Historical Romance 101: Favorite Historical Romance Novels

Historical-Romance-101Today we will be featuring our favorite HR’s, so I will be sharing my top favorite ones, the type of stories that made a impression on me, and I consider worthy to be re read and worth buying. Also joining is Feminist Fairy Tale Reviews, Quinns Nook Book and On A Book Bender…so check their favorites out as well. 

1. Seven Brides: Rose by Leigh Greenwood

RoseThis is a favorite western of mine, its a mail order bride theme, and what a story. the heroine is just great. She is the type to wrangle seven scoundrels who don’t know the meaning of soap and water, and turn them into gentleman.

2. The Duke In Disguise by Gayle Callen

The Duke In DisguiseThe Duke In Disguise is part of my favorite series by this author. And she doesn’t have another series that matches it. This is a secret identity themed story, in the regency era, we also have a charming little boy, and a stubborn heroine you goes after the truth.

3. The Wolf and the Dove by Kathleen E. Woodiwiss

The Wolf and the DoveThis story deals with real historic events, events that aren’t easy to read at times. The love story is intense and very emotional, but what a story. Powerful and sensual. It is set in the medieval time period.

4. A Notorious Love by Sabrina Jeffries

A Notorious LoveA Notorious Love is a charming romance, has witty banter between the two main character, they go on a adventure together, and i love the slow and burning building of love. We see seeds of their attraction in the first book in the series, so its fun to read this and see them finally admit what they feel for each other. The characters are absolutely wonderful, flawed in very human ways that makes it easy to relate with.

5. This Is All I Ask by Lynn Kurland

This Is All I AskThis story is a favorite from this author, it is super light in the heat portion, but the actual love story is phenomenal. There are many heartrbreaking moments, but one of my favorite aspects was the growth of the characters, both have suffered wounds and battle scars, and they help each other heal. So if you have yet to try this one out or this series, you are missing out on great humor and fantastic writing.

6. One Night With The Prince by Sabrina Jeffries

One Night With The PrinceOne Night With The Prince is a stunning romance…it starts out with the heroine almost shooting the hero. She has gumption and is sassy and strong willed and I loved these two together. This is part of a series that made me fall in love with the era that it takes place in. Some of Jeffries best work.

7. Never Seduce A Scot by Maya Banks

Never Seduce A ScotThis is an wonderful story, Maya Banks best books are her historicals, and I do hope one day she gets back to them. This is the first in the series, we have a pair here that win your heart. A heroine that is deaf but learns to read lips but to most people even her family considered mad. She has this inner strength you just can’t help but cheer for.

8. Tempt Me At Twilight by Lisa Kleypas

Tempt Me At Twilight

This is one of the best books by this author. I just love it, there are so many aspects of this story that I love. Poppy and Harry are amazing together, their marriage doesn’t start out with the best of terms, but its quite fun seeing them muddle things through.

9. High Country Bride by Linda Lael Miller

High Country Bride old cover

This is the first in the best series by Miller. She writes a lot of contemporaries now, but in my opinion her historical westerns are her best work and High Country Bride is my favorite. Its a mail order bride themed story, but its not your typical story. Both characters are fantastic, and we get a introduction to this great family. And in all honesty all three books in the series are wonderful and are must reads for anyone that loves historical romance and hasn’t tried these.

10. The Pirate Lord by Sabrina Jeffries

The Pirate lord

This is a amazing pirate romance, and one of the best i have ever read, and I have read quite a few. Both characters are quite spirited so they make a perfect match and their relationship does get tested, but its that type of story that by the time you finish it, you have the fully satisfying feeling that its one hell of a read. A must buy for any romance lover…guaranteed to make you fall in love all over again.

11. Texas Glory by Lorraine Heath

Texas Glory 2This is a great western romance, a arranged marriage themed, but has so much more in it than you would expect. Now Lorraine Heath is amazing, and there are so many of her books I could choose as a all time favorite, but in all honesty, Texas Glory was the first book I read from her, and to this day has still made a deep impression on me. There are many facets and conflicts involved, but the love story itself is powerful and very emotional…you just might need a few tissues.

12. Untamed by Elizabeth Lowell

UntamedUntamed is a medieval setting with a arranged marriage, but this series is stunning in its historic detail and vivid descriptions. It has everything you need for a amazing read. This story was given the RITA award, and after reading it you can concur 100%.

13. Petals On The River by Kathleen Woodiwiss

Petals On The Rive rPetals On The River is a story that is set in the early colonial period and dealing with a character that has been kidnapped and forced into indentured servitude, a story I can still remember many favorite scenes from this one.

14. The Wedding by Julie Garwood

The Wedding This is based in the early 1100’s, in Scotland, and this author does great medieval romances, and this is one of the best highlander romances. It has humor, endearing characters, and a beautiful love story.

15. The Conquerer by Brenda Joyce

The ConquerorBrenda Joyce is a captivating author, The Conqueror is a story of a love that is unexpected and has some various events that occur in the plot you never see coming.

16. When He Was Wicked by Julia Quinn

When He Was WickedWhen He Was Wicked is my favorite of the Bridgerton Series, there are many other books in the series I have loved, but for some reason, this story has stuck with me the most. This couple is my favorite, and they definitely have some conflict to deal with before they can ever get to their HEA. I love this series, and is some of Quinn’s best work out there. Although her espionage duo series is just as good. But When He Was Wicked has always been a special story for me.

17. Scandalous Desires by Elizabeth Hoyt

Scandalous Desires-with stepbackThis is my favorite book from this series, I feel like its very unique and different setting in some ways and I love every moment in this story.

18 An Affair Most Wicked by Julianne Maclean

An Affair Most WickedThis is a fun and sensual read, and what a story this turned out to be. I do this year would love to do a re read. It has everything you need for a solid romance, and the way these two fall in love is priceless.

19. The Bed and the Bachelor by Tracy Anne Warren

The Bed and the BachelorWhat I remember most about this was the complexity of the characters, the author did a great job in creating this story, and this one of her best works, and when I read this a couple years ago, how impressed I was with the plot.

20. The Ugly Duchess by Eloisa James

The Ugly DuchessThis is part of James Fairy tale romance series, and this book is my favorite from this author. I love the theme, story line and the way you see these characters connect to one another…its sweet and carefree.

21. The Panther and the Pearl by Doreen Owens Malek

The Panther and the PearlThis setting is in medieval persia, a story where love blossoms when you don’t see it coming for you. It has a exotic setting, enchanting characters and a solid plot that keeps you engaged from page one.

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  1. Kathleen Woodiwiss is new to me and those caught my eye. As did your Seven Brides retelling and the Persian story. There are so many wonderful historicals out there that I still haven’t read.

  2. The Wedding! I love that book. That was actually the first Julie Garwood historical romance I read, and talk about love. Julie Garwood writes my kind of historical romance. He heroes are always swoony, and her heroines are so cute and I just freaking love them.

    I also love Tempt Me at Twilight. I love all the Hathaway stories. I really need to look into Lorraine Heath. I haven’t read anything by her but have heard such good things. Same goes with Eloisa James. I actually read half of one of her books, but was kind of bored. But maybe I just wasn’t in the right mood.

  3. I picked some references, but many authors you noted are already on my list (thanks to you, by the way) and I’m trying not to make it reach a Mount Everest height by adding several titles of the same author. But hey, many are tempting 🙂

  4. I LOVE SO MANY OF Your picks!!!
    like Texas Glory and the Sabrina Jeffries and Tempted by Twilight!
    So many good books.

  5. You always help me expand my wishlist! Definitely looking for An Affair Most Wicked, The Panther and the Pearl, and Rose now. I’m so happy to see When He Was Wicked, Tempt Me at Twilight, Texas Glory, and One Night with a Prince on your list. All very underrated and so good!

  6. Oh man. I haven’t read a single one of those but you have a few of my favorite authors on the list 😀

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