Book Review-The Warlord by Elizabeth Elliot

Book Review-The Warlord by Elizabeth Elliot

Book Review-The Warlord by Elizabeth ElliotThe Warlord by Elizabeth Elliott
Series: Montagues, #1
Published by Bantam Fanfare on June 1st 1995
Genres: Historical Romance, Medieval Era
Pages: 386
Format: Paperback
Source: Self Purchased
ISBN: 0553569104
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Dark and Forbidding...
Lady Tess longed to return in peace to her beloved Remmington Castle--but she never thought that the price of reclaiming her land would be marriage to the most notorious warlord in all of England. Fierce and fearless, Kenric of Montague had never admitted defeat, and now he demanded Tess's loyalty--and her surrender. But how could she give herself to a man who pledged to keep her safe but stirred her most dangerous passions?
Beautiful and Innocent...
Scarred by war and the dark secret of his birth, Kenric of Montague had no wish for a wife... until he beheld Tess of Remmington, the magnificent woman pledged to be his bride. Yet even as he gave in to his aching hunger to possess her, he vowed that Tess would never tame his savage heart. But when a treacherous plot threatens to part them, Kenric will find himself drawing his sword--and risking his life--to save the only woman who could capture his soul...


Lady Tess desires to return to her home of Remington Castle, to return it back to the peaceful and safe haven it was supposed to be before her step father took control and in order to get it back she will have to marry a stranger…a man who is rumored to eat babies and women for breakfast…the fearful Kenric of Montague. At first Tess is highly resistant to the idea of marrying Kenric, she would prefer to be a nun over marriage to him but she knows that Kenric would be a far better option than the man her stepfather had in store for her. So she marries Kenric and their marriage isn’t exactly a calm beginning. There is a powerful chemistry that builds between Kenric and Tess but neither trusts the other. Kenric and Tess discover a desire that is all consuming but will the love that erupts between them be enough to build upon….

The Hero

Kenric of Montague has had to fight his way through every battle to earn every ounce of respect that is due him. Kenric was born a bastard, and as such most look down upon him even his own siblings don’t try to understand him as they once did when they were children. He knows that marrying Tess, although not the best option, is the way for him to get what he needs for himself and those that are under his care. Kenric is a powerful warlord, who has seen many battles and has had to kill but isn’t ashamed of his past. He is proud of all that he has accomplished and he knows that he must make this marriage, even if he doesn’t trust his wife or her intentions. What is NOT to love about Kenric. He has quite the alpha personality…..conceited, arrogant and likes to take charge. I truly liked his character, he has his pride of course but there was something so real but not too harsh that made him so likable. He wasn’t what I expected at all and he surprised me at times.

The Heroine

Lady Tess had a rough growing up. She lost her parents and her step father took over who was a brutal man who despises her and was always punishing her most of the time with his fists or his whip. Despite the abuse she was dealt out, she never lost sight of what was really important….to find a way to rid her people of her step father and his plans for her and to see that her people remained safe. Tess was a interesting heroine that I had a good time with. She is a character that is full of surprises and I never knew what she would do next. She definitely has some unique qualities to find in a heroine. She is spirited but not overly so either. She knows when to pick her battles, the ones to compromise with or the ones to let go. I like that she stands her ground when it’s really important and when she makes mistakes…she is upfront and honest about it.

Plot and Story Line

I think I have had this book on my TBR for quite a while now, since 2013 and when I saw it at HPB I knew I had to grab it up because yeah it was too much temptation to resist. Now to be honest, I wasn’t sure what I was expecting with this book. I was hoping for a story that didn’t have too much angst like some of these older novels tend to have, but boy this book blew my expectations away!! I fell in love with this book very quickly and I was swept away by this story within the first few pages and I didn’t want to put it down. The chemistry between Kenric and Tess was powerful and they had no trouble heating up the pages but I liked that there was so much more to these story than just chemistry. The plot was well developed and the flow of the story was pretty smooth, I enjoyed seeing the way these two come together.

“Please,” she whispered, her tears flowing unchecked. “Tell me what to say and I will say it gladly. If I have hurt your pride then take mine. I have no use for it without you.”

It isn’t easy, because they both have trust issues and there are some misunderstandings that happen. But what was really wonderful was how real their story felt to me. Definitely a must read if you enjoy medieval era romances.

The Cover

Its old school but I love it!! He certainly has some lovely muscles.

Overall View

The Warlord is a sensual and vividly written romance that sweep you away to the 1200’s, with rich detail, compelling characters and a love story endearing from beginning to end.

Books N Tunes Pick

I chose this song because it was running through my mind while reading it. So beautiful and majestic feeling. One day I will watch the movie because the soundtrack rocks.

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About Elizabeth Elliot

Elizabeth Elliott (born in Fort Worth, Texas as Linda Elliott) is the pseudonym for American romance novel author Linda Crippes. All of her novels are published by Bantam Books, now owned by Random House. In addition to writing, she has held various management positions with Fortune 500 companies and worked as a management consultant for a variety of smaller businesses, specializing in information technology. She currently lives in Minnesota with her husband.

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  1. you know.. I never read an older romance o.o I might have to give it a shot, since I love medieval romances and can’t find enough of them and oh, the fact that it actually has a well developed story line? yes please

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