Book Review-Samurai Game by Christine Feehan

Book Review-Samurai Game by Christine FeehanSamurai Game by Christine Feehan
Also in this series: Shadow Game, Murder Game, Ruthless Game, Street Game, Viper Game, Covert Game, Toxic Game
Series: Ghostwalkers #10
Published by Jove Pubns on July 3rd 2012
Genres: Paranormal Romance, Psychic Abilities
Pages: 389
Format: Paperback
Source: Library
ISBN: 0515151548
One StarOne StarOne StarOne StarOne Star

In a world so dark and seductive, expect nothing less than a triple-cross in the explosive all-new Ghostwalker novel by #1 New York Times bestselling author Christine Feehan…
In an underground club, a high-ranking public official spends his secret nights indulging in fantasies as exciting as they are depraved. For a seductive employee of the Dungeon, it’s her job to fulfill them. But she’s playing a far more dangerous game—one of blackmail, politics, and murder that reaches into the shadow world of the Ghostwalkers, and the creation of a spectacular, one-of-a-kind new weapon of defense.
But when a dictator makes his own catastrophic moves, the Ghostwalkers have no choice but to bring in two major players—a man and woman both driven by passion and revenge. Both expendable. Both with nothing left to lose.



Azami was taken by Whitney to be experimented on and dissected, and the medical procedures he initiated on her, left her with scars both on the outside and the inside. When he felt she was useless he sent her to the streets to become a prositute. But she was rescued, by her adopted father and she gained a loving family, who showed her loyalty and honor and how to fight. Azami is a ghostwalker, and no one can see her coming until its too late. When she hears that Lily Whitney, the madman’s daughter, is looking to use their satellite technology, she goes with her brothers to investigate this Lily, and see if she is anything like her father. But Azami has more than one reason to investigate Lily and the men and women that are with her in that compound. Sam is a ghostwalker, and works with his team. He is a decorated officer, and enhanced. He is determined to bring down Whitney, just like his team and brothers. He never imagined that he would find his other half. But when he meets Azami, he senses something deeper to her. And when they are forced together to fight for their lives, he learns that she is his future, and together they can bring down their enemies.

The Hero 

Sam Johnson, is a member of the Ghostwalker team. He lives in the same compound as Ryland and Lily. He has served in the military and will do anything for his team and protect the women that are their wives and their children with his life. He like his brethren, will do anything to bring Whitney and his evil plans to rest. Sam is the adopted son of the general who is the one honest soul in the government. Sam is the type of hero you want to read over and over again. I remember seeing his character in Ruthless Game. I was thrilled when I started reading this to have him as one of the main characters of the story. Sam is very unique…he has supernatural abilities, but there is a lot more to him than meets the eye.  He is honorable, and loyal both to his country and protecting those in need. He is dedicated to the Ghostwalkers. He is one of them, and understands Whitney and the madness of the scientist who will stop at nothing to take their children and use them as his soldiers. I loved his character, there was something so genuine to him. He doesn’t hold anything back, he is upfront and honest. And boy does he know how to make a woman melt with his touch. He has a sexual magnetism that I was drawn to.

The Heroine 

Azami Yoshi (Azami is such a beautiful Asian name, I just loved it from the beginning). Azami is one of the little girls that Dr. Whitney experimented on. In the beginning you see how much her past torments her. Feehan does a great job on giving the reader background information, and you start to fall in love with Azami and what she has overcome. I honestly had a hard time not tearing up when you learn about what she went through. And to be tossed in the streets at 8 years old to become a prostitute. Horrid right? Well I was intrigued by her character. As you progress further into the story, you see her strength and courage. I love how well she blends in with the Ghostwalker clan, as if she had been a part of them from the beginning. Her character was one of my favorites from this series. Which is hard to do since all the heroines are strong and capable and very talented. But Azami just called to me. She was stunning, she had talent and cunning, but she also had compassion and needed love.

Plot and Story Line 

Christine Feehan has delivered another stunning addition to the Ghostwalker series. I remember when the first book came out, and I have been hooked on the series ever since. I always have a hard time deciding which series I love most from this author, but there is something so intense and captivating about this series. It is fast paced….like super charged, going at full speed ahead, nothing held back. Whenever you pick one of these books up, you better be prepared for a ride of a lifetime. Because nothing gets the adrenaline pumping than one of these books. The suspense and action is never ending, and you might need to learn to meditate to calm that racing heart. (hehe…kidding…kinda ) Samurai Game has the same tone as the other stories do. But there was something more intense to it than I was expecting. This story has a combination for everyone…fast paced action, compelling characters, and paranormal elements. It all comes together into a story that will be one hell of a page turner. The plot is intense and explosive. You won’t be able to get enough of it. We also get to see many members of the previous books…which was so fun. And boy you have Ryder and Lily, Gator, Ian, Tucker and Jonas. And there was so many fun scenes. I especially loved when they get together at one time and share embarrassing stories of previous missions, and gave me barrels of laughs and giggles. (I have included a small excerpt below so you can see what I enjoyed.) 🙂  Loved seeing the comadarie of the team, the friendship and the teasing and playfulness. Definitely a story that will put a smile on your face.


How can you not look at this cover and NOT admire it. I love its beauty and detail. I love the hair on the model…where can I get hair like that. And the elegant way that she is pulling out her sword…like a brought to life Samurai? With the japanese flowers on the bottom…it brings a certain tone to the cover that is evident in the story. It matches well with how Azami is described. A gorgeous cover Loved the mix of colors and certain details. It just might be my favorite cover from this author.

Overall View

This is definitely one you need to keep on your bookshelves. A book that is guaranteed to be a impossible to put down page turner. A story of overcoming your past to embrace your future, a story of love and loyalty, and a love story that is electrifying and sultry. ENTICING ON EACH PAGE!


Favorite Quotes

“It is true. I did fall asleep at the wheel. We nearly went right off a cliff down into a gorge. But there were extenuating circumstances.”
Ian snickered. “Are you going to pull out the cry-baby card? He had a little bitty wound he forgot to tell us about, that’s how small it was. Ever since he fell asleep he’s been trying to make us believe that contributed.”
“It wasn’t little. I have a scar. A knife fight.” Sam was righteous about it.
“He barely nicked you,” Ian sneered. “A tiny little slice that looked like a paper cut.”
Sam extended his arm to Azami so she could see the evidence of the two-inch line of white marring his darker skin. “I bled profusely. I was weak and we hadn’t slept in days.”
“Profusely?” Ian echoed. “Ha! Two drops of blood is not profuse bleeding, Knight. We hadn’t slept in days, that much is true, but the rest . . .” He trailed off, shaking his head and rolling his eyes at Azami.
Azami examined the barely there scar. The knife hadn’t inflicted much damage, and Sam knew she’d seen evidence of much worse wounds. “Had you been drinking?” she asked, her eyes wide with innocence. Those long lashes fanned her cheeks as she gaze at him until his heart tripped all over itself.
Sam groaned. “Don’t listen to him. I wasn’t drinking, but once we were pretty much in the middle of a hurricane in the South Pacific on a rescue mission and Ian here decides he has to go into this bar . . .”
“Oh, no.” Ian burst out laughing. “You’re not telling her that story.”
“You did, man. He made us all go in there, with the dirtbag we’d rescued, by the way,” Sam told Azami. “We had to climb out the windows and get on the roof at one point when the place flooded. I swear ther was a crocodile as big as a house coming right at us. We were running for our lives, laughing and trying to keep that idiot Frenchman alive.”
“You said to throw him to the crocs,” Ian reminded.
“What was in the bar that you had to go in?” Azami asked, clearly puzzled.
“Crocodiles,” Sam and Ian said simultaneously. They both burst out laughing.
Azami shook her head. “You two could be crazy. Are you making these stories up?”
“Ryland wishes we made them up,” Sam said. “Seriously, we’re sneaking past this bar right in the middle of an enemy-occupied village and there’s this sign on the bar that says swim with the crocs and if you survive, free drinks forever. The wind is howling and trees are bent almost double and we’re carrying the sack of shit . . . er . . . our prize because the dirtbag refuses to run even to save his own life—”
“The man is seriously heavy,” Ian interrupted. “He was kidnapped and held for ransom for two years. I guess he decided to cook for his captors so they wouldn’t treat him bad. He tried to hide in the closet when we came for him. He didn’t want to go out in the rain.”
“He was the biggest pain in the ass you could imagine,” Sam continued, laughing at the memory. “He squealed every time we slipped in the mud and went down.”
“The river had flooded the village,” Sam added. “We were walking through a couple of feet of water. We’re all muddy and he’s wiggling and squeaking in a high-pitched voice and Ian spots this sign hanging on the bar.”


“I am not a woman who would be practical in your life, Sam. You need a home and a family…”
He laughed, interrupting her carefully chosen words. The sound was pure masculine amusement, sending a curling heat through her and making her forget everything she was going to say.
“I’m a soldier, Azami. That’s who I am . What I am. My woman will be my home–my family. Beyond that, who knows? I believe you’re that woman.”


“You belong with me, Azami. Your family will be my family. My family—the GhostWalkers—will be yours.”
“You’re a very dangerous man, Sam Johnson,” she whispered. “You stand there, tempting me with your pretty words of a future together, the devil in his blue jeans, so good-looking you’re impossible to resist. I don’t know why I can’t say no to you.”
His grin widened. His arms slid around her, pulling her tight against him. He didn’t want so much as a breath between them. “That will stand me in good stead in the future.” He bent his head once more to the temptation of her angelic mouth.

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