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Featured Podcast: The Free Space

by | Jun 9, 2019 | Podcast Favorites | 0 comments

Every Week I want to be able to showcase a podcast that I love most dearly. I have always enjoyed listening to podcasts but I really want to share the love and get others to see why these podcasts need a listen by everyone. These are podcasts that change lives and these podcasts I will be sharing will be both bookish and life motivating ones that make you be better.

So this week I am featuring THE FREE SPACE!!! This podcast is a solo host run podcast by none other than the infamous Lexi. I love this girl so much, she is pretty awesome. I just love this lady to pieces and she has done wonders with her podcast. I personally discovered her through CEO Haize and I am so grateful that I discovered this podcast. So I definitely need to say thanks to both Haize for introducing me to this gal and to Lexi for what she shares on her podcast and the friendship I have built with her since I discovered her a handful of weeks ago.

So what is the Free Space Podcast? Why is it a must listen to? Well let me tell ya, this podcast is supreme and a must listen to for everyone. It is one that I think everyone needs to listen to, no matter your background, religion, or ethnicity. This is a podcast that really discusses some eye opening topics that we as humans rarely discuss. Topics that in most cases we are too afraid to talk about and love her fresh voice, her energy is uplifting and she shares so many beautiful experiences of herself and seriously she is definitely the best friend you never realized you needed in your life and all you have to do is listen to her podcast and its like a soothing balm to the soul.

She has so much knowledge and she is one of those women that really has such strength and courage and I have such admiration for what she does for others. You can relate to her so much and really feel what she is talking about. She addresses just about everything from mental health, sex, weigh loss, finances, motherhood, prejudices in dating and more!!

So if you want to learn more about just life and relationships and get a freeing insight that makes you look at yourself a bit differently….check this lady out because she works it!!

So please check this gal out because she is a true inspiration and I hope one day I can meet her in person. May you Lex….have a beautiful future and accomplish your dreams!! Love ya.

Apple Podcast: bit.ly/TASPod 

Soundcloud: bit.ly/TASSpot

Google Play: bit.ly/TASoul


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