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Book Review-The Bride Chooses A Highlander by Adrienne Basso

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Book Review-The Bride Chooses A Highlander by Adrienne Basso

I received this book for free from Zebra in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Book Review-The Bride Chooses A Highlander by Adrienne BassoThe Bride Chooses a Highlander by Adrienne Basso
Also in this series: The Highlander Who Loved Me, No Other Highlander
Series: The McKennas #3
Published by Zebra on December 25, 2018
Genres: Historical Romance, Scottish Highlands, Medieval Era
Pages: 352
Format: eARC
Source: Zebra
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Scotland, 1335: Marriage between clans is a matter of property and power, rarely love. But the only daughter of Laird McKenna longs for passion—and finds it in a Highlander’s arms...

The unconventional Lady Katherine McKenna has been granted a rare privilege: the right to choose her own husband. It’s a more difficult task than she expected. When at last she agrees to a betrothal, it quickly goes awry, leaving Katherine alone in the wilds . . . and rescued by Laird Lachlan MacTavish. She’s captivated by the proud, brooding chief who shows her such tender care. But with their clans on the brink of war, the honorable Lachlan resists his attraction—until Katherine proclaims to her family that they will wed.

Though stunned by her boldness, Lachlan is intrigued by Katherine’s beauty and spirit, and the MacTavishes will benefit from an alliance with the powerful McKennas. But with family discord, treachery, and deceit in their midst, can they save a marriage that is destined to blossom into incomparable love?

The Bride Chooses a Highlander is the third book in her McKenna family series. I have had such a fun time with this highlander family. Each member brings something new to the series and now we have the only girl of the family who has her story. And boy I really got a kick out of this book. It was so fabulous and even though I wish there was more romantic feels, the plot and the characters make up for it for the most part.

Our brilliant story begins with our hero, Lachlan, who is Laird of the MacTavish clan. But his people are slowly dying, they are barely making enough to survive and he knows that something needs to change. His clan was once prosperous but then they were punished when fighting on the wrong side of the war of independence in Scotland and now they are barely making it. His youngest brother is missing caught by the McKenna’s and his middle brother wants to do something drastic and Lachlan is the reasonable brother and wants to find a peaceful way to work with the McKenna’s to get his brother back but with no funds he has no idea how until his brother Aiden does something rash that could bring war upon them.

Katherine is the only daughter of the McKenna family and she is one of the few women that has a choice in the man she can marry. She is getting older than most girls to marry and she has made her choice. She hopes that she can have  a marriage like her parents and her older brothers who have love and affection. But when she arrives to meet her betrothed, she finds that he is in love with another woman and so feeling betrayed she leaves with a few guardsmen knowing her father wouldn’t support her because he wants her married and an alliance. But she finds herself kidnapped by Aiden but then his older brother rescues her and she forms an attachment to Lachlan and decides that he is the man that she wants but will she have to fight her family for the man she loves?

This was such a fun filled story that I had a blast reading. Now I will admit that the actual romance I had a hard time feeling for most of the book until the very end. But I had such a fun time getting into this story and man the plot was seemly pretty superbly written. I love the way that this author writes her historical romances, there is always something that tugs at the reader as you pick one of her books. What I really liked about this book was seeing a heroine fight for what she wants even against her own family. And boy the family DRAMA was simply epic in this book and I loved every single moment of it.

The romance that develops between Lachlan and Katherine was so sweet and likable. They really are such a good match for each other. Lachlan is honest with Katherine about everything, he doesn’t keep what her brother did to her from her or anything like that. He is open with her and so there is a strong level of honesty between them. Lachlan is a loveable hero, he is strong and capable, a strong warrior and very loyal and honest. He is the type of person you could see yourself marrying, he just has strong values he lives by. Katherine is spirited, sweet and kind. She knows what she wants and won’t settle for less. I love how she battles with her family, most especially, her father to keep the man that she loves instead of the man they already made an agreement with. We see what great sibling relationships she has with her brothers especially her younger brother View Spoiler »

Overall I found this book to be a fabulous addition to the series. The Bride Chooses A Highlander is a tale packed with action, intrigue, deception and fighting for what is right….MAGNIFICENT!!

About Adrienne Basso

Between stints as a corporate financial analyst, marketing consultant, public librarian, wife and mother, Adrienne Basso has parlayed her vivid imagination and desire to tell romantic stories into a writing career. Regency England is her favorite time period and thus far she has set all her historical novels during that elegant time. She enjoys the challenge of creating stories that emphasize the everlasting strength and power of love and is truly delighted that her characters always achieve the fantasy of living happily ever after.

Adrienne and her husband, both native New Yorkers, now make their home in North Plainfield, New Jersey, along with their two sons. In her spare time she likes to pretend that she is an organized, efficient, dynamic super-woman. It doesn't always work.

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