Book Review-Scandalous Again

Book Review-Scandalous AgainScandalous Again (Switching Places, #1) by Christina Dodd
Series: Switching Places #1
Published by Avon on February 25th 2003
Genres: Historical Romance, Regency Era
Pages: 384
Format: Paperback
Source: Library
ISBN: 0060092653
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Two exquisite cousins must exchange identities in a scandalous deception.Madeline de Lacy, the duchess of Magnus, prides herself on being one of the most sensible young women in England, which is why she can't believe that, in a turn of the cards, her noble father has lost his entire estate -- and her! -- to a stranger.On a mission to salvage her family fortune, she changes places with her cousin and companion, sending the meeker Eleanor to confront the man who had won Madeline's hand. Now, Madeline is free to enter the home of a notorious gambler, and pretends to be meek, humble, and competent with an iron. She is, of course, none of those things; she simply is resolved to win her family's fortune back. Just when she thinks matters can't get worse, she meets Gabriel Ansell, the earl of Campion, and they do. Horribly worse.Four years ago, Madeline was engaged to Gabriel, and worshipped his arrogant kisses. Now, being forced to marry a man she doesn't know pales in comparison to the ordeal of facing Gabriel again, the man who betrayed her -- Gabriel, the only man she ever loved.


When Madeline de Lacy, the Duchess of Magnuss, hears that her gambling father has lost her in a game to a complete stranger. So Madeline comes up with a plan in hopes of refurbishing the family fortune that her father has willingly given away. So she switches places with her cousin and companion Eleanor so she can go and pretend to be a humble and meek servant. So she goes into the home of a notorious gambler, and is taken on as companion and lady’s maid to a young girl that is going through her first season. That’s when she comes across Gabriel, and things are only bound to get worse with these two in close proximity. Gabriel is shocked to see Madeline once more in his life after she broke his heart, and its been four years since the have seen each other, and the passion between them burns bright once more, and their love is rekindled…

The Hero (Gabriel Ansel, Earl of Campion)
Gabriel is shocked to see Madeline at a gambling party. He knows that there must be a ulterior motive for she despises gambling and even more gamblers. Gabriel once loved her, but then she not only broke his heart but also though a display of anger, humiliated him before the ‘ton’. But the desire h has always felt for her still burns bright and he knows that he still loved her, despite the distance and years that have buried that knowledge, that he still loves her.

The Heroine (Madeline de Lacy, Duchess of Magnus)
Madeline has always despised gambling. Ever since she turned twelve she has had to take over the responsibility to run their household and through the years her father has gambled away the family fortune. When her father gambles her away in a game so she is determined o gain the fortune back before she is forced to marry a stranger. What she doesn’t expect to find is the one man she has ever loved…

My Thoughts 
Scandalous Again is part of the duo series Trading Places by Christina Dodd. I haven’t read many books by this author, but each time I do, it seems I fall in love with each story that I read. Scandalous Again definitely is what the title implies full of passion and desire that has never died out. Madeline and Gabriel were once in love with each other but also shared a deep passion. Now after four years, their desire has come alive again with dangerous circumstances surrounding them Now they must learn to fully trust in one another to survive and have the happily ever after they never thought was possible. Such a sensual read and I fell heads over heels in love with the characters who were charming and the story such a enchanting story. I can hardly wait to read the sequel to the story. A romance you don’t want to miss out on.

My Favorite Quote
His lips…he dipped them toward her neck, his breath caressed her and she wanted to close  her eyes and give herself up to exquisite, almost forgotten sensation.

About Christina Dodd

Readers become writers, and Christina Dodd has always been a reader. She reads everything, but because she loves humor, she likes romance best.

A woman wants things like world peace, a clean house, and a deep and meaningful relationship based on mutual understanding and love. A man wants things like a Craftsman router with attachments, undisputed control of the TV remote, and a red Corvette which will miraculously make his bald spot disappear. So when Christina's first daughter was born, she told her husband she was going to quit work and write a book. It was a good time to start a new career, because how much trouble could one little infant be?

Ha! It took ten years, two children and three completed manuscripts before her first novel, CANDLE IN THE WINDOW, was published. In the twenty-three years since, her novels have been translated into 25 languages, won Romance Writers of America's prestigious Golden Heart and RITA Awards and been called the year's best by Library Journal. Christina Dodd herself has been a clue in the Los Angeles Times crossword puzzle (11/18/05, # 13 Down: Romance Novelist named Christina — her mother was very impressed.) With more than 15 million of her books in print, Publishers Weekly praises her style that 'showcases Dodd's easy, addictive charm and steamy storytelling.'

Christina Dodd is married to a man with all his hair and no Corvette, but many Craftsman tools.

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