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Book Review-To Wed A Highlander by Michele Sinclair

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Book Review-To Wed A Highlander by Michele Sinclair

Book Review-To Wed A Highlander by Michele SinclairTo Wed a Highlander by Michele Sinclair
Series: The McTiernays #2
Published by Zebra on July 1st 2008
Genres: Historical Romance, Medieval Era, Scottish Highlands
Narrator: Anne Flosnik
Length: 11 Hours and 31 Mins
Pages: 396
Format: Audiobook
ISBN: 1420100149
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An Arranged Marriage. . .

Makenna Dunstan has never needed a man's protection before. But when her father's failing health places the safety of the clan in her hands, she has no choice but to marry Colin McTiernay. Fearing the emotions Colin awakens within her, she finds herself succumbing too easily to his lingering kisses and warm caresses. Yet she wonders if she can truly trust this highlander who is quickly stealing her heart. . .

Ignites An Insatiable Desire. . .

A highlander from birth, Colin McTiernay knows the Dunstan clan dislikes him, especially the laird's youngest daughter. But he is determined to save the lowlanders from their enemies even if that means marrying the willful and impetuous Makenna. Taming this fierce tigress will be a challenge that Colin is confident he can meet by seducing Makenna—and tantalizing her with a passion that will only leave her begging for more. . .

To Wed A Highlander is the second book in the McTiernay’s series, which is a series on a family of seven brothers, all highlanders and these are their stories. So in this story we have  an arranged marriage trope which is AWESOME in a Highlander romance because boy these two do NOT like each other at all.

So our tale begins when a dying laird of the Dunston clan makes a decree that his daughter will need to marry Colin McTiernay in order to protect the clan. They are a Lowlander clan and don’t exactly have fond thoughts of Colin. Colin was married to one of Makenna’s older sisters but when she passed away Colin became a widower and now if Colin wants to be laird and if Makenna wants to do what is best for her clan, she will need to marry Colin. Makenna has an adventurous spirit, she loves to ride, hunt and fight with a sword but Colin is a bit overprotective and is always worried she will hurt herself and it’s just not something women do. But Makenna has never felt comfortable being indoors and doing what other women do, and she has never fit in to that. So even though Makenna hates how strict Colin can be at times, she agrees to marry him because she knows its the right thing to do and when he kisses her she feels passion for the first time in her life and wonders what she could have with Colin. Makenna also is dealing with quite a few self doubts about herself, especially in comparing herself to her sister. Now Colin cared for his first wife but he never truly in depth loved her with a passion, but he feels more with Makenna than he ever did with her sister. 

But there is more going on than just Colin and Makenna getting to know each other and learn one another. There is a great danger with a rival clan, whose laird is obsessed with Makenna. And the clan doesn’t trust Colin and so we have some that don’t care too much for their “new” laird and so we see a built up of a plot dealing with some intrigue and betrayals. I really felt that this side plot definitely worked for the story and for the romance. It really helped bring Colin and Makenna together in the right ways, and we see that Makenna may not always “like” Colin, but she trusts him and is loyal to him even in the beginning of their marriage. What I found most fascinating with this book was seeing these two go from hating each other to truly loving one another. Now I wouldn’t say that “hate ” each other exactly, but there is definite tension which really builds up that sexual connection they have going on.

I was actually really impressed with the heat level of this story, because it was more than I normally see in historical’s to be honest. And I loved that it was more steamy than lighter. And yeah the chemistry that these two is off the charts and even though there is quite a few sex scenes, I feel like it really adds to the story and I felt like Sinclair just makes it work so well. We also get to see the couple from book one and I loved seeing them again and made me want to read book one (which I read a few years back) and I am so thrilled that I can connect with this fun dynamic family.

Another aspect that I truly admired was the authenticity of the culture and the era, I honestly loved all the details that this author showed, and enough details that I wanted to grab a map of Scotland, LITERALLY I felt I had fallen into this book and there were so many vivid portrayals of the scenery and seeing the culture and differences between the lowlanders and the highlanders and I felt that Sinclair did a superb job in her research because her style is one of the reasons why I read Highlander romances so much.

So seriously if you love a rich detailed highland romance with a sexy Scot as your hero and a strong-willed heroine….GRAB this series up!!

About Michele Sinclair

In need of a creative outlet, I began writing novels after my second child was born. A voracious reader of romance books and a constant dreamer of romantic plots, I was encouraged to put my ideas to paper. I soon found out I loved it...all of it!

I am a member of the Romance Writers of America and of the Georgia Romance Writers.

In addition to writing historical romance novels, I also build large HO model trains, love to do huge cross-stitching pieces, relax by boating, and decorate everything I can during the Christmas season.

Besides romance I am a heavy science fiction reader and try to read at least two books a month—one science fiction and the other romance even when I am writing. I guess I just secretly desire to live in another place in time!

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