Book Review-The Outlaw’s Mail Order Bride by Linda Broday

Book Review-The Outlaw's Mail Order Bride by Linda Broday

Book Review-The Outlaw’s Mail Order Bride by Linda BrodayThe Outlaw's Mail Order Bride by Linda Broday
Series: Outlaw's Mail Order Brides #1
Published by Sourcebooks Casablanca on January 29, 2019
Genres: Historical Romance, American West
Pages: 384
Format: eARC
Source: Sourcebooks Casablanca
ISBN: 1492651044
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When the West was wild And man's law favored the few These extraordinary women could be the heart of an outlaw.

Former outlaw Clay Colby is abuzz with his mail order bride's expected arrival. He's fought long and hard to drag Devil's Crossing out of when his homestead is set ablaze by a bitter rival, he's heartbroken. There's no woman in the world who'd stand by him now.

But Talley Shannon is no ordinary woman.

After escaping the psychiatric hospital in which she was wrongfully detained, Tally only wants someone to protect her and the little girl under her care. She doesn't mind that Clay's home is dang near burned to the ground--not when he makes her feel so safe. So cherished. But it's only a matter of time before the ghosts of her past come calling...and her loving cowboy must defend his new bride--and the family they built together--to his very last breath.

The Outlaw’s Mail Order Bride is the first book in the outlaw mail order bride series, which is connected to some of Broday’s previous series so it was really fun to see old favorites that connected to this story. This story was a unique twist on mail order brides and I really liked that it wasn’t your average mail order bride romance but with all the aspect of the “wild west” that you can admire and Linda Broday has always done a wonderful job in crafting beautifully penned westerns and this story is no different.

Clay and Talley is a pairing that takes us on a journey to the wild west. Clay is lonely, he craves someone to love and to grew old with and someone to raise children with. He hasn’t had the best luck in women, who seem never able to be strong enough to stick by his side through the hard stuff and he tends to always be abandoned by women he thought he could care about in the long haul. But he tries one more time with Talley, who he thinks might just be strong enough to stick with him no matter what. Talley has been living in hell for years. Her step mother, after her father and brother were killed suspiciously, forced her into an insane asylum and she went through hell and now that she is free, she is determined to free the iinnocent women being held there. Some of them with mental disabilities and others innocent, but tossed in because family members didn’t want them. One, a little girl, she rescued who is blind and has adopted her of a sort as her daughter. Talley doesn’t know if her marriage with Clay will work though because she is being hunted by those who run the asylum but she will do everything that she can to protect her daughter. Clay and Talley ‘s relationship is strained at first, but soon they develop a strong affection for each other, an affection that builds into something more stronger. But Talley has her reservations and doesn’t trust men easily, but she realizes that Clay is strong and kind enough to take her on and protect her from the dangers that hunt them

The Outlaw’s Mail Order Bride is a stunning romance that sweeps the reader off their feet pretty instantly. What I truly loved about this story was the beautiful love that builds between Clay and Talley. Now at first, I wasn’t quite on board with the heroine, she tended to leave when things get tough, always running but she does learn her lesson pretty quickly. My issue with the heroine is that she tended to break her promises to Clay and take the cowards way out with no protection and anything. But I love that her daughter truly helps her see that Clay can be trusted and that he is strong enough for them both. Even though the girl is terrified of men, she slowly begins to trust Clay and loved their beautiful father-daughter relationship form. Clay is one of the best heroes’ you can read. He is strong, protective, kind and understanding. He never judges either of his girls and just accepts and loves them for who they are and even though he has been burned bad by women in the past he doesn’t let that keep him from true happiness with Talley.

Overall I found Outlaw’s Mail Order Bride to be a stunning story of adventure, edgy suspense, tender moments to delighten you and a romance to cheer on!!


About Linda Broday

I live in the Texas Panhandle on land they call the Llano Estacado where the Native Americans once roamed. History is so thick here with the ghosts of the people who settled this land. I love writing western historical romance and can't imagine writing anything else. I love a man in a Stetson and tight pants. Cowboys also get me fired up.

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