Book Review-The Outpost by Devney Perry

Book Review-The Outpost by Devney Perry

Book Review-The Outpost by Devney PerryThe Outpost by Devney Perry
Also in this series: The Coppersmith Farmhouse , The Clover Chapel, The Lucky Heart
Series: Jamison Valley #4
Published by Devney Perry on November 7, 2017
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Romantic Suspense
Narrator: Ava Erickson, Aiden Snow
Length: 9 Hours and 36 Mins
Pages: 362
Format: Audiobook
Source: Audible Escape
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Trapped in his tiny mountain cabin, she didn't expect to fall for his big heart.
Exposing a prominent criminal family with an investigative news report didn't exactly work out the way Sabrina had hoped. Instead of basking in the glory of her article's success, she's on the run from a powerful man who wants her dead. To stay safe, she's forced to trade one bad situation for another. Stuck in the Montana wilderness, she's secluded from anything resembling civilization or the modern-day world. The only good thing about her situation is the gorgeous mountain man assigned to protect her. Too bad he isn't the slightest bit interested in a city girl like her.
Beau likes his life quiet and simple. Give him a peaceful day hiking in the woods with his dog, and he's a happy man. He has no use for large crowds, noisy cities or dramatic women. So when a hotshot reporter rolls into town, dragging her big-time problems with her, he should have run for the hills. Instead, he volunteered to keep her safe. Bringing her into his world won't be easy, but if he can convince her that Montana isn't as terrifying as she believes, they might just be the perfect match.

*May Contain Spoilers*

This story was simply breathtaking in only the way that our beloved Devney Perry can pen a story. I definitely wanted to finish up the series and get the continuation of the characters in which we saw in the previous book “Clover Chapel” what I have really liked in quite a few of her books is the mix of contemporary romance and suspense. She always handles it in such a balanced way that it will work for every reader no matter which sub-genre you prefer. So let’s get down to what made this story so unique and precious.

Our story starts off with our heroine, Sabrina, who is a journalist and has been working undercover to bring down a crime family and now that her article is to be released to the public and the FBI ready to take down the leaders, her life is in danger and now she is need of a hiding place until everything boils over. So her partner in crime and protector is Beau, who lives in the wilds of Montana and a man of many trades. But he takes her to the most remote location ….a true wilderness and Sabrina is no country girl. She loves the city and can’t imagine waking up from this nightmare being surrounding by trees instead of city lights. But she knows she has little choice, and as Beau and Sabrina are forced in close proximity to each other, there is a chemistry that builds between them. But there is a time stamp on their time together, because at the end of the day Sabrina is a city girl and Beau is a country boy. How will this fish and bird find a nest and their own HEA? Better read it to find out LOL

What a book, I am always so impressed with Devney Perry and she is quickly becoming a personal favorite of mine. I am so grateful I discovered her beautiful stories. I was able to grab this on the “Audible Escape” package and I am so happy I did listen because this book was a true gift. I loved seeing Sabrina find her happy ending despite the danger and conflict that she faced. I did wonder how these two would end up together, but quite frankly, the way it closes the story is nothing short of perfection and I was eager for the next book and the conclusion to the series.

“Every time I drove away from her at the outpost, I fought the urge to turn back.
I wanted her. Every piece.
Maybe [she] could find a way to like it here after all. I was going to start doing whatever i could to make her fall in love with Montana.
If she did, I’d be one lucky man.”

This story was truly interesting in the opposites attract trope that we have going on. I especially loved seeing Sabrina grow from hating the Montana mountains to craving it. Its a process of course and I found myself highly entertained in her adventures in comes to love it and boy is Beau so patient with her in that growth and process of discovering her own strength in ways she never expected. I especially loved how accepting Beau is of her character. She has some mistakes in her past that she feels highly guilty and ashamed of, but Beau never treats her other than the beautiful woman she is inside and out. He sees the strength, tenacity, and drive.

Overall I found the Outpost to be a delectable intense story that delivers on every level and will capture the heart of its reader!!

About Devney Perry

Devney is the USA Today bestselling author of the Jamison Valley series. Born and raised in Montana, she loves writing books set in her treasured home state. After working in the technology industry for nearly a decade, she abandoned conference calls and project schedules to enjoy a slower pace at home with her husband and two sons. Writing one book, let alone many, was not something she ever expected to do. But now that she’s discovered her true passion for writing romance, she has no plans to ever stop.

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