Quickie Book Review-Hunter’s Moon

Quickie Book Review-Hunter’s MoonHunter's Moon by C.T. Adams, Cathy Clamp
Published by Macmillan on September 30th 2008
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Fantasy Romance, Paranormal Romance, Romantic Suspense, Shape Shifting
Pages: 336
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 0-765-34913-2
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HER ONLY OPTION IS DEATHSue Quentin has reached the end of her rope-she's desperate, and there's only one way out. Her plan doesn't include falling for Tony, the mysterious hit man she hires. He listens when she speaks and somehow convinces her that maybe her problems aren't entirely insurmountable. He even thinks her little potbelly is sexy. So he's a werewolf--everyone has flaws! Sue enjoys being coddled by Tony, and, for his part, Tony likes the way Sue moans when he touches her. She begins to think she and Tony might have a shot at a future together, despite his unorthodox profession . . . and even though she doesn't know his real name. But when Tony's enemies-not all of whom are fully human-decide Sue makes a perfect target, will Tony risk letting his darker side out during the day to save her?


This was a story that was quite different than I was expecting to find. Unlike most times when I go to my local library, I only had a couple books on my list, because I wanted to just pick a couple random books to try out, and I grabbed this book up. I was intrigued by the set up, the heroine going to the hero to get him to kill her. I didn’t know why until I started reading, and when you learn I didn’t know why it was so necessary she wanted to kill herself, but her family is pretty crazy (literally), I mean some of the actions her mothers takes is outrageous and she should be put in a mental hospital, just so she can have some attention. The whole suicide over idiotic family members, is why my rating is lower than a 5, because I just couldn’t understand that her reasons were valid enough, but if I had a family like this one, I might think differently. I think what I admired most about this story was seeing how the hero and heroine develop a relationship with each other. This story was different in the way that it was from the hero’s POV. That was quite different, it is quite rare to see that. At times it threw me off, because I am used to reading third person or if its in 1st person its from the heroine’s POV. The paranormal element in this story is there, but it isn’t super strong like I was expecting it to be. In fact, in many ways it seemed to lean more toward a contemporary romance than a paranormal one. Both characters had their own unique set of handling situations, and boy was Tony great in how he handles Sue. He is patient and understanding, but at the same times doesn’t allow her to lean on him to much for help with her family, he tries to make her realize that she has to stand up to them. Toward the later half of the story, the plot accelerates and adds a bit of suspense/mystery aspects to the mix and it really gets intense. The ending was better than I expected, I was hoping it wouldn’t be a huge cliffhanger since the next book involves this pair too. But it was a short and sweet ending, I did feel it was a bit too abrupt for my tastes, but I am thinking it might have been done on purpose. But overall a fantastic story that kept me fascinated from page one, and now I can’t wait to get hold of book 2!!

About C.T. Adams

Also known as Cat Adams, a dual-partnership writing team with Cathy Clamp.

She spent seventeen years in the Denver metro area and now resides in Texas with a large dog and pet cats. Office work provided a living while she pursued the goal of becoming a novelist. Forming the partnership with Cathy Clamp was the catalyst that led to publication and the two have enjoyed a long and fruitful collaboration, with two series published within the Tor Paranormal Romance line: The Sazi, and the Kate Reilly/Thrall books. In addition they have authored stand-alone novels and participated in several anthologies. Working both as a team with Cathy and individually, Cie plans to be involved in writing novels for years to come.

About Cathy Clamp

Hi!, I’m USA TODAY and Nielsen Bookscan bestselling author Cathy Clamp. I write urban fantasy/paranormal romance for Tor Books, including the Tales of the Sazi (shapeshifter urban fantasy romance) series, The Thrall (vampire) trilogy, the Blood Singer (urban fantasy, as Cat Adams) series—through book 6, and the new Novels of the Sazi series, beginning in August, 2015.

I’ve won a bunch of awards for my books over the years. My favorite was the Career Achievement Award for Paranormal Romance in May, 2008 from RT Bookreviews Magazine. I also shared the win for several co-authored books with C.T. Adams of the Book Buyer’s Best Award, the RT Bookreviews Reviewer’s Choice Award, the Reviewers International Award of Excellence, the Texas Gold Romance Award, the Write Touch Readers Award, and several others. It’s gratifying and humbling to win awards for books that you put your heart into, and I hope you enjoy them as much as other readers have!

I’ve also written several stand-alone novels, not in series, including my very first novel, The Road To Riches, an historical fiction about a railroad race in Colorado’s Silver Boom period, and Magic’s Design, the first urban fantasy published as Cat Adams.

I also write short stories, which is a whole different kind of writing.. I like writing in a lot of different genres, and it’s in short stories where I let my wings spread. I have published short stories in horror, science fiction, mystery, literary, Young Adult, romance, thriller, fantasy and western


3 thoughts on “Quickie Book Review-Hunter’s Moon

  1. That sounds like a weird and original plot. I do think I would have a bit trouble with that as well, even though her family members sound really crazy. The romance does sound well done. Great review!

  2. This sounds really intriguing! I’m not sure it’s my cup of tea, though. However, I, too, would have expected the book to be from Sue’s POV, so it’s interesting that it’s from Tony’s. I’m not sure what to think about Sue’s mentally ill family, I think I would have to read the book, but what you’ve said makes me feel a little uneasy. Glad you enjoyed it, thanks for the review!

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