Book Review-Wicked Nights With A Lover by Sophie Jordan

Book Review-Wicked Nights With A Lover by Sophie Jordan

Book Review-Wicked Nights With A Lover by Sophie JordanWicked Nights With a Lover by Sophie Jordan
Series: The Penwich School for Virtuous Girls #3
Published by Avon on November 30th 2010
Genres: Historical Romance, Regency Era
Pages: 374
Format: Paperback
Source: Library
ISBN: 0061579238
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What should a proper lady do when she believes her days are numbered?

Step One: Take a Lover.

After being told she will not survive beyond the year's end, prim and lovely Marguerite Laurent intends to live what remains of her life to the very fullest. Though she may never know love, she will know passion—and she agrees to a whirlwind romance with a former admirer. But hours before embarking upon her grand adventure, Marguerite is abducted—by an unscrupulous rogue who boldly announces his intentions to bed and wed her before the week is out!

Step Two: Live With No Regrets.

Ash Courtland pulled himself up from the gutter to become a successful man of business, and now he wants revenge on his one-time partner for betraying him. Still, his enemy's bewitching daughter is most certainly not about to surrender her innocence to the infuriating—if shockingly attractive—cad who took her captive. Yet with no more than a touch, Ash makes her tremble with desire...and resisting the heat of his passion could cost Marguerite her last, best chance for ecstasy.

Sophie Jordan is one of those authors I just adore reading each and every time I grab her up and I have been working slowly on her backlist, and when I saw this book at my local library, I just knew that I needed to grab this one up. I was so intrigued by this one and I just couldn’t wait to jump into it, and before I knew it I had read this book in just a couple of hours…CRAZY!! I just love that these backlisted books of Jordan I can get into so quickly, and become immersed.

Marguerite Laurent has been told by a seer that she has less than a year to live. That she will be killed in a tragic accident. And so Marguerite decides that she wants to really LIVE her life. Her first plan is to find a lover and she finds one, and right before she is ready to leave, her birth father wants to see her. He has had no interest in her life up until now, and she doesn’t trust him at all. But she does want to meet her two sisters. And then she finds herself kidnapped, by her father’s business partner who wants revenge against her father who cheated him and wants her to marry him.

Marguerite wonders if Ash is the man the seer spoke about…the man she would share passionate night with and  a marriage before she is killed. At first she doesn’t know what to make of his kidnapping her. She is furious of course, but she understands his motives since she isn’t endeared to her father who only wanted to use her to further his own gains. She is attracted to Ash, but fights the fact that she will be dead in less than a year but she agrees to marry him. Knowing he could be a great lover to her if his kisses mean anything.

I really liked this story, I won’t say that I loved it….I found Marguerite to be a bit bi polar at times, I almost felt like I was receiving whip lash because she would say yes to Ash’s proposal and then run away and she did this multiple of times and I never really understand her actions. Ash is your typical bad boy rake of Regency England but you know I LOVED his character. He was such a hoot….doesn’t apologize for anything, hard worker, built up his empire practically out of nothing and you have to admire his tenacity.

The romance was sweet and sexy and I was cheering for these two from beginning to end. I just adored their chemistry which is powerful and so well written that you feel so immersed in the intensity. I wouldn’t say the bedroom scenes are HOT but they are written in such a way that are beyond steamy, simply love the way that Sophie Jordan writes her historical’s….simply pure smexy fun to delight in!!

About Sophie Jordan

Sharie Kohler

Sophie Jordan took her adolescent daydreaming one step further and penned her first historical romance in the back of her high school Spanish class. This passion led her to pursue a degree in English and History.

A brief stint in law school taught her that case law was not nearly as interesting as literature - teaching English seemed the natural recourse. After several years teaching high school students to love Antigone, Sophie resigned with the birth of her first child and decided it was time to pursue the long-held dream of writing.

In less than three years, her first book, Once Upon A Wedding Night, a 2006 Romantic Times Reviewers' Choice Nominee for Best First Historical, hit book shelves. Her second novel, Too Wicked To Tame, released in March 2007 with a bang, landing on the USA Today Bestseller's List

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