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This past month has been pretty regular. In my personal life just been focusing on my studies and my work and trying to find a balance with the blog as well. I am currently trying to nuckle down on my finances. So my goal with books is to stick with a budget every month, and I have decided on $25 a month for books, and focus on reading more books from the library and a bit more ARC’s. This summer I have really been spending too much on books, and most of these books come to my library eventually. I want to work on my TBR, I have quite a few books at home I have yet to read yet, and many on my E-Reader I want to get to but haven’t yet. I am also trying to do more in Social Media, most especially Goodreads. Lately I have just been using it to shelve my books, when I used to be on it all the time interacting more especially in group and book discussions. I am still working on transferring my reviews, I have finished years 2010-2013…so I just have one more year left YAY. Did new headers for my book recommendation pages. So that was fun. Overall this has been a somewhat productive month. Sad that its the end of summer, but I do love Fall.

New Features Added:

Double The Romance Review–Occasionally I will be doing  two reviews in one post….add something different and fun to the blog.

Books Read and Reviewed For The Month 

A Good Rake Is Hard To Find-I really liked this one quite a bit. Which doesn’t surprise me since I have loved every book this author has written. It was romantic, a second chance romance, a murder mystery and some suspense.

The Wanderer-My Review 

Her Lone Wolf-My Review

Hard As You Can-My Review

Chase The Darkness-My Review

Sex and the Single Fireman-My Review

Rescuing The Bad Boy-My Review

Almost A Scandal-My Review

The Night Is Mine-My Review

Total Surrender-My Review

Blind Faith-My Review

Sweet Revenge-My Review

Forgotten Sins-My Review

The Highlander’s Woman-My Review

Scotsman Of My Dreams-My Review

You’re The Earl I Want-My Review

Even The Vampires Get The Blues-My Review

Ever After-My Review

When A Scot Ties The Knot-My Review

Her Lucky Cowboy-My Review

The Prince and I-My Review

A Pirate’s Wife For Me-My Review

Midnight Magic-My Review

Darling Beast-This might be one of my favorite books of the series, which is saying something since this series is amazing.

Great Estate-My Review

Destiny’s Surrender-My Review

Lady Emily’s Exotic Journey-My Review

Shard’s Of Hope-My Review

Blog Tours

Night’s Surrender

Turn Of The Moon

Scotsman Of My Dreams

Worth It

Agent N6:Dylan

When An Omega Snaps

Orchard At The Edge Of Town

Reading Challenges 

Goodreads Reading Challenge-260/400–I am at 65%

Historical Romance Reading Challenge-93/100

New To You Reading Challenge-82/100

TBR Aged Pile-9/20–I really need to work on this in the fall.

Book Favorites Of The Month 

Forgotten Sins by Rebecca Zanetti

The Prince and I by Karen Hawkins

Shards of Hope by Nalini Singh

Ever After by Rachel Lacey

A Pirate’s Wife For Me by Christina Dodd

6 thoughts on “At A Glance: Month of August

  1. Wow, so many reviews to transfer on Goodreads ! I hear you on the book buying, I’m trying to refrain a lot too – just buying free e-books and the new releases in series I follow, borrowing more at the library 😉

  2. You were busy in August. 🙂 I gave myself a cash book budget this year but it includes blog giveaways and mailing books to my co-bloggers. Most books I buy are trades from or I purchase with Amazon gift cards I’ve received.

  3. I go through phases with book buying. Sometimes I’ll go months without buying books. I’ll use the library, ARCs, and books I already own. But then all of a sudden there are books I want to read NOW and I Don’t own them. Lately I’ve been spending a bit too much on books. But I figure it will all even out in the end.

    What groups and book discussions do you use on Goodreads? I would like to use Goodreads more, too.

    1. I am a part of quite a few. All of them are romance oriented (Of course right?) but what I love about them is learning about new recommendations of both old and new books. Its a great way to meet people with same bookish interests, and I love having that social experience too where all we talk about is books!! 🙂 My goal is to get back into interacting with them more, I used to do it all of the time. I have missed it especially lately. But what I love is that they have hundreds of groups for romance. You can focus on a genre or a specific author.

  4. *whistles appreciatively over all the good stuff happening/happened in this post*

    Way to go on almost catching up getting your reviews on, on knuckling down with the budget, and reading all those books! Look at that long list of books. 😉

    Your favorites list has a few of mine, too. Nice!

    Have a lovely September, Renee!

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