Book Review-The Sweetest Sin

Book Review-The Sweetest SinThe Sweetest Sin by Mary Reed McCall
Published by Harper Collins on March 17th 2009
Genres: Historical Romance, Medieval Era
Pages: 384
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780061755217
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Years after being sold to the English by his enemies the MacDonells and imprisoned in London Tower, Duncan MacRae returns to Scotland to exact his revenge and to reclaim what is rightfully his—the famed protective amulet, the Ealach.

 Aileana McDonnel, ever since her older sister had stolen the sacred amulet, she has been the keeper of the amulet most of her life. Always kept in her room for safekeeping and only allowed out for certain special occassions, Aileanna has lived in solitude, but craves something more. But now the MacRae’s have attacked her clan, looking for the amulet. Knowing that they are rumored to be viscious and merciless she knows she must protect it, especially after seeing her father killed. So she barely managed to escape before she is captured once more by none other than Duncan MacRae, who seeks revenge on the MacDonnells, ever since Morgana MacDonnell stole the amulet and took away everything that he held dear including his wife. Now he captured the MacDonnell beauty, until she reveals the location of the amulet, but in return for him not killing her brothers, who survived the raid, she must become Duncan’s leman. But despite each others need to stay distanced from one another, there is a sensual magnitism between them that neither one of them can deny, and a love unforseen that will bind them together.

The Hero 
Duncan MacRaie is the leader of the Clan MacRae. Duncan betrayed by his own brother, and Morganna MacDonnell, which in turn his bride ended up dead, he now seeks vengence. Not knowing that Morganna and his brother are still alive, he attacks the MacDonnells in search of the Amulet for his Clan. Now he has yet to find the amulet, but he has found its keeps, a courageous woman unlike her sister in every way, Aileana MacDonnel, is fierce in those that she is loyal to, however she intrigues him like no other woman has before, and is unlike any enemy he has ever come across, and desires her in his bed and in his heart.
The Heroine 
Aileana MacDonell has grown up in solitude, never around her clan, except when her brothers would help her escape the confines of her room. But after what her sister Morganna did, Aileana looks almost exactly like her sister, and knows she bears the mantle of responsiblity of what her sister did and the harm she caused. So when is taken as Duncan’s leman, in return for her brother’s lives, she never expected that her life would take such a unexpected turn, and she knows that she must be more cunning that Duncan, if only to protect those that she loves, her brothers. But as tempers fly between the two, so does a fiery desire that could enflame them both.

My Thoughts:
The Sweetest Sin is such a tender and poignant romantic story. I have really enjoyed reading from this author, and I just love all of her books and especially her covers, definitely some of my favorites 🙂 The Sweetest Sin takes places in the medieval time period, up in the Scottish Highlands, and is a story about two warring clans, after one betrayed the other, and how two souls destined to be drawn together by fate, and a love worth fighting for. Its a tender love story, with witty characters and a plot that will take you to new heights of adventure and passion. I found that this is to be one of my favorites of this author, and I could definitely re read it. Definitely a romantic love story you wouldn’t want to miss out on!!!

About Mary Reed McCall

Award-winning author Mary Reed McCall also writes contemporary fiction as M. Reed McCall. She was a finalist for Romance Writer's of America's Best First Book RITA Award and has won the Romantic Times Reviewer's Choice Award for Best Medieval Romance. She grew up in a rural area of Upstate New York as part of a large and loving family. Before becoming a writer, she first considered a career in national security, studying for a brief time at the University of Leningrad before completing undergraduate degrees in Russian and English back in the United States, followed by a Master's degree in English Literature. The sixth of seven girls in her family, Mary now makes her permanent home in New York State, with her husband and children. When she is not writing or involved with family activities, she teaches high school and college level English.

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