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Book Review-Black Rook by Kelly Meade

by | Feb 3, 2015 | Book Reviews | 2 comments

Book Review-Black Rook by Kelly MeadeBlack Rook by Kelly Meade
Also in this series: Gray Bishop
Series: Cornerstone Run Trilogy #1
Published by InterMix on July 15th 2014
Genres: Paranormal Romance, Shape Shifting
Pages: 334
Format: eBook
Source: Self Purchased

She never saw this coming…
Brynn Atwood is a low-level Magus whose unpredictable precognitive powers have made her an outcast among her people—and an embarrassment to her highly-regarded father. After a frightening vision in which her father is murdered by a loup garou man, Brynn decides to prove herself by finding the killer, and stopping them at any cost.
Her target is Rook McQueen, the son of a small-town loup garou Alpha. Despite being the youngest of three, Rook is first in line to inherit the role of Alpha, a duty he isn't sure he's capable of fulfilling. When Brynn finally meets Rook, she doesn't expect the attraction that draws her to him—and him to her.
No longer believing him a murderer, Brynn and Rook strike an alliance to find her father's real killer. But when his older brother is targeted by an unknown enemy, Rook will have to choose between his growing feelings for Brynn and his duty as the future Alpha of his community.

Brynn Atwood, is the second child of a powerful Magus and leader, and as such, she is considered weak with little power…but she has one that is powerful ,she can see visions of the future. When she sees a vision of her father dead and a man, Rook Mcqueen, with her fathers blood on him, she knows he must be the killer and must find him first before he can get to her father. So she heads to Cornerstone, and some truths become unraveled and she learns that he isn’t her fathers killer. As they join forces to find out what is really going on, they find answers to questions that only lead to more questions, as they search for the real truth, a powerful desire builds between Brynn and Rook, and soon Rook will have to decide what is more important his status as Alpha of the pack, or Brynn as his mate…

After reading a review and recommendation from a friend, I began to see that I really needed to pick this one up. So I did, and I was so stunned by how well I enjoyed this one. I wasn’t sure how I would, considering this is a new author for me, but Black Rook was tantalizing and intense and packed with everything I expect in a steamy shifter romance and then some. This isn’t just a shifter romance, it does have some additions paranormal elements mixed in there, and it really adds some dramatic flair to the plot. The author does a stunning job of describing the world she has created, and the way that she stuns us with the creative scenes and the in depth characters.

The story begins with a misunderstanding, and what a misunderstanding, the heroine here well she has courage…willing to die to save the father that has never cared much for her. I loved her tenacity and courage, she has that inner strength that you can’t help but admire. She has ‘balls” that is for sure, she surely knows how to carry how a task that she puts her mind to. You see how she grows in this story, and I loved seeing her change into a woman of sacrifice and doing what is right even if its hurts the ones you love. Rook, is not the first child, but because he is a black wolf, he can be alpha if he desires. He has worked hard, to prove himself to be the obvious choice. He knows that he would be a leader and a good one. But when Brynn lands in his lap, his priorities change, one to where pursuing her earnestly with honest intent is more important than being the alpha. Their relationship from working together, turns into a slow courtship. They have sparks from the beginning, but not just physically, the author does a wonderful job in creating a bond between them that goes deeper than sex. (Although those parts were pretty sexy and fun), but we also see the development of their relationship, emotionally.

This first book in the series, sets the stage for the rest of the series, where we find out that there are some villains, that are dangerous, and it will take a miracle for them to come out alive. I so enjoyed the action, the suspense, the sensuality, the focus on their intimate relationship, and the bond between the brothers, and the way that this story was written was sexy, sensual and stunning in detail. A must read for paranormal romance lovers!!!

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  1. Aurian

    I do like the sound of this one. I don’t think I have seen this author come across. PS I have no idea why I have gotten 30+ emails from your blog (older posts) in the last few days, but I will try to get to them all in the coming days.

    • Lover Of Romance

      It is a pretty fabulous trilogy, and I would highly recommend reading them. Yeah sorry about all the emails. But not all my reviews got transferred over when I moved to a self hosted site. So I am trying to finish getting them all transferred over. Hopefully it will only take a few more days and then I will be finished. Sorry about the overload of emails.


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