Book Review-Till Dragons Do Us Part

Book Review-Till Dragons Do Us Part'Til Dragons Do Us Part by Lorenda Christensen
Also in this series: Never Deal with Dragons
Series: Never Deal with Dragons #3
Published by Carina Press on October 27th 2014
Genres: Paranormal Romance, Shape Shifting, Creatures-Dragons
Pages: 179
Format: eARC
Source: Carina Press
One StarOne StarOne Star

Savannah Cavenaugh became a top art thief thanks to a secret ability—a dragonmorph, she can literally fly away from the scene of the crime. Next up: stealing a priceless painting out from under the snout of Lord Relobu, North America’s fearsome dragon ruler. True, she’s never had to work in the midst of Earth’s most polarizing wedding before. Keeping her true identity hidden will demand she get creative, to say the least.
Cameron Shaw has one last chance to prove himself. As Lord Relobu’s interim head of security, he needs to ensure the world’s very first interspecies wedding happens without a hitch. That means keeping an extra close eye on the wedding planner’s pretty young assistant. She’s adorable, but something’s not quite right…
Fumbling her way around bouquets and linens turns out to be the least of Savannah’s problems. Crushing on Relobu’s hottest human henchman was not part of the plan, and neither was revealing her—achem—ferocious side. But when her archrival shows up to nab the very same painting she’s after, all bets are off…

I was going into ‘Till Dragons Do Us Part’ with excitement and thrilling anticipation, and I hate to say it but I was disappointed. A little while back I was able to read the first book “Never Deal With Dragons” and I loved that book!! Now what was fun was seeing some old characters, from that book, In this story, its their wedding, and a public one at that. Cameron Shaw is the man in charge of security and Trian’s best friend (Trian is the groom). Savannah, is a thief, plain and simple, as a dragon shifter, she goes in and steal a artifact, and leaves, and now she has a job, to steal a painting. But there is one problem, Cameron seems to be always in her way. She poses as the wedding planners assistant, and Cameron and Savannah begin to really like each other, and Savannah, start to doubt her profession, and would love to retire and be with Cameron instead. This is a shorter book, not very long, only 179 pages, but it was not a easy read, why do you ask? Well let me tell you…the love story, the romantic connection…not really there at all. I felt like it went from the hero and heroine liking each other, to almost immediately falling in love, with hardly spending any time together. It did have a good plot if you take the love story out though, I enjoyed seeing the heroine, being less than perfect. But what bothered me most about this story was there wasn’t much focus on the romance of the story, which is my FAVORITE part!! I was very disappointed, since this isn’t the first time I have read this author, and I would still recommend her, but start with the first book first!! It did have some fun scenes and I enjoyed certain elements of the story that kept me reading!! A FUN STORY!!

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