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Well this month has been a pretty regular month. I have been focusing this month on reading more from the library. For a while this past year, I just bought books and read ARC’s, but I missed going to the library and I have been in the mood for reading more paperback lately. I don’t know why, but all of a sudden, I just crave picking up a printed form of a book. Have any of you just suddenly switched from the format you normally read? I also am making a goal to read a audiobook every week at least. I love listening to stories come alive. My library works through three different audio book sites. Pioneer Utah Library, One Click Digital and Hoopla. Hoopla is new to me, so I am eager to see how much I like it but from what I have seen it has a great selection. I have been keeping on target with buying no more than $25.00 in books. I believe this past month I have only bought one ebook for 2.99. I have been focusing on reading more paperbacks lately. I am working my way through transferring my reviews from my old site. This past month I was able to get through a few months of 2014. I do have some time off coming up this month, and I plan on working on trying to get it completely finished this month. In my personal life, I have been focusing on my studies. Still working full time trying to save money and I have been getting some dental work done. I also have been having fun with football season and spending time with family from Canada.

Books Read and Reviewed 

Thunder on the Plains- What a story this was….so emotionally involved and it really put me through the ringer with this one. Rosanne Bittner definitely knows how to write a historical romance. The more I read from her, the more hooked I get. A rich and vibrant romance. Review soon to come.

Heir To The Pack- This had a secret baby trope in the story but I loved it. The circumstances were different and I loved the romance the develops between the two and the mystery that develops. Review soon to come.

First Time With A Highlander- My Review

No Limits-The first of the latest series by Lori Foster. What a story this turned out, and it reminded me of how much I love this author and this pair really won me over. Review soon to come.

Chance the Winds of Fortune-My Review

Everlasting Desire-My Review

His Wicked Reputation-My Review

Her Secret Guardian-My Review

The Madness of Lord Westfall-This was so different from what I was expecting from Mia Marlowe. It had a variety of spices to this story that was so unique and I was so impressed with this series. Review soon to come.

Midnight Rising=My Review

Twilight Magic-My Review

Lion Eyes- A novella of the Shifters Unbound series by Jennifer Ashley. Quite a lovely little romance we have here, and we see a different side to rogue shifters we haven’t seen much of.

Hard To Be Good-A Novella of the Hard Ink Series by Laura Kaye. This is the m/m romance that Kaye has written and so well done too. I tend to be picky with this set up, but I really found myself drawn to these two. Loved the match and their characters.

A Curvy Cold Water Christmas-This has to be one of the shortest books I have ever read. At only 30 pages, quite short yet sweet.  A lovely romantic interlude.

The Newcomer-My Review

Forever Your Earl-My Review

About A Vampire=My Review

A Rogue’s Embrace-My Review

A Ltitle Thing Called Love-My Review

Four Weddings and a Fireman-My Review

Midnight Awakening-My Review

Moon’s Web-My Review

Rescued By The Ranger-My Review

Bayou Heat Box Set-This set is number 2 by a joint effort of Alexandra Ivy and Laura Wright. Both of these author I truly enjoy reading. I loved the setting of the “bayou” and mix that with sexy shifters, a dangerous magical enemy and some steamy romance, any reader will fall in love. I am eager to try the other books in the series.

Nice Girls Don’t Ride-This was very interesting, but much shorter than I was expecting. But I loved our heroine of the story. She was so easy to relate with and love my sexy bikers.

Wolf Bite-This had a interesting twist, and I fell for everything in this book. The characters ,the plot, the setting and the love story. It had some conflicts that keeps this couple apart, but they find a way to be together.

Mad, Bad and Dangerous In Plaid-I do plan on doing a review for this book soon, hopefully I can gather enough thoughts to do a decent one. I did love it, and this author has definitely won me over again. Her last series before this one I struggled with at times. But this series, is passionate and emotionally dramatic and it has Enoch written all over it. If you love those sexy highlanders, this is a must read.

Thornbrook Park-My Review

I Own The Dawn-My Review

Kiss of Crimson-My Review

Mate of Her Heart-This is the first of a shifter themed series. This deals with a bit of a “forbidden love” set up. Many things go wrong, but in the end these two fighting for each other…win. I read this wanting to get through a ebook that has been on my reader for quite some time, but now I am eager to read the rest of the series.

Red Moon=This is a story that was a deal at .99 cents, but totally would have paid more for it. It has a futuristic theme to it, but has a historic theme with the heroine being a slave. A truly magnificent story of a powerful love….these two were magic together.

One Scandalous Kiss-This is a new author to me, with a historical setting…sweet and charming. Looking forward to see what the author will come up with next.

Lost Lady-My Review

Taming Her Wolf-My Review

The Notorious Knight-My Review

Kiss of Midnight-My Review

How To Tame A Wild Fireman-My Review

A Good Rake Is Hard To Find-My Review

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Reading Challenges 

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Historical Romance Reading Challenge: 108/100

New To You Reading Challenge: 101/100

TBR Aged Pile Reading Challenge: 15/20

Book Favorites Of The Month 

Thunder On The PlainsHer Secret GuardianMad Bad and Dangerous In plaidNo LimitsEverlasting Desire