Book Review-Ride Hard by Laura Kaye

Book Review-Ride Hard by Laura Kaye

Book Review-Ride Hard by Laura KayeRide Hard by Laura Kaye
Also in this series: Ride Rough, Ride Wild, Ride Dirty
Series: Raven Riders #1
Published by Avon on April 26 2016
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Motorcycle Clubs
Pages: 320
Format: eBook
Source: Self Purchased
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Brotherhood. Club. Family.
They live and ride by their own rules.
These are the Raven Riders . . .

Raven Riders Motorcycle Club President Dare Kenyon rides hard and values loyalty above all else. He ll do anything to protect the brotherhood of bikers the only family he s got as well as those who can t defend themselves. So when mistrustful Haven Randall lands on the club s doorstep scared that she s being hunted, Dare takes her in, swears to keep her safe, and pushes to learn the secrets overshadowing her pretty smile. />
Haven fled from years of abuse at the hands of her criminal father and is suspicious of any man s promises, including those of the darkly sexy and overwhelmingly intense Ravens leader. But as the powerful attraction between them flares to life, Dare pushes her boundaries and tempts her to want things she never thought she could.

The past never dies without a fight, but Dare Kenyon s never backed down before .

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President of the Raven Riders Motorcyle Club, Dare Kenyon, loves to ride and showing his loyalty and care to his club he has devoted most of his life to changing for the better. They ride, fight and they protect and aid those in need. Dare will do anything to protect his brothers. But then he and his club, come across two women that were going to be sold and rescued them and offered them shelter. One of them, Haven Randall calls to him in a way he has never been drawn to a woman before. Haven Randall has gone through hell and she trusts no man. She has only known brutality, horrors, abuse  and fear. But now she is with the Raven Riders, and even though she yearns for the day that she can be courageous and bold, she wonders if she ever will be able to. Until she faces her fears, and goes to a party and stumbles across the club president, Dare. He is so different….kind and protective. The sparks between them grow, and the chemistry is explosive but just when their relationship is becoming even more solid, the dangers to the club will rise when Haven’s past comes to them to bite….but will Dare have to choose between his brothers or the only woman he has ever loved?

The Hero

Dare Kenyon, grew up in a rough MC. His father ran it, and they stayed behind the law. His home life was brutal, his father abusive to himself, his mother and his brother. On a fateful night when they were trying to leave, he lost his mother and brother and didn’t have the courage to save them. It was his biggest regret and still haunts him. Now however, through a twist of fate, he came to his grandfather’s club, and turned it completely around. It stayed a brotherhood, but stronger and their motto became more to protect those that come from abusive situations where the law couldn’t help those in need. They give back to the community in any way they can. Dare is a hero you want as a future mate 100%.

“I need you to try to judge me on my actions and my words, not on the actions and words of the people who came before me in your life.”

From the first moment he steps into the story, I was in love. He may be a rough rider, and leader of a MC club, but he is also kind and caring  and has a heart of gold.

The Heroine

Haven Randall, has never known love or affection. Her father treated her like a possession and a slave in any practical sense. She cooked and cleaned for him, but when she came of age he kept her, because he would use her to solidify criminal alliances through a forced marriage. She knew then, she had to leave and to life a full life. She wanted more from life than suffering at his hand. So she and her best friend, find an place of peace and friendship. But Haven still fears everything around her. Her only peace is cooking tasty treats in secret for the brotherhood. Then she stumbles across Dare, who is like a balm to her soul and she wants to explore everything with him.

She would cherish the feeling for the rest of her life. She couldn’t imagine some like Dare again. Someone who she could trust without question, someone who she could reveal her darkest parts and deepest desires to, someone who made her feel beautiful for wanting things. And who gave those things to her with such incredible generosity and passion. 

Haven was such a heroine that goes through a emotional journey of growth. I really liked her so much, because even though she is full of fear she wants to have adventure and live life a bit dangerously at times. I loved seeing her cross things off her “bucket list”. She was very endearing at times, and loved her inner strength and courage.

Plot and Story Line

What a BOOK!!! Oh my goodness, I can’t even express how much love I have for this story!!! It was thrilling, amazing and phenomenal in so many depths. Now I have read the Hard Ink Series—which rocked. But Laura Kaye totally upped her game with this book, probably the best book she has ever written and has reached the top of my list for MC romances. It was so different than I was expecting. In fact I was a bit nervous, because I was hoping that Laura Kaye wouldn’t change her style of building a romance due to the setting of the story. Quite frankly, I enjoy MC romances but they can be tough and gritty and this story was so unique to this set up. It had a level of playfulness and some charming and sweet moments yet is still emotional and gritty too. I really admire the way this series is going. It has a theme to helping women that suffer through abuse situations—or that is what I am getting from reading this book and hints for the second book coming out next year. (and yes we have to wait a full year *sobs*)

So what made this book so amazing? So many things made this book such a wonderful and exciting journey. What I loved about this book, was seeing a woman who is suffering from a form of PTSD and change slowly from a woman shaking in fear to a woman that is full of zest and courage and spirit. These two characters are so wonderful for each other.

You Haven. Always you, I’m fucking starving for you. All the time. You think you’re not wanted? I want you. I want you so much I don’t know what I’m doing half the time. Every minute of every day, all I can think about is you.

Now I know, the age between them ( I believe its 13 years) can be a bit much for some readers, but I am telling you the way Laura Kaye writes it, wasn’t a problem for me. Of course one of my grandparents they were 13 years apart and had a great marriage. So in my mind, it can work if its right. And its SO right for Dare and Haven to be together. From the beginning, you sense the attraction. Now Dare handles Haven in the right way. He knows that he can’t bulldoze her. He doesn’t want to frighten her or scare her, so he is patient, tender and kind. Boy did I love him right away just for that.

I will keep you safe, I will give you the life you deserve. I Promise

He doesn’t rush into things with her. He tries to do what is best for her and the club. We see the conflict he goes through, because Haven’s father could prove to be detrimental to the club and Dare might have to give her up just when he has fallen in love with her. This is what broke my heart, is seeing how much these two need the love that can heal past wounds. The love story between these two is heart wrenching, captivating and steals your heart!

The Cover

WHAT a cover….I just love it so much. Avon did a brilliant job with this one that is for sure!! I love the sexy pose, sensual but very poignant too. It’s great to see a black and white cover with bright lettering. Great contrast.

Overall View

Ride Hard is brilliantly written and if you were ever nervous about reading a MC romance—READ THIS NOW!! You will fall madly in love with Dare and Haven. GUARANTEED. The Best Ride Of The Year in Romance!

I love you, I fucking love you so much that I don’t think I can exist without you. Not anymore. You’re the most special thing I’ve found. You’ve given me love and acceptance and peace and comfort and made me realize that I want things out of this life too.  


You own my heart and you always will, because you taught me what love was and you showed me what life could be. You gave me wings, Dare, and they brought me right back to you. And they always will

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About Laura Kaye

Laura Kaye is the New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author of contemporary and paranormal romance and romantic suspense, including the Hard Ink, Heroes, and Hearts of the Anemoi series. Laura's hot, heartfelt stories are all about the universal desire for a place to belong. Laura grew up amidst family lore involving angels, ghosts, and evil-eye curses, cementing her life-long fascination with storytelling and the supernatural. Laura lives in Maryland with her husband, two daughters, and cute-but-bad dog, and appreciates her view of the Chesapeake Bay every day.

15 thoughts on “Book Review-Ride Hard by Laura Kaye

  1. Great review!! I LOVED this book so hard!! I’m also a huge Laure Kaye fan and was worried about the MC aspect. She creates the best ‘alpha men with golden hearts’ but MC isn’t exactly known for such characters. Loved that The Ravens were so awesome and, like you, I thought they were kindhearted, giving back to those who needed help the most. Can’t wait for the next book!

    1. oh thank you!!! This one was pretty amazing right??!!! I loved the way she handled the MC aspect, it fits her style so well. Its a WHOLE year for the next book 🙁 I so do not want to wait.

  2. You know, I kind of want to read this one. I read a YA Motorcycle book and didn’t care much for it, but this one really intrigues me. Dare so seems like my kind of hero.

    And this cover! I adore it!

  3. Obviously this book made an impact on you. I have already heard great things about this author, and now you have me itching to read this. I have recently read a couple of books on PTSD and I enjoyed them, so I know I would like this one.

  4. Ooh, I need to pick this book! I don’t read a ton of MC romances bbut I really enjoyed her previous series, so I’m very happy to see that the Raven Rider series is killing it! Can’t wait to check it out! Great review!

    1. oh yes if you loved the Hard Ink Series—you will adore this one. I think you will like this one even if MC isn’t your style. Its lighter and not as rough as most MC’s normally are.

  5. Ok, you totally convinced me that I need this book in my life!! I haven’t read anything Laura Kaye and hadn’t given this book much thought, but now I totally need it! Great review!

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