Book Review-Warcry by Elizabeth Vaughan

Book Review-Warcry by Elizabeth Vaughan

Book Review-Warcry by Elizabeth VaughanWarcry by Elizabeth Vaughan
Also in this series: Warprize, Warsworn, Warlord
Series: Chronicles of the Warlands #4
Published by Berkley on May 3, 2011
Genres: Epic Fantasy Romance
Pages: 293
Format: eBook
Source: Self Purchased
ISBN: 0425241521
One StarOne StarOne StarOne Star

All is not well in Xy. There is a faction of nobles who are plotting against the Queen and her barbarian warlord. As cultures clash and tempers flare, Heath and the fierce Plains warrior woman Atira of the Bear must come together to fight the conspiracy... and to search their hearts for something deeper than raw passion.

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This review may contain spoilers, so fair warning, upon reading the review.

Warcry is the fourth book in this incredible series and Warcry takes place about seven or eight months after Warlord. In Warcry, even though we get a main story line of the events the lead Lara and Keir back the land of Xy, our main romance of the story is focused around Heath and Attira the Bear. I am not sure why it took me so long to read this book especially considering how much I loved the first three books…maybe because Keir and Lara aren’t our main couple featured here but that was just silly because we see plenty of them in this book. I really had such a fun time with Warcry and this is a definite page turner that I fell in love with. I just couldn’t seem to get enough of this one here.

Warcry begins with Keir and Lara, although with their group, Marcus, Heath, Attira and an army heading back to the land of Xy. Lara is heavily pregnant, Keir is overprotective to the max, and in the land of Xy, there is traitors and betrayal who seeks to undermine Lara and Keir. Keir has his own goals of fighting to reign as warlord and eventually….warking. Heath and Attira, have a spark like none other. But their cultures are so vastly differently. Heath is from Xy and Attira is of the plains. And how they view commitment and bonding is opposite. Attira doesn’t want to be tied down, she loves the pleasure she gets in Heath’s arms, but doesn’t understand his need to bond, she views it as a prison. But Heath refuses to give up, but his destiny lies in Xy, and he doesn’t know if the love they have will be strong enough to stand the tide of what is to come for them.

Warcry was such a beautiful book that really showcased such a great story and man I just love this world that Elizabeth Vaughan has created here. I just can’t seem to get enough of it. And I definitely grabbing up the next book very soon here because now I am back into a world I had forgotten how much I loved. This book has SO much in it and it definitely packs quite a punch. There are multiple plotlines happening here. We see the path that Keir and Lara are on, preparing for their new child and plans to regain Keir’s position as warlord and even gaining support to be warking. Then we have the tension filled romance between Heath and Attira. And finally we have the drama of Marcus and his bonded. As you can tell there is so much goodness that is filled within this story and I was all for it. The writing just tugs you into the story so flawlessly and so quickly the investment into the characters becomes cemented.

Its very interesting seeing how this author brought all these storylines into one and just blended it so well that you could barely see the different, it harmonized so beautifully. I want to start with Heath and Attira. Oh boy…these two. So much fun drama, and seeing them work through it was so fun especially in how the different in their cultures really set the standard in the story. I so wanted so much for Attira and Heath. Both characters I have loved over the series and finally seeing them fight for their HEA was epic. But they have their own hurdles that they need to climb while trying to protect their leaders….Keir and Lara. Now Keir and Lara, are about to have a BABY, its so exciting but scary for them. There is so much danger in the court so there is such intensity for them. And you thought Keir was alpha in the first three books?… have no clue until you see him with a mate who is pregnant. Very entertaining to see Lara handle his overprotectiveness with grace though. Then finally we have Marcus. *sigh* he needed a kick in the rear and he got it. Finally, now we don’t have the HEA for him yet, but boy this man is stubborn. But you see how his bonded really confronts him and this moment is probably one of the BEST of the whole book. I just wanted to CHEER him on. I hope in Wardance we get to see more of these two.

Overall I found Warcry to be a story of political intrigue, dangers around every corner, an unrequited love and depths on every page!!

About Elizabeth Vaughan

Elizabeth A. Vaughan is the author of the Chronicles of the Warlands, a fantasy romance trilogy from Tor Books: Warprize (her first novel), Warsworn, and Warlord..

She's always loved fantasy and science fiction, and has been a fantasy role-player since 1981. By day, Beth's secret identity is that of a lawyer, practicing in the area of bankruptcy and financial matters, a role she has maintained since 1985.

Beth is owned by three cats, and lives in the Northwest Territory, on the outskirts of the Black Swamp, along Mad Anthony's Trail on the banks of the Maumee River.

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