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Book Review-Beloved Imposter by Patricia Potter

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Book Review-Beloved Imposter by Patricia PotterBeloved Imposter by Patricia Potter
Also in this series: Beloved Stranger
Series: Beloved Trilogy #1
Published by Berkley Sensation on September 7 2004
Genres: Historical Romance, Medieval Era, Scottish Highlands
Pages: 407
Format: Paperback
Source: Library
ISBN: 0739446096

From the acclaimed author of Dancing with a Rogue comes a brand-new trilogy about three brothers bound by a dark legacy in the Scottish Highlands. In this enthralling novel, Rory Maclean risks it all by letting the enemy into his heart...
Felicia Campbell can't believe her bad luck. In a fortnight, she's expected to wed a brutal man more than three times her age. She has no choice but to flee...but Felicia's fortune goes from bad to worse when, during her escape, she's abducted by her clan's enemy. She must now continue the masquerade or ignite a clan war that could destroy them all.
A seaman at heart, Rory Maclean longs to cut the ties that have bound him to a legacy of hatred and bloodshed. Still, with his clan in peril, he's returned home, hoping to broker peace between the Macleans and Campbells. But his men, believing he needs an heir, have stolen him a bride—a beautiful, spirited lass who ignites his passion and reawakens every fiber in his being. And tempts him to do the one thing he swore he'd never do: challenge again a century-old curse that had already claimed two brides and hardened his heart.

Felicia Campbell, has just found out her guardian and uncle has betrothed her to marry a man thrice her age and has been known to be abusive to his past wives. Felicia lost her parents when she was young, and she and her cousin became as close as brother and sister. But he is in London, so she must find a way to escape and get to London. So Felicia creates a plot to escape with her brothers fiancee aiding her, and as she is escaping her uncle’s men, she is captured by their families enemy, the Maclean’s. Felicia knows that she will have to lie about her true identity. Rory doesn’t want to be Laird, he just wants to go back to his ship and be on the sea. Rory has lost two wives and a unborn child, and knows that his clan is cursed, so he plans to never marry. But then a couple of his men kidnap a lovely lass who stirs his blood. At first he is outraged at his men’s audacity to set him up with his next wife, but he refuses to give in. As the days go by, and one thing leads to another, he starts to realize that what he and Felicia have is not something you just give up on. But will he be able to put the past behind him and start fresh with Felicia and a love so powerful it could break the curse upon his clan?

Beloved Impostor is the first in the Beloved Trilogy by Patricia Potter. Now I have known about this author for years, but have never really had her books on my TBR until the past month or so. So when I went to my local library, quite a few of her books were present, so I decided to try this series out. I do love a sexy highlander, especially if its set in the medieval time period. I had no clue what to expect from Patricia Potter but after reading Beloved Impostor all I have to say is AMAZING!!!! I can’t believe it took me so long to read this book. Lately I have felt like I have been in a rut of sorts, in the past month or so there have only been a few books I have been able to read get fully 100% into. So when I started reading Beloved Impostor I was hooked, line and sinker. I was amazed by how much I was enjoying this story, in fact it will be going on my top favorites, because I was impatient to get through work today so I could get back to it ASAP!!!

This story begins with seeing Felicia and her creativity and charming wit, and her rebellious nature that is contagious. The emotions from Felicia were so vividly portrayed by the author, I couldn’t help but find myself into the story from the first line. I was anxious to see how Felicia would get a happy ending. From the beginning you are enchanted by Felicia and her endearing personality that gets you practically addicted. Even though she is a very strong willed heroine, she also is fun and easy to relate with. I never felt like she was a super feisty heroine that just drives the reader crazy. Instead you, the reader, you feel as if you could be best friends. Now Rory, oh Rory, I completely fell in love when he entered the scene. He isn’t your typical Alpha male, in fact at times he was a mix between Alpha and Beta at times. Which was very refreshing since especially lately I have been overdosing on Alpha males. Now don’t get me wrong, I love them, but sometimes its good to have a more gentle like hero. Rory is a tortured hero, who has suffered more than most. Having been married twice, but loved his first wife deeply, and it was heartbreaking seeing his side of things. You just want to hug him from the moment you see how much he is still suffering. I almost wanted to jump into the story and make him smile. Rory is pretty mad at his men for kidnapping a innocent woman, and even though he is attracted to her, he doesn’t want to pull her into his world of grief and turmoil. He is so protective of her, before they even share their first kiss. His character is very deep enriched in the story and before long you feel as if you have known him all of your life. It has been a while since I have met such a intense and memorable character that just captivates your heart.

The story is very solid, and the plot is never ending, at first you wonder how Rory and Felicia go from strangers to lovers. There is quite a bit of conflict involved, and not just Rory’s past. Felicia has a betrothed who isn’t just going to give her up, and they are both from waring clans where marriage would be impossible. The author here has done her homework of the time period, and you see how she places events in history into play just a bit. Not overly much, just enough to add some spices to enhance the story even more. I felt one of the strongest points of this story was the intense emotion that was constantly displayed. I definitely went from laughing my head off, to crying me eyes out I was so emotionally in tuned to the characters, that I couldn’t stop myself. The side characters were fun to get to know, and boy did I love both families. I can hardly wait to read more from Rory’s family, boy they are such delightful men…I am beyond eager to get my hands on their stories!!! Should be delicious fun!! 🙂

Overall a fully satisfying romantic romp that takes you back in time to Scotland, where clans were waring with each other, and passion was boundless. A story that will draw your attention completely, and impossible to put down unless its your house burning down or some earthquake. Be warned this story will knock your socks off, and in ways you never imagined.  A captivating story that touches the heart and sears the soul. Masterful storytelling to enthrall the reader in such a way you won’t be able to breathe until the last page!! UNFORGETTABLE!!!

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