Book Review-Pursued by Evangeline Anderson

Book Review-Pursued by Evangeline AndersonPursued by Evangeline Anderson
Also in this series: Revealed
Series: Brides of the Kindred #6
Published by Evangeline Anderson Books on June 20th 2012
Genres: Science Fiction Romance, Contemporary Romance
Pages: 454
Format: eBook
Source: Self Purchased
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Elise is fractured inside, stained by a past she refuses to remember.
Merrick is scarred both inside and out, a half-breed with a brutal background, at home nowhere in the universe.
Now they are tied together by an unstable bond which could kill them both.
Their journey will take them to the lawless planet of Rageron—the wildest of all the Kindred worlds. There, in the deep blue jungles of an alien world, Elise must bare her soul and relive the horror that nearly killed her. Can she and Merrick make each other whole or will Elise run from her pain?
If she does, Merrick cannot help but chase her…Elise is being Pursued.


Merrick and Elise have just returned back to Earth, after Merrick rescued Elise, where she was tortured and only she knows how damaged she is. From the first moment that Elise meets Merrick she is drawn to him. When they return to Earth, he learns that she is engaged, but having been so consumed with thoughts of Merrick, she forgets to tell him before its too late. Now he has washed his hands of her, but when they learn that her life is in danger, and only Merrick can save her, they are forced together. Elise knows that she loves Merrick, and that they have a bond, but they are told that when she was rescued, they made a “artificial” bond, which is unhealthy and will eventually kill them both. So they are sent on a mission, to go to “Rageron”, the most wild of all the Kindred worlds, and they will have to go to the “Deep Blue” jungle, that is infamous for the danger and where the Ancients run it with a tight fist. The danger escalates when they have to steal a certain plant, that is the key to breaking their bond. As they face the dangers of the jungle together, they will learn of sacrifice and that true love can conquer any…no matter the torments of their pasts or the unhealthy bond they have to break…but will that love still be there when their bond breaks or will it be erased?

The Hero 

Merrick, is considered not a true kindred, he is looked at as scarred, and an outcast and has been looked down upon ever since he was born. His father died when he was young, and through a twist of fate and circumstances, was scarred and tormented. Merrick doesn’t believe that he has any redeemable qualities until he meets Elise…whose torment more than matches his own. Merrick…oh Merrick….what a hero we have here. He was breathtakingly gorgeous, sweet and patient, and did he know how to give a gal a orgasm. He is sexy, and his scars, they don’t matter to our heroine of the story. Merrick is strong and when you learn of his past, well he earned many “brownie” points in my book. He tends to get a bit impatient and stubborn, but I love how he is with Elise. He is the true match for her.

The Heroine 

Elise, suffers from a torment of her own, one that goes back further than when she was captured. A memory she keeps hidden even from herself. Elise, because of her past, considers herself unworthy of Merrick. She loves him, but she knows that she is damaged goods…what man could want her when he learns the truth? Elise was the type of heroine, that you just want to give comfort to. My heart just broke for her, and despite everything you learn about her, you see how strong she is, especially when it comes to the man that she loves. You see what she is willing to sacrifice for Merrick. Elise at first seems fragile, but as you see her courage and inner strength manifest itself through the story, your respect for her grows in the story. I just adored her

Plot and Story Line 

Now I want to warn those of you, you haven’t read this (shame on you all) *grins* then you need to start with the first book. Now there is about 14 installments…I know that is alot. And boy does this author write fast. Geez, I can barely keep up. And each story keeps getting better as the series gets more entrenched. But you really need to start from the beginning, and the good news is that they aren’t expensive books at all. And considering the quality, and the length…its a great deal at 2.99 or a couple of the books are at 3.99–but that is a great deal and I would highly recommend you try this author out and soon. Ever since I discovered this series, I have loved every moment. Now this series is in the Erotica genre…but would I consider it full on Erotica? No, its pretty close to mainstream but not quite, since the sex scenes are pretty HOT!! But the plus is that there is a great plot and story line with each of the books. In Pursued, we have two that have developed a close bond to each other, and there is only one way to break it…they have to steal a plan from a planet full of danger. There is quite a bit that happens in this story, and since its over 400 pages, it really takes you on a whirlwind of adventure, suspense, and romance. You won’t get bored with this one, in fact, I would say its one of the most intense of installments that I have read so far. Now even though there are plenty of steamy scenes, in retrospect its pretty light until the later half. When you look at Elise and see what torments her, you understand, and boy will you love Merrick even more. Because really, its rare to find a hero like this one. This story is full of some twists and a couple of shocks…and you might need a box of tissues handy. Because I was seriously balling on my break at work!! The writing is superb and enthralling. I was completely drawn in from page one.There are so many things that I loved about this book, and I think the one thing I didn’t like was the fiance’s role in the story, but it did add a bit of flair to the story though.  It had everything I was expecting from Evangeline Anderson, and I can’t wait until the next book.


This cover is so different from others I have seen, but it does go along with the “science fiction” theme.  What I love is the bold colors, and how they blend together in the mniddle, where the couple pose is focused. Definitely a pretty cover, and one of my favorites for the series.

Overall View

Pursued is a thrilling addition to the Kindred series by Evangeline Anderson. This author tells a tale of emotional struggles, a desire that ignites, and a love story that will warm you on a cold winters night. A tale of sacrifice and the power of true love. A TRUE TREASURE!!


Favorite Quote

“Let me tell you something, baby.” he said, his voice going hoarse.
“Last night was the best fucking sex I’ve ever had in my life and it wasn’t even really sex. You know why that was? Because it was with you.”


This was an act of love, pure and simple. And by taking her so slowly and gently, Merrick was wiping away all the earlier, bad memories she had of this act. Wiping them away and replacing them with beautiful memories, feelings of love and trust instead of hurt and terror and betrayal. There was no room for bad emotions here–there was only the bliss of being one with her man and it was the best feeling Elise had ever known.

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