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There is something so unique about a “feel good” romance and you don’t get this feeling in too many romances. Now I love a wonderful romance novel, but those feel good moments aren’t as common as you would think. Many times while reading, they sneak upon you when you least expect it. Especially when its a book you can’t put down. So what constitutes a feel good romance? For me personally, its a story that delivers in that happy, joyful and tearful expressions. Those sweet defining moments that makes it impossible not to put a smile on your face or even bring a tear to your eye. I am not talking about sad tears, its those scenes that are so happy the emotion is so powerful it brings out a physical reaction. And I want to share with you all my top list of feel good romances that I have discovered since first discovering romances in 2003. This is a pretty long list considering how much I have read over the years though not that long hehe

Anna and the Duke by Kathryn Smith

This was one of the first feel good romances I ever picked up. This story is so sweet and charming and heart felt. This is a book that both YA and Adult romance lovers would appreciate. This pair’s love story is short yet so endearing. I have such fond memories of this book and always brings a smile to my face when I think of this one.

Dark Celebration by Christine Feehan

Most of the books in this series are pretty dramatic and intense for obvious reasons. But this book is such a memorable story and one I could re read over and over. I love this book, because for one its surrounding a Christmas theme and that always gives you some “feel good” moments. But this story is where we see our couples from the series get together to celebrate together the holiday. Their race is barely surviving, and they have enemies so mostly the women decided that a celebration was in order especially for the children. I loved seeing these couples again, especially my favorites. And we also get hints of future couples especially my personal favorite Dimitri and Skylar.

Crown of Crystal Flame by C.L. Wilson

This is the final book of the Tairen Soul series, and we have seen this couple grow so much through the previous books. I love seeing these two together, just as strong and vibrant. This book definitely has all the feels you would need in a good romance. And there are so many wonderful elements that combines to make a fantastic feel good read.

Say You Love Me by Johanna Lindsey

oh how I love and adore this book, and IΒ  have to say just might be one of my favorites from this series. Now don’t get me wrong, there are so many great books in this series. but this is one of the more softer and sweeter of her books. Derek and Kelsey are just so endearing as a couple and I love seeing them to try to find their way to get to their happy ending.

A Christmas Melody by Anita Stansfield

oh what a sweet heart warming romance this one is. Now this is a LDS romance fiction novel so it might not be for everyone, especially if your not religious. However this story is so sweet and deals with of course a sweet holiday theme too. Our heroine pretty much hates Christmas, due to how she was raised which wasn’t good at all. Our hero Matthew, grew up in a family that LOVED Christmas and loved each other. And Matthew shows her the true meaning of Christmas and what love can do for you. Definitely a short and sweet romance to give you all the sweet and tender feels.

Tiger Magic by Jennifer Ashley

oh I just love this book so very much and out of most of her books, I think this is the one that I most felt like gave you the “feel good” feels. I love this couple and how strong they are from the beginning. Especially our hero, is what makes this such a powerful and emotional one. I love the romance and the way he just clicks with the kids. So sweet.

Warprize by Elizabeth Vaughan

Oh this is such a wonderful story, This is probably one of the most heart felt romances that is slow building. So you don’t see it happening at first. But boy by the end it becomes one your favorite reads ever and not only that but it delivers on every feel good level. Happy, passionate, and even slightly heart breaking at times. But definitely gives the reader everything they need to get to those unique moments

Shadow Fire by Catherine Spangler

This is practically a marriage of convenience with a mix of sci fi thrown in to add fire to the flame here but what a powerful story and does even have some slight spiritual moments too. But what really makes this a wonderful story is the romance and the change we see in characters which results in a true feel good story.

This Is All I Ask by Lynn Kurland

oh what a romance this is, and was one of the first romances I read in high school even. Lynn Kurland is known for her medieval and time travels romances. I love how well she develops a romance. She shows that you don’t need a lot of smexy times to deliver a feel good love story and this book is by far one of my favorites. I could read it a hundred times and never get enough. Any time I am down or stressed, I pick up this book and it just gives me all the feels to make my day better and lighter.

Lady Sophia’s Lover by Lisa Kleypas

I believe this might have been my first Kleypas book and I will never forget it and seriously, I think in the early years of reading romance, it was a novel I kept coming back for more than any other. It is charming and sensual and has so many emotional undertones, and even there is some dramatic moments, its the emotions that really get to me, this book has always given me all the feel good moments you would expect and Kleypas writes feel good romances like none other.

Commander In Chief by Katy Evans

This story gives you a feel good feeling in a very unique way. In fact, I feel like for many who have struggled with the current politics and happenings going on in the U.S. right now…need this book in their lives. It of course, gives you mixed feelings, but it also gives you hope for the future. This couple makes the best President and First lady….like seriously they rock it. Our hero especially is everything good in this world. He is charming, strong, has a good heart, and wants to make the country better and really cares about others.

Rock Hard by Nalini Singh

Anyone who has read this knows how amazing this book is and seriously this one gives you all those feel good moments guaranteed. This couple are rock solid together and even from the first few pages, you can feel it instantly. Definitely a book worth reading and keeping on your shelf.

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  1. You know I love feel-good romances. That is what I gravitate towards. I’ve only read Rock Hard on this list, though. I have read many Lisa Kleypas novels, but never Lady Sophia’s Lover. I really should get on that. πŸ™‚

  2. So many great choices here. πŸ™‚ And I do love feel good romances as well. Who wouldn’t, right? Lisa Kleypas and Nalini Singh (Charlie Mouse vs. T Rex!!) I think overall write feel good stories anyway. My #1 choice off the top of my head would be Commander in Chief, though. Loved. It. So. Much. *dreamy sigh*

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