Spotlight and Book Review-Vampires Never Cry Wolf

Spotlight and Book Review-Vampires Never Cry WolfVampires Never Cry Wolf by Sara Humphreys
Series: Dead in the City #3
Published by Sourcebooks Casablanca on March 3rd 2015
Genres: Paranormal Romance, Vampires
Pages: 320
Format: eARC
Source: Publisher
ISBN: 1402274122
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Sadie Pemberton is the DJ at the hottest vampire club in New York City, and she loves her freedom almost as much as she hates werewolves. She has no desire to tie herself to anyone for eternity—even the deliciously sexy Killian Bane—werewolf prince and heir apparent who has been sent to patrol the city.
But Sadie bears the mark of the moon—the mark that Killian has been looking for, the mark that's meant to reveal his perfect mate. How can the fates be so cruel? Even more importantly, how is he ever going to change her mind?

My Review


Sadie Pemberton, runs the hottest dancing vampire club in New York City. She is all about living a carefree life without responsibility. But then danger comes to her door, with the name of Killian, a danger not to her life, but to her sanity. Killian, is the royal prince of the werewolves. When his older brother was killed, he was forced to take his place as the heir. And he knew that would come with responsibilities, ones that he didn’t want. Where he would have to marry a woman that he could never love. But he keeps a secret to himself, he knows his future mate is out there, and she bears the mark of the moon, which would make her is bloodmate. It is only known to their world as rumor and myth. But Killian believes in it, and when he sees the mark, he must claim her…even if that woman is a vampire. Sadie and Kilian know that they don’t have any future together, but they can’t resist the passion or the connection they feel for each other.

The Hero

Killian Bane, is a werewolf prince. Killian will always do what is expected of him. He adores his parents, and will do anything to keep from disappointing them, but when it comes to his choice of mate, he has to take his own heart into account. Killian is one hell of a hero. This is no beta wolf we have here. He is alpha, not just that he takes command of situations. But that he goes after what he wants and lets nothing stand in his way. Even if that person is his bloodmate. What really drew me to Killian, was how sensual and powerful he is portrayed. There is nothing subtle about his character. I felt instantly drawn to him in such a stimulating way. He is strong and courages, a fighter, but you see how he puts Sadie first in his life. I admired that about him. That he wouldn’t let what his father may think or his people or her people may say, he loves her and will fight with his dying breath for her. That devotion just kept me drawn into this story. Killian is one hero to watch out for or he may bite…

The Heroine

Sadie Pemberton, was turned into a vampire two hundred years previous. Sadie has never had much responsibility, and she likes it that way. But then when she is asked to take over management of the club and now her troubles have become tenfold, because there is a werewolf that she can’t shake off her tail. He is tenacious and most especially when it comes to her. But what Sadie can’t do is admit that that attraction isn’t one sided. Sadie was a hoot. She had backbone, and didn’t just give into a man with good looks and hunky body…although I am not sure if I would have been strong enough. She is determined to stay true to herself and she does get conflicted about certain things. But it added quite a bit of more depth to the story that you don’t fully see coming. Sadie was such a passionate heroine, and she really captivated me. From the first page, you see that she is not your average heroine. She is stubborn and fierce and loves having a party. But she isn’t flighty. I felt like the author did well in writing her character and she seemed to balance out Kilian.

Plot and Story Line

I have read this author before but not in quite some time. I was able to listen to one of her amoveo books, and dang was it so good. So when I was given the opportunity to participate in reading this for the author and publisher, I couldn’t pass it up. Now one thing I wish that I had done, is read the first two books in the series before giving this one a shot. Although I tend to read books out of order, and it’s not too difficult to adjust, I do wish that I had read it in order. I felt like there were certain things I was missing, things that had happened in previous books that set this story up. Now, you can read this alone, but if you have the opportunity read it in order. This story is quite a fun ride. I don’t know how many of you have read this author, but if you haven’t…you are missing out. Seriously, after reading this author, I want to go out and buy her books and read them this weekend. This story is centered on the love connection between Killian and Sadie. They have some obstacles to fight, but it was refreshing how this author turned this story into a focus on the couple. There are other factors in play on this one, but the main focus was seeing them fall in love. What is also another factor was that even though they believe their future is cursed; they still can’t resist each other. I love it when we see a couple plays with fire, and the way it was written you see how powerful that can be. This couple won me over pretty much from the beginning. I mean we have this alpha werewolf prince (drool), and a sexy vampire who loves having a good time….yeah fireworks are going to happen. But they make a good team when danger comes to their doorstep. I don’t want to reveal too much, but the way that these two find their HEA is unique, and not something you would expect seeing happen. So be ready to rock and roll on this story ladies and gents.


This cover is so sexy and colorful. First…this male model has such a gorgeous body. I mean I just want to kiss and gobble him up all over. But those abs and shoulders…oh yummy. I also like the dots of color with the moon in the background. It gives off a dangerous and mysterious edge.

Overall View

Vampires Never Cry Wolf is a stunning romance, which mixes vampires and werewolves, a story to tantalize and enthrall from beginning to end. Gripping and well written, this author writes a story to captivate. A fast paced page turner. MESMERIZING!

My Rating

5 Blossoms


Sadie forced herself to look Killian in the face, and the instant she did, she knew it was a colossal mistake. His eyes looked like pools of liquid gold, and she could swear he saw straight through to her very soul. A growl rumbled in his chest and Sadie gasped. His eyes flickered and shifted into the glowing amber eyes of his wolf. The sudden and instinctive change was a glaring reminder of who he was…who they both were.

In a remarkably steady voice, Sadie whispered, “Last night should never have happened.”

“The only thing about last night that shouldn’t have happened was the way it ended,” Killian rasped.

Sadie stilled when his large hand cradled her cheek. Despite her best efforts to resist him, her body quivered uncontrollably as he surrounded her in every way a person could be surrounded. When the heat of his palm seared against her skin, a needy moan escaped her lips. She sagged against the stack of boxes. Desire curled inside her like smoke, and regardless of the litany of warnings that ran through her head, Sadie’s hands found their way to the front of Killian’s shirt. She grasped the fabric, still warm from the heat of his body, and pulled him closer. The evidence of his desire pressed against her hip, and images of him in all his naked glory came roaring back into her mind. Sweet Jesus, the man had a body that looked like it had been hand carved by the gods themselves.

“Is that so?” Sadie pulled his shirt loose from his jeans and slipped her fingers underneath before trailing them along the hard planes of his stomach. Arching one eyebrow, she held his heavy-lidded gaze and unsheathed her fangs. “How do you suppose it should have ended?”

“The same way it should end every night from now on,” he growled. Killian slid both hands into her long hair. Sadie shivered when his fingertips grazed her scalp. He pressed his hips against her before slipping his thigh between her legs. Sadie gasped with pleasure as he put pressure on just the right spot, and when a moan escaped her parted lips, a cocky grin emerged on his. Killian tightened his grip on her hair and leaned in so his mouth was just a breath away. “Every single night should end with me buried deep inside you.”

About The Author

Sara Humphreys has been attracted to the fantasies of science fiction, paranormal, and romance since her adolescence when Sara Humphreysshe had a mad crush on Captain Kirk. An actress and public speaker, Sara lives in Bronxville, New York with her husband, who is very considerate of her double life, and four amazing boys.


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