Book Review-Night Of Fire by Barbara Samuel

Book Review-Night Of Fire by Barbara Samuel

Book Review-Night Of Fire by Barbara SamuelNight of Fire by Barbara Samuel
Series: St. Ives Family, #2
Published by Avon on January 1st 1970
Genres: Historical Romance, Georgian Era
Pages: 376
Format: Paperback
Source: Self Purchased
ISBN: 0061013919
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Lady Cassandra St. Ives had sworn off marriage ever since becoming a happy widow, but lately her affections have been engaged by a mysterious, long distance correspondent. Cassandra has shared her soul with her far-off admirer, and when he invites her to visit his home she accepts the invitation gladly. Expecting a kindly of gentleman, Cassandra is stunned to find that Count Basilio Montevarchi is a virile man in his prime who knows her heart's most intimate desires--and is only too willng to fulfill every one...
The moment Basilio sets eyes on the vibrant beauty he recognizes a soul mate he will never be able to claim as his own. A long-standing betrothal--and the honor of his family--dictate that Basilio must deny himself Cassandra's love. Still they cannot deny the force of their passion until the confines of responsibility finally force them apart. Now Basilio must find a way to keep his heart's desire--before he loses her forever.


Lady Cassandra St. Ives, is a widow and is grateful for her status. Her marriage wasn’t what she had dreamed about. She is ready to start a new chapter in her life, one where marriage will not be in her future. She desires to be a writer. But never expected to build a friendship with a man, who saw her writings and initiated contact. Over time, they have become close friends through letters. She believed Count Basilio to be a middle aged man who saw life with zest and intensity and passion like she did. When he asks her for a visit, to see his beautiful world in Italy, she surprises herself by being daring and bold and visiting his estate. Count Basilio is not middle aged, is young and virile and soon their friendship turns into a sensual love affair. But Basilio has a secret, a secret that prevents him from having the future he wants with Cassandra and will be forced to marry another. Will Cassandra and Basilio find their happy ever after or be forced to let go of the love they share?

The Hero

Count Basilio Montevarchi has had to live under his fathers rule for too long. Basilio didn’t have the best upbringing, he lost his mother and two older brothers to a plague that swept the area. And was forced to take up the responibility as his fathers heir who despised him for reasons unknown. Basilio has a passion for life and beauty and…love. He writes compelling poetry that is heartbreaking and beautiful and doesn’t realize of his true gifts. He is supposed to marry a woman that he doesn’t love and is willing to risk it all for one Cassandra. I really liked our hero, he was quite the poet. He isn’t the typical alpha hero. He is beta but what a well written one. I adored his character and how devoted he was to Cassandra. His personality could be intense at times though, but I really liked the way he looked at the world.

The Heroine

Lady Cassandra St. Ives is a young widow. Cassandra suffered abuse from her late husband and is not willing to enter another marriage that is practically slavery in her mind. She doesn’t wish to be under any man’s thumb ever again. When she starts writing to a Count in Italy, she never thought that it would lead her on a path that she had no control. She starts to believe in love and affection and a beautiful future. But she soon realizes that life is never that simple. Cassandra is a heroine that does what she has to. She can be bold and confident, but is the quiet sort. She loves to write and share her thoughts with those of the same thinking. She is pretty courageous and what she does for Basilio is heartbreaking but commendable too. Because we see the lengths she goes to for the man she loves, to do what is right even if it breaks her heart.

Plot and Story Line

In Night Of Fire we have a sweet and charming romance that had me mesmerized by this couple. Now this book wasn’t what I expected at all, and the authors writing was very compelling. I love the way she just draws you into the story with a scene from the future where our main couple Cassandra and Bisilio are serperated and I was hooked. I just had to know what happened. We then are taken to England where our heroine decides to be brave once in her life, and go on an adventure to visit a friend in the beautiful land of Italy. And the chemistry between these two is pretty potent. I really enjoyed seeing the way these two begin their love affair. Its sweet, playful and deep. They are the best of friends and decide to develop something more. But then right when life seems to be bliss, Bisilio reveals the truth to Cassandra. He doesn’t want to hide the real truth from her even though he decides not to go through with his arranged marriage. But life never goes as planned, and he learns some horrible truths about the fate of his intended bride if he doesn’t go through with it. Now Analise was a character I wasn’t sure I would like. Because I just had to see that Basilio and Cassandra get their HEA. However she proves to be such a noble character. And there is NO cheating in this one. Just so you know, but the way that the author writes this is very delicate. I have never seen such a love triangle work out so well. But yeah, I was hooked on all three of these characters and how the plot develops. Not quite the way I expected when I first started reading. It does get a bit heartbreaking at times, especially with this forbidden love and love triangle thrown in the mix but this author did such a splendid job in writing the development of these characters and the growth of the romance.

Over the months they shared many letters, telling their deepest thoughts to one another. And when he invited her to see his country, she recklessly took his invitation.”

“And then she discovered a virile stallion.” He teased wickedly

Cassandra shook her head “She discovered a man who was beautiful inside and out, when she had despaired of ever knowing such a man.”

The Cover

What a wonderful cover. Both this cover and the kindle cover is pretty fantastic. But I love these old school ones so I just had to post this one up. Such a dreamy and sexy cover. I love the sunset colors used.

Overall View

Night Of Fire is a story that enthralls the reader from the very beginning and will take the reader on a journey of heartache, loss and the strength of love…

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About Barbara Samuel

Barbara Samuel is a multiple RITA award-winning author with more than 38 books to her credit in a variety of genres. She has written historical and contemporary romances, a number of fantasy novellas with the likes of Susan Wiggs, Jo Beverley and Mary Jo Putney. She now writes women’s fiction about families, dogs, and food as Barbara O’Neal.

Her work has captured a plethora of awards, including six RITAs; the Colorado Center for the Book Award (twice); Favorite Book of the Year from Romance Writers of America, and the Library Journal’s list of Best Genre Fiction of the year, among many others.You can find a full list of all titles here.

Now living back in her hometown of Colorado Springs, Barbara writes in a study overlooking Pikes Peak, a pin that draws her home from her travels. She shares her home with Christopher Robin, a British endurance athlete, a gorgeous and lovable chow mix named Jack; a very, very old Siamese named Esmerelda; a rescued street cat who has become the fattest silver tabby on the planet, and the wonder twins, two tuxedo kittens from a local shelter, whose names have changed several times. Yes, a lot of animals.

An avid photographer, cook, and traveler, Barbara keeps a log of travels, recipes, and photos at her blog, A Writer Afoot, where she also sometimes posts writing advice. You can follow her on Twitter and Facebook, but she doesn’t promise to be particularly interesting there.

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    1. haha I know what you mean. I honestly didn’t think it had any type of love triangle scenario until half way through. And I hate love triangles, but its not your typical love triangle. So I do recommend picking it up if you like.

  1. Nice review! I’ve read some of her work but not this one. I do like the sound of a love triangle that works out well, as so many are just angst-ridden messes. I’ll have to check this out!

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