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Book Review-Angel’s Blood by Nalini Singh

by | Jun 19, 2015 | Book Reviews | 2 comments

Book Review-Angel's Blood by Nalini Singh

Book Review-Angel’s Blood by Nalini SinghAngels' Blood by Nalini Singh
Also in this series: Archangel's Kiss, Archangel's Consort, Archangel's Storm, Archangel's Legion , Archangel's Shadows, Archangel's Enigma, Archangel's Heart, Archangel's Viper, Archangel's Prophecy (Guild Hunter, #11), Archangel's War
Series: Guild Hunter #1
Published by Berkley Sensation on March 3rd 2009
Genres: Urban Fantasy Romance, Vampires, Archangels
Pages: 339
Format: Paperback
Source: Library
ISBN: 0425226921

Vampire hunter Elena Deveraux knows she is the best- but she does not know if even she is good enough for this job. Hired by the dangerously beautiful archangel Raphael, a being so lethal that no mortal wants his attention, Elena knows failure is not an option—even if the task is impossible.
Because this time, it's not a wayward vamp she has to track. It's an archangel gone bad.
The job will put Elena in the midst of a killing spree like no other—and pull her to the razor's edge of passion. Even if the hunt does not destroy her, succumbing to Raphael’s seductive touch just might. For when archangels play, mortals break.


Elena Deveraux is a vampire hunter, and she has always had the talent for being able to detect and sense vampires around her. She is considered to be the best of the best. When she is called upon to meet with the archangel Raphael, she is shocked, but he needs her to hunt down a rogue archangel who has gone insane and is on a killing spree. She has never before been able to scent archangels, until now. This hunt will put Elena in the middle of a mad killing escapade that will put her in danger of losing herself to the dangerous and lethal archangel Raphael. Elena knows what her job is, and she also knows that she may not survive. This is the most dangerous mission she has ever gone on, and when an intense desire for Raphael gets thrown in the mix, Elena starts to realize that if the rogue doesn’t kill her, the danger of being with Raphael could very well destroy her…

The Hero 

Raphael, holds one of the most powerful territories of the archangels. Despite the fact that he isn’t the most oldest of his kind, he is one of the most dangerous and cunning of them all. He is ruthless and not afraid to use every weapon at his disposal to get what he wants. Raphael isn’t your typical hero, in fact he is quite edgy and pretty dangerous. But whew did I love him. In fact I don’t think I have ever read a hero like him before, there was something so much more to him and you get that sense from the very beginning. That even though he is pretty damn dangerous and scary at times, there is also a soul deep part of him that needs love and affection just like everyone else. This side of him no one sees until Elena comes on the scene and we see him change slowly but surly to a being that begins to love.

The Heroine 

Elena, is a vampire hunter, but she is so much more than the average hunter. There is a reason Raphael wants her so bad, because she is the best the Guild has to offer. She was born a vampire hunter, and her senses are natural to her. Which makes it easier for her to hunt vampires than anyone else. The family that Elena was born into it she has lost them all because of her father. And she despises him, but she has created a new family, her best friend and her husband, and other members of the Guild are her real family and she will do anything to protect them. What was most intriguing about Elena was the various facets to her character that we see. At first we see a bad ass fighter, that can bring in those rogue vampires pretty dang easily. We see her as a protector and a fighter and stands up to Raphael (which could easily get her maimed or killed) but she forges on. Despite how scared she is of him at times, she still goes forward and boy did i love her strength and fortitude to deal with whatever came her way. She was a heroine that I cheered for from page one.

Plot and Story Line 

For the longest time I have been in love with Nalini Singh, and I fell for her Psy Changeling series, but I resisted reading this series, why? I have no idea. hehe oh the workings of my mind, I honestly don’t even know why I didn’t, probably because I just haven’t read that much in Urban Fantasy, but I was thrilled that there was a focus on the romance as well as this world that Singh has created for us. but I found myself just falling for this story immediately. From the first page I was completely hooked, and I couldn’t put this one down, and whew what a page turner this story was for me. The first aspect that I fell for was our heroine. She is completely a bad ass and love her personality, and I found myself relating to her in those strange ways that I would never normally see if I hadn’t been so involved in this story. And the hero….WOW….he is a shock to the core, because he is so much more than any hero you will ever read. And the chemistry between these two is pretty fiery hot!! I mean honestly, the whole sensual game they play with each other is hot enough to set fire to you. Now on to the main focus of the story…the hunt for the rogue Archangels. Now these archangels aren’t your average ones that you hear about. They are dangerous and scary and formidable. You don’t cross these beings or you are dead. What was so spectacular about this book was how well Singh balances out the Urban Fantasy world and the paranormal romantic elements. In fact it was quite difficult at times to distinguish the two, they were melded together in such a way that it formed a rich story that will enthrall you from the beginning. I was astonished at the way the story developed and the ending….DANG can this author give me a surprise or shock that I would never see coming. This book really tested me in a way that allowed me to see “outside the box” and in a perspective of seeing a different side to a character or actions being taken. The story itself is action packed and thrilling to the end, guaranteed to get your blood pumping with adrenalin and excitement. The romance between Elena and Raphael is intense and magnificent and is utterly captivating!!

The Cover 

I am not sure what I think of the cover to be honest, the colors are very dramatic, and it makes you feel that edgy and dangerous feel that the book portrays.

Overall View 

Angels’ Blood is an utterly engaging read that will have you on edge from beginning to end, a story that is packed with suspense, dangerous creatures, a fighting heroine, and a passionate love!!


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