Book Review-Remy by Katy Evans

Book Review-Remy by Katy Evans

Book Review-Remy by Katy EvansRemy by Katy Evans
Also in this series: Real, Mine, Rogue, Racer, Ripped, Legend
Series: Real #3
Published by Gallery Books on November 26th 2013
Genres: Contemporary Romance, MMA Fighters, Sports
Pages: 272
Format: eBook
Source: Self Purchased
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Underground fighter Remington Tate is a mystery, even to himself. His mind is dark and light, complex and enlightening. At times his actions and moods are carefully measured, and at others, they spin out of control.
Through it all, there's been one constant: wanting, needing, loving, and protecting Brooke Dumas. This is his story; from the first moment he laid eyes on her and knew, without a doubt, she would be the realest thing he's ever had to fight for.

Remy is the third book of the Real series by Katy Evans. Now in Remy, we get the change to see Remington’s POV. In the first two books it was our heroine Brooke. So you do need to read books one and two before reading this one or you might get a little confused at some points. I truly had a fun time with this one, probably not quite as much as books one and two. Obviously we see their relationship from two books into one in our hero’s view of things. So there are some scenes that are shortened or skipped because of the way it is written. But I truly wanted to read this one because one I adore this couple so much and two because I wanted to see how things happened with Remy. You get to see more hidden depths from him and this book just makes you fall for Remington even more. I love seeing the effects of his bi polar struggles and the chemistry he feels for Brooke from the very beginning. We also get present and past flashbacks, and we get to see their wedding day. The humor and the sexual tension is just as wonderful as we have seen in books one and two. I rarely get a chance to see a story in the hero’s POV. And I like that this author was willing to do this. Especially since there is some mystery surrounding Remy in the previous two books. And we get to understand him so much more and the depth of feeling he has with Brooke. I like that even in the beginning it wasn’t just about sex. Not love at first or anything, but I liked seeing how these two had a strong connection to each other that wasn’t just physical. I definitely had a blast seeing Remy’s side and more depth of his character and his view through this romance.

Now my wife stands in this room I filled with roses for her, and I have. NO. WORDS. No fucking words to tell her. The way I need her. The way I want her. The way I love her. How every day I wake up a happy man, and go to sleep a happy man, sure that I can’t love her any more than I already do. But every day, the impossible happens, and I love her more. Her smiles, her strength, her dedication to our son, to me, everything about her is perfect for me.

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About Katy Evans

Katy Evans grew up with books and book-boyfriends until she found a real sexy boyfriend to love. They married and are now hard at work on their own happily ever after. Katy loves her family and friends, and she also loves reading, walking, baking, and being consumed by her characters until she reaches “The End.” Which is, hopefully, only the beginning…

4 thoughts on “Book Review-Remy by Katy Evans

  1. I have only read one book by the heroes POV and it was a let down. It was like a carbon copy of the intial book. Did not learn to much about the hero. Happy to hear this author did a good job.

  2. Nice review! I have this book but I still have to get to it. And I adored Remy so I have a feeling it will be fun to see things through his eyes. He was such a complex but likable guy.

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