Book Review-Rebel Bitten by Lexi C. Foss

Book Review-Rebel Bitten by Lexi C. Foss

Book Review-Rebel Bitten by Lexi C. FossRebel Bitten by Lexi C. Foss
Also in this series: Royally Bitten , Regally Bitten, Kingly Bitten
Series: Blood Alliance #4
Published by Self Published By Author on July 30 2020
Genres: Urban Fantasy Romance, Dystopian Romance, Paranormal Romance
Pages: 378
Format: eBook
Source: Kindle Unlimited
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Once upon a time, humankind ruled the world while lycans and vampires lived in secret.
This is no longer that time.


Run, run, run!

They're chasing me, even into my dreams.

And when I awake, I see him. Striking blue eyes with a hint of the devil inside. He's my savior and my worst nightmare combined.

Because he owns me.
He found me.
He saved me.

But I don't want to be owned. I want to be free. Even if it kills me.


I needed a diversion, a plaything, something to distract me from this perpetual boredom. And she appeared as if the Almighty above had heard my prayers.

Or, more accurately, the devil.

Because I'm not a good man. Humanity died inside me long ago. It was what I needed to survive.

But she's such a pretty little thing. I think I'll keep her and make her mine. At least for a little while. Humans are so fragile, after all.

Welcome to Ryder Region.
It might not be mine yet, but it will be soon.
For I haven't lived this long by playing nice.
I prefer to bite.

This review may contain spoilers, so fair warning, upon reading the review.

Rebel Bitten is the fourth book in the “Blood Alliance” series and I swear that I can’t put these books down and I am completely drawn into this captivating world that this author has created. I will be honest in that I really haven’t heard that much about ‘Rebel Bitten’ some of the others yes, but this one seems to be one people are quieter about or it could be a title of this series that just hasn’t been read quite as much as the others. I found Rebel Bitten to have a completely different tone than the previous books in the series. One of the largest factors that I found overall was the plot of the story. I will admit that the plot isn’t quite as engaging as the other books, in the previous books the plots always seem to leave me on the edge. And while there were some valuable developments within this story, I didn’t find it to be as thrilling as the others. Not that it detracts from my enjoyment of this book (it is close to five stars so that is significant) it just is a bit slower in certain aspects that I found different.

In Rebel Bitten we have some powerful yet surprising characters that impact this story:

  • Ryder-alpha male, one of the oldest of his kind, bored with life and finds himself alive with Willow
  • Willow -human female, sent to breeding farms, a fighter and quite resilient.

Rebel Bitten is a story that sets off with our heroine, Willow, who has been tortured and beaten in the breeding farms because she wasn’t compliant enough, while bitten and in pain, she manages to escape and even though she is half dead she manages to come up on Ryder’s territory and try to attack him and even though a part of Ryder would rather put her out of her misery, there is something about Willow that awakens new life within him and he can’t seem to harm her …yet. She is quite distracting, and he has become so bored with life as he has lived for so long. So he takes her to his home, nurtures her back to health and finds her resistance so compelling and wants more of it. He finds the defiance so abnormal for a human to be intoxicating, and both feel the chemistry building between the two of them. But there is more going on with Willow than meets the eye and Ryder can’t quite figure it out. But Ryder is also dealing with rebellion in his territory, members who want him gone and willing to do whatever it takes to be rid of him. But he isn’t five thousand years old for nothing but this game he is playing will end up on the battlefield with an opponent he underestimates and only working with his two most loyal companions will they find a way to overcome this evil and be one step closer to their plan being implemented that will save all of them….

Rebel Bitten was quite an interesting take and advancement into the series. In retrospect even though on the surface the plot of this book doesn’t seem to feel as quite as thrilling as the other books, there is so much intrigue, mystery and politics that come into play and I really found these aspects to be so intriguing. I honestly just wanted more and more by the end of the story. The problem I am having with these books is how addicting the writing seems to be. I can’t seem to get enough of this world or the connecting characters and most especially the mystery surrounding “cam” he is so revered by so many of my favorite characters that I can’t wait to see him freed and with his mate and he has a plan for all humans, lycan and vampires to live peacefully and in much better prosperity than what is currently happening and I am really intrigued to see how this author plans on setting it up in future books.

I found the romance that we find between Ryder and Willow to be an intriguing one. I actually loved their playfulness with each other, especially in the beginning. It’s like they view each other as enemies but there is this bond between them that prevents them from truly harming the other, almost like they could both sense the mating bond even subconsciously. I found this element to be quite unique in their relationship. And even though Willow isn’t free from Ryder, she has a connection to him and she seems to have this sense of loyalty to him, almost sensing the good parts of him being redeemable. I love it when I see a heroine like this even though she is fearful of him, there is a small level of trust that builds slowly between them. I was really attached to Willow though. We have heard so much of her in previous books that I was so intrigued. But what I really liked was seeing her blossom in this book, especially when she finally gets turned into her true self. Seeing that strength, tenacity and her willingness to fight for her relationship with Ryder was beautiful in every way. I was so captivated by her journey and seeing what she was capable of. And the reunion between the three friends in this book was so beautiful. I just loved seeing them finally come together after all this time and through all the pains and sorrows and joys and have some peace being together again.

Overall I found Rebel Bitten to be quite an intriguing story that I couldn’t seem to get enough of. It’s a story of resilience, journey of self, and fighting for one’s mate.

About Lexi C. Foss

USA Today Bestselling Author Lexi C. Foss loves to travel and write in supernatural worlds. Paranormal romance is her favorite genre, but she dabbles in contemporary romance when she needs a break from the darker side of her mind.

Coffee is her addiction, swimming is her passion, and she has a not-so-secret adoration for eclipse chasing.

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