Blog Tour Spotlight: Bane by Brenda Jackson

Title: Bane

Author: Brenda Jackson

Release Date: December 1 2015

Publisher: Harlequin

New York Times bestselling author Brenda Jackson’s last Westmoreland bachelor is a navy SEAL on a mission to protect the woman who got away… 

After five years, navy SEAL Brisbane Westmoreland is back home on his ranch and ready to reclaim the woman he left behind. But when he tracks her to Dallas, he’s in for a shock.

Crystal Newsome isn’t ready to forgive Bane for saying he loved her then vanishing from her life. Only now the beautiful chemist needs his protection. As their own irresistible chemistry takes over once again, can Bane keep Crystal safe and convince her they can have the second chance they both deserve?



Read on for a sneak peek of BANE,

the latest title in bestselling author Brenda Jackson’s Westmoreland series


Setting the scene: Bane Westmoreland and Crystal Newsome secretly eloped when they were young–but  then their families tore them apart. Now, five years later, Bane is coming back for his woman, and no one will stop him.


With her heart thundering hard in her chest, Crystal began throwing items in the suitcase open on her bed. Had she imagined it or had she been watched when she’d entered her home tonight? She had glanced around several times and hadn’t noticed anything or anyone. But still…

She took a deep breath, knowing she couldn’t lose her cool. She made a decision to leave her car here and a few lights burning inside her house to give the impression she was home. She would call a cab to take her to the airport and would take only the necessities and a few items of clothing. She could buy anything else she needed.

But this, she thought, studying the photo album she held in her hand, went everywhere with her. She had purchased it right after her last phone call with Bane. Her parents had sent Crystal to live with Aunt Rachel to finish out the last year of school.  They wanted to get her away from Bane, not knowing she and Bane had secretly married.

A couple of months after she left Denver, she’d gotten a call from him. He’d told her he’d enlisted in the navy because he needed to grow up, become responsible and make something out of himself. She deserved a man who could be all that he could be, and after he’d accomplished that goal he would come for her. Sitting on the edge of the bed now, she flipped through the album, which she had dedicated to Bane. She thought of him often. Every day. What she tried not to think about was why it was taking him so long to come back for her, or how he might be somewhere enjoying life without her. Forcing those thoughts from her mind, she packed the album in her luggage.

Moments later, she had rolled her luggage into the living room and was calling for a cab when her doorbell rang.

She went still. Nobody ever visited her. Who would be doing so now? She crept back into the shadows of her hallway, hoping whoever was at the door would think she wasn’t home. She held her breath when the doorbell sounded again. Did the person on the other side know she was there?

She rushed into her bedroom and grabbed her revolver out of the nightstand drawer. By the time she’d made it back to the living room, there was a second knock. She moved toward the door, but stopped five feet away. “Who is it?” She tightened her hands on the revolver.

There was a moment of silence. And then a voice said, “It’s me, Crystal. Bane.”


Bane will do whatever it takes to keep his woman safe, but will it be enough?


Don’t miss BANE by New York Times bestselling author Brenda Jackson
available December 2015 wherever  Harlequin® Desire books and ebooks are sold.

About The Author

Brenda JacksonBrenda Jackson was born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida. She got married to Gerald, her high school sweetheart, in 1972 after graduating from high school. She went on to earn a degree in business administration from Jacksonville University, and to expand their family by having two sons, Gerald Jr. and Brandon.

To relieve job-related stress in the early 1990s, Jackson began reading romance novels. Although she enjoyed the novels, she was dissatisfied with the lack of cultural and ethnic diversity in the characters. After complaining to her husband that she could do better, he registered her for a romance writers conference and encouraged her to try her hand at writing. At the conference, Jackson met then-unpublished authors Francis Ray and Rochelle Alers and became inspired to write.[1]

Jackson was determined to write novels that are multicultural romances, featuring African-American characters, that “convey the belief that love is every[where].”[2] Her first novel, Tonight and Forever was published in 1995.[2] This and the next few books followed the fictional Madaris brothers, giving Jackson an opportunity to portray professional African-American men who were both “appreciative and respectful of women.”[1] Her heroes are in many ways inspired by her husband, whom she considers to be “a very strong African-American male [who] is supportive and centers his life around his family.”[1]

In 2001, Jackson released her first mainstream women’s fiction novel, A Family Reunion. As with her previous romance novels, this book contains a “sexy spark,”as well as Jackson’s familiar “polished and confident” writing style, which allows her “characters [to] burst with color right off the page.” The following year, in 2002, she became the first African-American author to have a novel published as part of the Silhouette Desire line.

Despite publishing 11 books in the first ten years of her writing career, as of 2005, Jackson considers writing to be her hobby, and she continues to work full-time as a manager at State Farm Insurance.

Throughout her writing career, Jackson has written for several publishers, including St.Martins Press, BET, Kensington, NAL, Harlequin/Silhouette and Harlequin Kimani Romance.



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