Book Review-Night’s Touch by Amanda Ashley

Book Review-Night's Touch by Amanda Ashley

Book Review-Night’s Touch by Amanda AshleyNight's Touch by Amanda Ashley
Also in this series: Night's Master
Series: Children of the Night #2
Published by Zebra on June 26, 2007
Genres: Paranormal Romance, Vampires
Pages: 382
Format: eBook
Source: Library
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One kiss can seal your fate...
Cara DeLongpre wandered into the mysterious Nocturne club looking for a fleeting diversion from her sheltered life. Instead she found a dark, seductive stranger whose touch entices her beyond the safety she's always known and into a heady carnal bliss.
A year ago, Vincent Cordova believed that vampires existed only in bad movies and bogeyman stories. That was before a chance encounter left him with unimaginable powers, a hellish thirst, and an aching loneliness he's sure will never end—until the night he meets Cara DeLongpre. Cara's beauty and bewitching innocence call to his mind, his heart—his blood. For Vincent senses the Dark Gift shared by Cara's parents, and the lurking threat from an ancient and powerful foe. And he knows that the only thing more dangerous than the enemy waiting to seek its vengeance is the secret carried by those Cara trusts the most.

This review may contain spoilers, so fair warning, upon reading the review.

Night’s Touch is the second book in the “Children of the Night” series and this is a story that features the adopted daughter of our first pairing of the series. Now I will say that I wasn’t sure what I could expect from this series here or even this book. I don’t read this author nearly as much as I used to (which is also another point on why I haven’t gotten caught up with her work yet) but I will say that while I enjoyed it I am not sure how I feel about this author anymore. The past couple of books that I have managed to pick up from her just haven’t “wowed” me like I wanted or expected them too. I used to adore her work, and they use to just grab me so quickly, but this one just didn’t quite work out that way for me. I am a little disappointed in that to tell you the truth. I had such high hopes for this one and while I liked it, it wasn’t close to a 4 star.

Night’s Touch is an interesting beginning that captures the hearts of our featurettes:

Vincent Cordova-recently turned vampire, still have live familial connections, beta male but also protective

Cara Delongpre-adopted daughter, naïve, closeted by her parents, impetuous

Cara Delongpre has longed for adventure and to get away from her parent’s protective thumb. Even though she has had a bodyguard she hasn’t thought much of it until she wants to breathe the night air. Cara has no clue of who her parents actually are or their true identity but on one evening out on the town, feeling free and independent she comes across two men both vampires. Now one is after her to get revenge against her father and the other is a man she seems to have a more physical intense reaction to and knows that she can trust him. Cara has been so secluded that she isn’t quite used to all this male attention. She knows that her parents keep some secrets from her but she trusts them. But when the truth gets revealed, Cara will have to question everything and everyone in her life and has to wonder if she has what it takes to survive this world she never knows the depths of until recently…Vincent knows that he needs to tell Cara the truth about who has become, but he doesn’t want to risk losing her, and when a new danger is revealed he will have to do all within his power to protect her and her family…

Night’s Touch was such an interesting book and not one that I fully expected to flow as it evolved. I definitely expected more from this novel but then I don’t think I was really impressed with book one. (I believe it’s her other books that I definitely had more fun with overall) I think I was just bored with the character of the heroine. I really just didn’t vibe with her at all, and to be honest, I didn’t really care for the hero until much later in the book. He just wasn’t written in a way that really grabs at your attention, it just had a “meh” personality to me so I wasn’t really interested in him too much and he definitely had more beta-like traits at times and for a paranormal, I do tend to like my heroes to be more alpha males, they just tend to fit the genre more. I mean the story was likable and there are aspects that readers of PNR will find interesting and some dynamics that I think will grab at some readers, but I personally don’t think that it’s a book that will necessarily shock you and really put you into the story like most PNR tend to do. Now I definitely plan on reading more in the series, but I might do audio this time around.

Overall I found Night’s Touch to be an intriguing story of intrigue, a deep-seated villain, and a warm and light romance with a touch of conflict….eager for more from the series.

About Amanda Ashley

Amanda Ashley is one of those rare birds--a California native. She's lived in Southern California her whole life and, except for the earthquakes, loves it. She shares a home with her husband, as well as a fluffy Pomeranian named Lady, a wild house sparrow she raised from a baby named Tweety, and a tortoise who remains nameless. Amanda and her alter ego, Madeline Baker, have written over 70 books and short stories. Not bad for someone who started writing just for the fun of it. Her books have made the New York Times Bestseller List, the USA Today Bestseller List, and the Waldenbooks Bestseller and Mass Market lists.

Not much happening here. Same old, same old. Writing new story. Looking forward to the publication of Night's Surrender in September. I love this book and this cover.

Wishing you all a wonderful summer!!!! -excerpt from goodreads

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