Book Review-Ravishing In Red by Madeline Hunter

Book Review-Ravishing In Red by Madeline Hunter

Book Review-Ravishing In Red by Madeline HunterRavishing in Red by Madeline Hunter
Series: The Rarest Blooms #1
Published by Jove on January 26, 2010
Genres: Historical Romance
Narrator: Polly Lee
Length: 10 Hours
Pages: 341
Format: Audiobook
Source: Library
ISBN: 0515147540
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Armed with her cousin’s pistol, Audrianna travels to a coaching inn, to meet with a man who may have information that will clear her dead father’s name. She does not realize that the handsome man of commanding sensuality who shows up is not the person she expected, but instead Lord Sebastian Summerhays, one of her father’s persecutors, lured to the inn by the same advertisement that brought her there.

When the pistol accidentally fires, the situation becomes mortifyingly public, and thoroughly misunderstood. Audrianna is prepared to live with the scandal. Lord Sebastian has other ideas...

I have recently fallen in love with Hunter’s writing style, there is something so realistic about her stories with showing progressiveness and a sensual love story. I love her writing style and she tends to balance everything out so perfectly and if you are looking for an author that does the right research in regency romances, And as a plus there is a well talented narrator that weaves this story so beautifully. I was hooked into this story, although not quite at first. It did take a few chapter before I became fully intrenched in the story but slowly this authors writing style won me over.

Ravishing In Red begins with our heroine, Audrianna who, along with her family have suffered a horrible scandal and her father comitting suicide and she is looking for proof of his innocence. As she goes out in the country to meet with a contact who has information that can prove her father’s innocence, she runs into Lord Sebastian Summerhays. Sebastian is working for the government trying to find out all those involved in a portion of gunpowder that was created wrong and his own brother became paralized along with other men suffering serious injuries and even dying from the explosion. But when he runs into Audrianna, their interaction ends up in a horrid scandal that will ruin Audrianna and the only thing that can save her and her family is by marriage and so Sebastian does the honorable thing. And even though Audrianna needs some convincing, there is a strong connection between them despite the fact that they are on opposite ends of the gunpowder investigation. But what begins as a battle of wits and wills soon develops into an affair of the heart between these two strong willed people.

I adored this story quite a bit and I really was enchanted by the level of intrigue and espionage and solving a mystery of the creation of this gunpowder. We get brought into the effects and trauma that those that suffered from the war. I really loved the level of sensuality that is brought into the story. I wouldn’t say that the heat is super strong, but the writing of the love scenes is so beautifully written despite the lack of detail. Both of the character here have such strong personalities and seeing them find some common ground in their relationship was quite fun. Their sexy bantering was highly entertaining and seeing them both go on a journey together in finding the true villains was packed with adventure and mystery.

Overall I found this book to be a romance full of captivating sensuality, a mystery to keep you guessing and a love story to warm your heart! SPECTACULAR!

About Madeline Hunter

Madeline Hunter is a nationally bestselling author of historical romances who lives in Pennsylvania with her husband and two sons. Her books have won two RITA awards and seven nominations, and have had three starred reviews in Publishers Weekly. In a parallel existence to the one she enjoys as a novelist, Madeline has a Ph.D. in art history and teaches at an East Coast university.

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