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Book Review-The Golden Valkyrie

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Book Review-The Golden ValkyrieThe Golden Valkyrie by Iris Johansen
Published by Random House Publishing Group on July 29th 2008
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 281

From #1 New York Times bestselling author Iris Johansen comes a classic tale of opposites attracting—and finding love in the most unexpected places.When P.I. Honey Winston is hired to steal incriminating letters from visiting dignitary Prince Rubinoff, she’s prepared for a dangerous mission that could end her career. But when she blows her cover, she finds that the amused prince is everything the media have made him out to be: part Adonis, part playboy—and irresistibly charismatic. The problem is, the feeling is mutual. Intrigued, the prince is determined to keep his gorgeous young trespasser by his side as long as possible. For he’s never met anyone quite as daring, or breathtaking, as Honey. With the tables turned, Prince Rubinoff has Honey appointed his personal bodyguard. The official reason is an assassination plot. The truth is far more dangerous….From the Paperback edition.

Honey Winston is a private detective, with her finances struggling, she knows she needs a good case. When a woman comes to her asking her to find some letters for her, Honey is more than willing considering the reward involved. So Honey sneaks into Prince Rubinoff’s hotel suite, hiding beneath the service cart, however since she is allergic to cigar smoke, she is discovered and forced to reveal her true reason for her being there. However Lance is viewed on the media as a royal playboy his nickname being “Lusty Lance”. After being discovered she is then blackmailed into serving as his bodyguard, having been made aware there is a threat on his life and that of his friend Alex. When they head to a remote island, Honey doesn’t realize that she will be in close proximity to Lusty Lance who has developed a unique fascination with her. A fascination that develops into a relationship with aspects neither of them expected to find in one another, one where love and commitment thrive.

I have just loved reading this Sedikhan series, and I just love this author, especially through Audio. This is a contemporary romance novel written by Iris Johansen, who is one of my favorite romance authors to read from. We have Lance, who is a talented artist, where only he and a few others know of his rare gift.He hides who he truly is with a exterior of a play boy, where inside he yearns for love and a family. When he sees Honey, a beautiful Valkyrie who stirs up his emotions like no one ever has, and vows that she will be his. Honey has a duty to protect Lance Robinoff from the danger that threatens his life, but somewhere along the road they are both headed on, Honey realizes that there is a lot more to him that she ever realized. That she is falling in love with the one person she doesn’t know if she can trust with her heart.  This was such a lovely riveting story, filled with witty interaction between the character, a exciting plot and a well written story that is portrayed well with the audio story that makes the story come alive for the reader and listener. I am definitely looking forward to reading the rest of this series!!!

About Iris Johansen

Iris Johansen is a New York Times bestselling author. She began her writing after her children left home for college. She first achieved success in the early 1980s writing category romances. In 1991, Johansen began writing suspense historical romance novels, starting with the publication of The Wind Dancer. In 1996 Johansen switched genres, turning to crime fiction, with which she has had great success. She had seventeen consecutive New York Times bestsellers as of November 2006.

She lives in Georgia and is married. Her son, Roy Johansen, is an Edgar Award-winning screenwriter and novelist. Her daughter, Tamara, serves as her research assistant.

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