Book Love (18) Lord of the Keep


Lord Of the KeepLord of The Keep tells the tale of lovers who must overcome both class and age differences. Gilles d Argent is the 40-year-old lord of the manor. Emma is the young weaver he loves. Unfortunately, Emma was seduced some two years earlier by the castle Lothario, William Belfour, a young man in his early twenties.

Gilles first has to deal with the barrier of their social positions as well as his jealousy and insecurity over the much-younger man s seduction of Emma. Emma, on the other hand, is hampered by the differences in their respective stations as well as by vows she exchanged with William when he bedded her, vows and a child he does not recognize.

Emma wastes a lot of her energy on guilt, first for becoming William s lover and then for becoming Gilles. Gilles vacillates between fits of jealousy and fears that he is getting old. William is the only character who seems to enjoy himself as a thorough cad.


Why Lord of the Keep?

This is a story I have loved and adored for many years. It was also one of the first historical romance I read and the first “may december” trope romance as well. This is a story that is quite emotional at times, this couple goes through some hard times, but the love they discover is worth it. What I loved about this book is the realistic setting of it, it does have some moments of grit but this author is very compelling in her writing, and is the type of story you can’t put down. Recommend for those that enjoy a realistic and true historical romance.

8 thoughts on “Book Love (18) Lord of the Keep

  1. Emotional historical romances are probably the best! I hadn’t heard of this one before, and though that cover is quite off-putting, I’m intrigued! I’ll have to see if my library has this one! I’m betting they do since they are usually well-stocked when it comes to HR.

    1. Yeah the cover is old school and is not for everyone. ( I like it, but probably because I like any romance cover old school or more modern like) hehe I am sure your library does, especially if they carry older titles. Ann Lawrence is a fab author. You would like it

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