Book Review-The Admiral’s Bride

Book Review-The Admiral’s BrideThe Admiral's Bride by Suzanne Brockmann
Series: ,
Published by Silhouette on September 1st 2007
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Fiction, Romance, Romantic Suspense
Pages: 256
Format: Paperback
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...was to pretend that Zoe Lange, beautiful young scientist--nearly half his age!--was his new bride. Former Navy SEAL Jake Robinson was sure that his romantic years were behind him, but for God and for country he would look into Zoe's beautiful dark eyes, kiss her senseless, hold her as if he would never let her go...and then, when the job was done, do just that.

The only problem was, with each hour in Zoe's company, the stakes were becoming higher. The game more real. And the dangers within their"honeymoon" chamber more and more apparent....

TALL, DARK & DANGEROUS: They're who you call to get you out of a tight spot -- or into one!

This is the first book that I have read of this series, even though its number 7 LOL, well I don’t always read books in the order of the series. Sometimes I just grab a book because it sounds like something I would enjoy reading. I just grabbed this book off of the library shelf, because I love reading from Suzanne Brockmann, and the Synopsis sounded intriguing to me.
You have a Navy Seal Admiral, who has been in the Navy for 30 years or so. In his 50’s he is a strong, virile man who has lost his beloved wife three years previous. Then comes along Dr. Zoe Lange who is much younger than he is. However, sparks of attraction fly between them that surprise the both of them. Even though they have a mission and a job to do! There are six canisters of a dangerous agent missing, and if they are released to the public many lives will be at risk. So knowing who stole them, they must infiltrate the compound and take back or destroy the chemical agent. So Jake infiltrates the compound, trying to gain the leader’s trust. The plan is to make it seem as if he and Zoe fall madly in love and get married, so that she can properly manage the chemical agent. However despite their playacting, they both know that real emotions are involved. Even though Jake knows that Zoe is way too young for him, sometimes matters of the heart don’t take into consideration the matter of age. As stakes grow higher and higher, so does their love and the passionate embraces.

I definitely enjoyed reading “The Admira’l’s Bride”, it was a thrilling and exciting adventure, filled with heated embraces, tender moments, and a thrilling plot and I kept thinking to myself “Oh no, something bad is going to happen, something that isn’t part of the original plan,” I loved how Brockmann, had the complexity in the relationship of the age difference. That age sometimes doesn’t matter when your in love. I found that Zoe and Jake had much in common, for they both have had to go on missions that were top secret, and both have strong independent personalities, but are able to work as a team to get the job done. Despite their feelings for one another, it doesn’t endanger their mission, almost anyway. It was such a poignant story, to see how both Zoe and Jake draw closer together despite the danger that is circling around them. It was a well written and genuine plot that captivated my attention from the first page. And who can resist an stud super SEAL, I know I couldn’t. I have to say that this is a page turner 100% and I couldn’t put it down, another 5 for Suzanne Brockmann!!

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