Whiskey , Tru Blue , Mad About Moon , Driving Whiskey Wild , The Gritty Truth
Series: The Whiskeys: Dark Knights of Peaceful Harbor #2
Published by Self Published By Author on April 10, 2017
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 345
Format: eBook
Source: Library
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Eight months is a long damn time to have the hots for a woman who keeps a guy at arm's length. But Crystal Moon is no ordinary woman. She's a sinfully sexy, sass-mouthed badass, and the subject of Bear Whiskey's midnight fantasies. She's also one of his closest friends.
Just when Crystal thinks she has her life under control, scorching-hot, possessive, aggressive, and fiercely loyal Bear pushes all her sexual buttons, relentless in his pursuit to make her his.
The more Bear pushes, the hotter their passion burns, unearthing memories for Crystal that are best kept buried. But there's no stopping the collision of her past and present, catapulting the two lovers down an emotionally charged road that has them questioning all they thought they knew about themselves.
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This review may contain spoilers, so fair warning, upon reading the review.

Truly Madly Whiskey is the second book in the “Whiskeys Dark Nights” series and I have been really wanting to read more of this series. Ever since I read “Taming My Whiskey” I have been delighted by this charming close knit family of the Whiskey’s and eager to return to them. I read this one very easily in one sitting and had such fun with Bear and Crystal. They were simply so perfect for each other and I do have such a weakness for this style of unrequited love and seeing how wonderful these two fit together. I have really come to admire Melissa Foster and its been so fun to explore more of her books (although I know that I will never get to them all because her backlist is massive) but I do love a well written small town romance and mix that in with a coastal setting and some sexy bikers, you are going to pull me pretty quickly into the story.

Truly Madly Whiskey is a sexy biker romance that features some kitten love, big bear hugs and family laughs that features:

  • Bear Whiskey-talented artist, a brother in the Dark Knights Motorcycle Club, protector, a alpha cinnamon roll
  • Crystal Moon-Aloof, keeps men at arm’s length, badass, sweet and sexy and struggling with facing her past

Truly Madly Whiskey is a story that starts off with our hero, Bear, who has been trying to charm Crystal Moon for eight long months. He has never given up on trying to find a way to reach to her heart and give him a chance. He knows that Crystal is closed off because she has a painful past and it isn’t easy for her to trust others. But Bear was raised to never give up if you love someone hard enough and he will fight for Crystal, no matter how long it takes. Crystal came to Peaceful Harbor for a fresh start and a new life, she is still haunted by moments of her past, and struggles opening up to others and giving that trust to others when she has been hurt but even though she has tried to push Bear away because she doesn’t feel worthy of him, he is one of her closest friends, and Crystal will need to make a choice ……open her heart to Bear and make a future with him or stay locked up away for the rest of her life….

I don’t want to joke around. Let me in, baby. Let me help with whatever’s stolen that spark from your beautiful eyes

Truly Madly Whiskey was such a fun read and I had such a fun time with Bear and Whiskey. In fact, I think Bear is my favorite of the Whiskeys (and I have a soft heart for them all) however, there is something so unique about Bear’s character. He truly makes the epitome of the perfect alpha male. I would categorize him as a alpha cinnamon roll. And these are some of my favorite types of alpha’s. Now I do think some readers will struggle with Crystal’s character and how she treats Bear. Now I will admit the first few chapters I had the same issues, but I could also sense that there was more going on with her and a valid reason why she kept pushing Bear away. And once you see why then you will definitely be able to understand her reasoning and she doesn’t take too long to open up to Bear, and I was so relieved over that. I don’t like angst in the relationship to happen for too long, and I am grateful to Melissa Foster to not extending it longer. Now this book may have some triggers so I highly recommend you check them out before reading this. I was impressed with the character of our hero. He was simply PERFECT in every way that I like my contemporary heroes. I honestly couldn’t get enough of him and I just wanted a big bear hug from this man. He has such a heart of gold. Now don’t get me wrong, he is an alpha but in such a healthy masculine way. He is a protector and provider, he will fight for those he loves, and is highly possessive and LOVES to growl, but he is also understanding, patient, flirty, and is a ball of energy. I mean what is NOT to love about this man right? He definitely will be topping my top bookfriends of the year for sure.

They say orchids are symbols of love and affection,” he said softly. “And the harder they are to find, the more love and affection they hold. When you put all these magnificent beauties together, you get the most unique flower on earth.

And of course, we get some fun shenanigans from the Whiskey family and the wedding of our first couple in the series: Gemma and Tru. And of course plenty of the family drama. But what I am loving is seeing the build up towards “Taming My Whiskey” (which was my first book I read from this author and this series and yeah I know I read it out of order) and one of my favorite aspects is seeing Bear be so protective of his sister Dixie, and seeing him stand up for her. I just felt for him, because he sees her potential and her hard work and stands up to his father for her even goes against pretty much his whole family, to defend her and pave a path so she can embrace herself fully. And it was these moments where you really see the gold in Bear’s character and what he is made of. There is such a closeness between all members of this family and I did appreciate being able to understand the motivations behind the dad and seeing his motivations but each family member brings something unique to the table and I loved seeing their willingness to stand by each other.

Sweet girl, you are strength and grace, beauty and intelligence. You’re the woman I want to carry our babies, the lover I want to hold every night, and the badass biker chick I want wrapped around me on long road trips.

Overall I found “Truly Madly Whiskey” to be a delightful edition to this lively cozy series and seeing the romance between Bear and Crystal blossom was a beautiful shining delight. I guarantee that this is a book that will delight and charm to your hearts content and you won’t be able to get enough of a story to leave you smiling all the way through.

No, baby. We don’t own. We are one. We share, we love, we protect, but we don’t own

About Melissa Foster

Melissa Foster is a New York Times & USA Today bestselling and award-winning author. She writes sexy and heartwarming contemporary romance and women’s fiction with emotionally compelling characters that stay with you long after you turn the last page. Melissa’s emotional journeys are lovingly erotic and always family oriented, the perfect beach reads for contemporary romance and women's fiction lovers who enjoy reading about loyal, wealthy heroes and smart, sassy heroines with complex relatable issues.

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  1. Sophia Rose

    I can’t believe I haven’t touched any of her books yet with you, Nadene, and Carole loving on them. I do have a pile of them so I will. This type of romance really grabs me heart. Glad to get your thoughts on it and the quotes, Renee.

  2. Natalie

    I love the Whiskeys! And although my favorite will always be Tru Blue… I can’t get enough of these characters and their friends. Stunning review, as always 🙂 🌺


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