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Book Review-Moon’s Web

by | Sep 13, 2015 | Book Reviews | 3 comments

Book Review-Moon's Web

Book Review-Moon’s WebMoon's Web by C.T. Adams, Cathy Clamp
Also in this series: Hunter's Moon
Series: A Tale of the Sazi #2
Published by Tor Paranormal Romance on August 1st 2005
Genres: Paranormal Romance, Shape Shifting
Pages: 352
Format: Paperback
Source: Library
ISBN: 0765349140
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Tony Giodone made his living as an assassin--until one of his marks ripped his throat out and turned him into a werewolf. Now he's the best hired killer there is.
When a curvy woman in an expensive suit tries to hire him to kill her, his wolf senses insist that she is his mate. One kidnapping, a plethora of gunfights, a psychic coma, and two faked deaths later, Tony and Sue have new identities and are hiding in a community of Sazi shapeshifters. All seems well, until Sue begins to pull away from Tony and he realizes that if he can't be more open with her, he's going to lose her.
To add to his problems, Tony is getting flashes of other peoples' lives. He doesn't know if they're memories or fantasies--but he wants it to stop, because he's learning things he shouldn't about his friends and neighbors.
What's more dangerous than a psychic-powered werewolf assassin? Whatever it is, it's kidnapping and killing female Sazi . . . after it sucks out their powers. Its latest captive is the girlfriend of Carmine, the Mafia don who used to be Tony's boss. To get her back, Carmine will make war on all the Sazi--and while the Sazi would win, they can't afford to be exposed to humans.
Now it's up to Tony to save Carmine's girlfriend--and all of the Sazi.

My Review


Moon’s Web continues from where Hunter’s Moon left off. Tony and Sue have just left their old life, faked their deaths and begun a fresh start and are the newest members of a prestigious wolf pack. Tony is having a hard time adjusting to the life as a member of a pack. Tony is used to acting quickly and on his own judgement and never having to answer to anyone. Well Tony soon learns that his new life here isn’t going to be full of rainbows and roses. Its going to take adjustment and tough learning and having to not go half cocked all the time. Sue is making her own adjustment, finally free of her family, but life is just going to be a bigger test for her now. We see how she learns more about herself and what she is really capable of. Tony and Sue learn that their love is about to be tested in the worst way. They will have to rely on the trust they have. Tony is connecting with his wolf half, gaining new abilities he never imagined, creating friendships he would never imagine, and his strength will be proved. There is an enemy more powerful than anything Tony and Sue have ever faced, one that could destroy all of the Sazi.

Plot and Story Line

Moon’s Web was such a tantalizing story and I soaked it all in. I really enjoyed the first time, and even though these two aren’t together as much as the first book, we see some powerful tests of their love happen in this one. We see how having a fresh start isn’t always the best or easiest adjustment. What was most great about this book, was seeing how these two really come together even more than the first book, and we don’t see much of them together. We see quite a bit of pack politics, some new characters (that I am half in love with already), some old ones, a mysterious villain, and a curious circumstance between Tony and Sue. Basically Tony’s new abilities are causing havoc a bit, and when a healer works on him, but then disappears, he and Sue have to get a physical separation for a bit. Its causing some anger management issues and until they can find the missing healer, they will have to content with their mental touches. What was most fascinating about this was how the intricate world building, and boy did it increase quite a bit in this book. We get a better look at the Sazi species, their history and what they are capable of. There are so many unique elements that really wrapped this story up quite nicely. I found it very interesting seeing how cemented Tony and Sue become in the pack in such a short time. It isn’t easy for them for a while, and I fell in love with these two all over again when we see what they become and grow into. Simply a wonderful book and can’t wait to delve more deeply into the Sazi.

The Cover

What I like about this cover is how well it relates to the story. Not a big fan of the way its formatted, but its different and I like that.

Overall View

Moon’s Web is a sizzling and entertaining ride that will keep you sated for a while!! Packed with thrills, mystery, and passion…will have you looking for the next book!!

Series Order

Hutner's MoonMoon's WebCaptive MoonHowling MoonMoon's FuryTimeless MoonCold Moon RisingSerpent Moon

About Cathy Clamp

Hi!, I’m USA TODAY and Nielsen Bookscan bestselling author Cathy Clamp. I write urban fantasy/paranormal romance for Tor Books, including the Tales of the Sazi (shapeshifter urban fantasy romance) series, The Thrall (vampire) trilogy, the Blood Singer (urban fantasy, as Cat Adams) series—through book 6, and the new Novels of the Sazi series, beginning in August, 2015.

I’ve won a bunch of awards for my books over the years. My favorite was the Career Achievement Award for Paranormal Romance in May, 2008 from RT Bookreviews Magazine. I also shared the win for several co-authored books with C.T. Adams of the Book Buyer’s Best Award, the RT Bookreviews Reviewer’s Choice Award, the Reviewers International Award of Excellence, the Texas Gold Romance Award, the Write Touch Readers Award, and several others. It’s gratifying and humbling to win awards for books that you put your heart into, and I hope you enjoy them as much as other readers have!

I’ve also written several stand-alone novels, not in series, including my very first novel, The Road To Riches, an historical fiction about a railroad race in Colorado’s Silver Boom period, and Magic’s Design, the first urban fantasy published as Cat Adams.

I also write short stories, which is a whole different kind of writing.. I like writing in a lot of different genres, and it’s in short stories where I let my wings spread. I have published short stories in horror, science fiction, mystery, literary, Young Adult, romance, thriller, fantasy and western

About C.T. Adams

Also known as Cat Adams, a dual-partnership writing team with Cathy Clamp.

She spent seventeen years in the Denver metro area and now resides in Texas with a large dog and pet cats. Office work provided a living while she pursued the goal of becoming a novelist. Forming the partnership with Cathy Clamp was the catalyst that led to publication and the two have enjoyed a long and fruitful collaboration, with two series published within the Tor Paranormal Romance line: The Sazi, and the Kate Reilly/Thrall books. In addition they have authored stand-alone novels and participated in several anthologies. Working both as a team with Cathy and individually, Cie plans to be involved in writing novels for years to come.

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