Book Review-Return of the Rogue by Donna Fletcher

Book Review-Return of the Rogue by Donna Fletcher

Book Review-Return of the Rogue by Donna FletcherReturn of the Rogue by Donna Fletcher
Series: Sinclare Brothers #1
Published by Avon on February 26, 2008
Genres: Historical Romance, Scottish Highlands, Medieval Era
Pages: 384
Format: eBook
Source: Self Purchased
ISBN: 0061375438
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Marriage was her only means of escape . . .
Though Honora Tannach came of age amid the misty moors of the Scottish highlands, where warring clans battled to the death for the future of their wild land, nothing frightens her so much as a lifetime trapped in the castle of her cruel stepfather. She is thrilled when a marriage is arranged to the son of a Scottish laird . . . until her betrothed is revealed to be Cavan Sinclare. Though the savage warrior once saved her life, Honora knows no one can tame the heart of such a brute, no matter now finely chiseled his features or how enticing his eyes . . . .
After escaping his captors, Cavan's only concern is protecting his clan from the menacing invaders who threaten at every turn—and his beautiful wife is a dangerous distraction. But in the face of fiery passion, their reluctance will fade . . . and Cavan will discover that there is no greater strength than the power of true love.

This review may contain spoilers, so fair warning, upon reading the review.

Return of the Rogue is a story that I had totally forgotten about that was on my TBR wishlist. I was reminded of this by Jenn at The Book Refuge (YouTube) and her love for the series brought me back to my own love and affection of this author and why I wanted to read her more and this series has definitely been on my list. So I read this one as the week long readathon for historical romance and I was very delighted to do so. Highlander historical romance is probably one of my favorites to read and I had a blast discovering the depths of this author’s lovely writing once again and this wonderful family I fell so hard for.

So Return of the Rogue is the first installment of the “Sinclare Brothers” series and this book features our two leading roles: Honora Tannach is entering into an arranged marriage that was arranged when she was young. But right when she is about to marry the man she thinks she is supposed to marry….her fiancee’s older brother returns from being held captive and now she will marry Cavan Sinclare due to the writ of the contract she is destined to marry the heir and oldest born. Cavan has just returned from barely escaping from being held captive and tortured alongside with his brother but Cavan wasn’t able to take his brother with him and they were separated and feels guilty for what he had to do and is determined to find him no matter the cost. The marriage between Cavan and Honora starts off with a big rocky start, but as they learn to build a trust in each other, it starts to smooth over, but will their enemies break a hold of their powerful love?

Return of the Rogue is a fantastic book that I had a blast while reading and while its not my favorite of this author, I couldn’t seem to get enough of this book or the angst between this pair here. Its a story that builds within its plot and the author did a superb job in crafting a story that keeps you wondering what is going to happen next. The romance that we see between Cavan and Honora is an interesting one. I do love a good arranged marriage, but these two are almost complete strangers on their wedding day. So seeing them work through that awardness and find a balance was one of my favorite aspects. Honora is wonderful with Cavan and really knowing when to fight her battles and when to back down. I liked that she didn’t push Cavan too far especially as he has some PTSD from being held captive and tortured. The romantic affair between them is what is really beautiful to see. Because Honora wants a husband and is determined she can be a good wife to him. Cavan is very occupied with finding his brother no matter what, so I definitely loved seeing a love happen between these two especially with the outer conflicts causing some drama within their relationship.

The family dynamics of the Sinclare family was delicious and I had a blast with it. I just couldn’t get enough of their banter and their fun interactions together. The strong bond between these brothers are so fun and definitely got a kick out of seeing them work through it all. And seeing the close kit relationship between them was just beautiful. I was heartbroken in parts of this story (due to certain plot points that I don’t want to spoil) but I appreciated seeing them be a strong support for each other through it all.

Overall I found Return of the Rogue to be a fantastic story that won my heart in every way that matters….a highlander romance that features a beautiful setting, strong family bonds, and a love to applaud.

About Donna Fletcher

Donna Fletcher is a USA Today bestselling author. It was her love of reading that started it all. Her mother fed her passion by signing her up for a Young Adult book club, and from then on she was never without a book. Whether on a bus, train or plane or simply standing on line, you’ll find her reading.

Donna has written numerous historical romances and part of the fun in writing she admits is doing the research. Getting lost in Scotland in 1514 proved exciting and learning about pirates and the high seas thrilled and surprised her. Her four paranormal romances, Wedding Spell, Magical Moments and Magical Memories, Remember the Magic took her into the world of magic though it is not a foreign place to her. She has studied the mystical arts over the years and finds them fascinating.

But it is with her characters she has the most fun. She loves giving life to fresh and exciting characters and they never cease to surprise and inspire her. She feels their excitement as they face the pleasures and pitfalls of falling in love, for love is truly a grand adventure and Donna is definitely as adventurous as her characters.

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