Book Review-The Biker’s Virgin by A.J. Wynter

Book Review-The Biker's Virgin by A.J. Wynter

Book Review-The Biker’s Virgin by A.J. WynterThe Biker's Virgin by A.J. Wynter
on February 27, 2018
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 281
Format: eBook
Source: Self Purchased
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She's way too innocent for me - I would ruin her.


They call me a prodigy.

I’ve always been the good daughter, the wiser sister, the brilliant student.

But, I’m 21 years old and the only thing that I’ve had between my legs is my cello.

With strippers and hookers at his fingertips, there’s no way Blaine would want to be with someone like me. I know better than to fall for a dirty biker, it would ruin my life.

Blaine can’t be my first.


My club is my life. Always has been. Always will be.

I’ve lost count of how many women I’ve had in my bed.

But, I can tell you how many I’ve loved and claimed as my own – ZERO.

No woman could come between me and my club – until now.

She’s a good girl. Too f*^king good for a criminal like me.

I’m not proud of what I did, but to protect her, I needed to walk away.

When I found out what happened that night, it turns out walking away was the worst thing I could’ve done to her.

The Biker’s Virgin is a stand alone novel by a new to me author that I wanted to try out and when I saw this book as a freebie from a friend from Goodreads, I knew I had to pick it up and since I was in the mood for something gritty like a MC romance, I thought why not…lets try a new author and I enjoyed it quite a bit. This would be a new adult MC romance —and I don’t think I have ever read a MC romance with characters in their early twenties, normally they are a bit more mature so I had a fun time with this one.

Our story begins with dual POV and so we see both sides of the hero and the heroine.  The characters that we have in this story are:

Olivia -21 years old, takes classes at the local conservatory and developing her talent with the cello but has a yearning to be wild and free

Blaine-24 years old, a member of the local MC and he has only known the life of a MC since the club raised him when his parents died when he was young.

In The Biker’s Virgin Olivia is training and working hard to be a professional celloist. She loves classical music but her life has been her music. She was never social in high school and felt shy. She is a virgin and has never really known a man’s touch. Olivia doesn’t look at herself as attractive, just dull and boring. But she has her first taste of temptation when she runs into Blaine at a gas station who who is a gentleman even though he has the “bad boy” appeal about him.

Blaine, was raised by the MC and its the only life he has ever known and he couldn’t imagine a life any different…at least until he meets a girl that is way too good for the likes of him. He knows he isn’t worthy of her, but when Blaine and Olivia keep bumping into each other, they start to realize that the attraction they feel isn’t something you feel everyday and decide to take a risk and a chance on each other. Despite the fact that they are polar opposites from each other, they also have their own journeys of life they are persuing. Blaine is in a complicated mess with his club. Olivia is working on her music and discovering new ways to explore herself while playing a band that is run by her father’s friend.

I had a fun time with this book and I just swept my way through this charming story. I won’t say that this was a super memorable story, but it was quite a fun diversion from reality. Its not your average MC either, it didn’t quite have the gritty feel that I was expecting from a MC romance. I would put this under New Adult genre in romance because of the ages that the two main characters are in, they are both younger so I thought it would make sense to put them there. And the book does have a more “youthful” feel to it that I have come to relate to New Adult that you don’t normally see in a Contemporary romance.

This story was so sweet and endearing and the heat was pretty light for a MC romance. Normally the sex is normally super explicit /graphic but I didn’t find it the case with this one. I think what I loved was seeing the heroine’s journey with her music and seeing these two find a balance with her dreams and his life with the MC…and they do find the HEA they deserve.


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