Tasty Book Tours: Rescued By The Ranger

Tasty Book Tours: Rescued By The Ranger

I received this book for free from Avon in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Tasty Book Tours: Rescued By The RangerRescued by the Ranger by Dixie Lee Brown
Published by Avon Impulse on September 8th 2015
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Romantic Suspense, American West
Format: eBook
Source: Avon
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Protecting those in trouble is what Army Ranger Garrett Harding does best. But after helping a feisty redhead toss a couple of losers from her Idaho bar, the woman is anything but grateful for his assistance—in fact, she seems to know him. Worse, she almost certainly hates him.
The only thing Rachel Maguire wants is to send this smart-mouthed, muscled military man packing. She knows Garrett has his own reasons for staying, so when he offers Rachel a deal—two days to prove his worth or he leaves—she reluctantly agrees. Despite wanting to loathe him, Rachel finds herself drawn to his quiet confidence…and the way he fills out a t-shirt.
But when Rachel receives a phone call from the past, everything changes. The stalker who destroyed her life ten years ago is closing in once more. Refusing to put anyone else in harm's way, Rachel hits the road hoping to lure danger away from those she loves. But Garrett won't leave this sexy spitfire to face her stalker alone. He'll do anything to protect her. Even if it means risking his life—and his heart.



There was so much fun moments to Rescued by the Ranger. This is a story that begins when our hero, Garrett a Ranger, found a document leading to mysteries surrounding his mother and his aunt Peg. We see how Garrett and his brother and sister have been misled on the mystery of their mother and the reason on why she left. When he arrives to meet his Aunt Peg, he meets a bar owner who is fesity and hates him at first. But Garrett is a charmer and doesn’t take her seriously. He likes her spirit and I found their bantering quite engaging, but I did have a issue with Rachel at first. I understood her anger, but I couldn’t see why she was so against Garrett, especially when she learns the truth. She is quite stubborn and obstinant. But I did quite enjoy seeing the way they come together finally. Garrett was so patient and understanding with Rachel, despite how judgmental she could be at times. It was interesting to have the added intensity of a villain at work here, a stalker and his true identity really shook me and one I didn’t see coming. I found Rescued by the Ranger to be a deep and riveting story that kept me at the edge of my seat and I soaked up every detail and aspect of this story with relish. It had a charm and unique qaulities. What drew me most to love this one the most was the mixture of sweet and intense moments. We see a beautiful love story that develops from opposition to working hand in hand and learning the true measure of trust and love.



“Sorry, bud. Needed you with me on this one.” He rested his hand on the dog’s shoulder just above the ragged scar where a bullet had torn through muscle and tissue. Cowboy had recovered surprisingly well, but the wound had ended the career of the best military dog Garrett had ever been teamed with.

Cowboy’s big, brown, soulful eyes studied his for a moment before a barely audible woof broke the silence.

Garrett chuckled and patted the dog’s furry side. “Good boy. That’s right—use your indoor voice. You’ll need to be on your best behavior while we’re here. Shouldn’t be long, though. I can’t imagine there’d be anything to keep us here beyond the end of the day.”

Why had he come anyway?

Aunt Peg’s letter. His temper flared remembering the confrontation between him and his father after Garrett had stumbled upon the year-old letter in his dad’s desk drawer.

“Looking for something, son?” There’d been wariness in his father’s voice.

Garrett had dragged his gaze from the envelope in his hand to study the senator. “I misplaced Shay’s telephone number. I thought I might find it in here.” The call to his sister momentarily forgotten, he’d held the letter up so his father could see.

The senator had looked away, his expression shuttering over. “I meant to give that to you, but both you and Luke were out of the country when it arrived and, frankly, it’s not something you should worry about. You need to concentrate on getting well,” his father had said, but the way his gaze bounced around the room instead of meeting Garrett’s told a different story.

“Dad, I’ve been in the States for six months. Two months at the VA hospital and four months recuperating right here in this house. Luke’s been here a week. What were you waiting for?” Garrett had held the letter out in front of him. “ ‘Garrett and Luke Harding.’ ” He’d read the first line of the address out loud and then jerked the letter away as his father made a grab. “Peg Williams. That’s Aunt Peg, isn’t it? Did it cross your mind at all that Luke and I might be interested in what our mother’s sister had to say?”

“Your mother passed away a year ago. Peg invited you to the reading of the will. Hell, your mother didn’t have time for you while she was alive. Why would you be interested now? Hate me for it if you want—I took it upon myself to keep the letter from you. I didn’t think it was important twenty-nine years after she walked out on you boys.” Anger had hardened his father’s expression.

Garrett had sucked in a breath as the words pelted him, reopening a wound he’d thought long closed. After all, they hadn’t heard from the woman their father had said was a drug addict in nearly thirty years. Now she’d apparently left them something in her will—as though she’d have anything they’d want. Wasn’t that just the icing on the cake?

Garrett had straightened his six-foot-one frame until the muscles surrounding the six-month-old wound in his back protested sharply. “You had no right to make that call.”

“I had every right. I wasn’t going to let that woman hurt you again.”

Steel-gray eyes, so like his own, had stared back at Garrett. “Are you sure that’s the reason, Dad? Or could it have had anything to do with keeping the senator’s ex-wife off the front page of the newspaper?” Silence had stretched for at least thirty seconds, during which Garrett had had ample time to regret his words.

His father, ever the diplomat, had smiled faintly. “Let’s table this discussion until cooler heads prevail, shall we? You have your letter, and I have a meeting I’m going to be late for.” He’d grabbed several folders from his desk and hastened from the room.

About Dixie Lee Brown

Dixie has been writing stories for years, storing ideas and first drafts of manuscripts in every spare closet and drawer. Then one day she decided she wanted to be an author more than anything, pulled out one of those story ideas and got serious!

Her romantic suspense novels are great for curling up and losing yourself in the story. Dixie’s first novel in the Trust No One series, All or Nothing, placed 3rd in the romantic suspense category of the 2011 TARA (Tampa Area Romance Authors) Contest. The second, When I Find You, has just been released. The third book in the series – If You Only Knew – is coming soon!

Dixie moved from Montana to a small town in Central Oregon in 1972, married and raised two daughters. Today her two small dogs hold down the back of the couch and watch for intruders as she works on another novel.


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