Book Review-Mystic by Cheryl Brooks

Book Review-Mystic by Cheryl Brooks

I received this book for free from Sourcebooks Casablanca in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Book Review-Mystic by Cheryl BrooksMystic by Cheryl Brooks
Series: Cat Star Legacy #2
Published by Sourcebooks Casablanca on January 29, 2019
Genres: Science Fiction Romance
Pages: 384
Format: eARC
Source: Sourcebooks Casablanca
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Her love is the one thing he never saw coming…Sulaksha Enduran is still reeling from the death of her lover. He died of a mysterious plague—and it’s out of control. Sula is determined to find answers on her own, until an impossibly sexy Zetithian saves her life and joins her quest.
Despite the prescient abilities and power over the wind that enable Zetithian mystic Aidan Banadänsk to rescue Sula from certain death, he couldn’t have predicted her unique effect on him. It shrouds her future in mystery…and fills him with unparalleled desire.
But Sula’s investigation has put her in the crosshairs of a deadly conspiracy. With an entire planet’s population at stake, Sula and Aidan must risk it all to save the planet, the galaxy…and each other.
Cat Star Legacy Series:Maverick (Book 1)Mystic (Book 2)

Mystic is the second book in the Cat Star Legacy series, and this is my first time actually picking up this author. This is also one of the ARC’s I neglected last year and completely forgot about but I am making an effort on working on that list because the guilt is the worst lol and I have to say thanks to Sophia @Delighted Reader and her review, she had me highly intrigued and wanting to read this book and even though I am way late to the game with this book, I am so happy that I picked this book up because yeah this story was good. From the first few pages I was swept very quickly within the story and that doesn’t always happen so Cheryl Brooks is definitely getting added to my list of new to me authors I have fallen in love with. I am also really eager to look at her other sci fi series and see how they connect to this one.

Sula is on the hunt for a virus, a virus that killed the man she loved a year previously, one that is more deadly than anything else and reduces one to ash when exposed. But with her on the hunt for the origins, she is also being hunted by the ones responsible who don’t want her to know the truth and with her life in danger and alone she wonders how long she will make it. Until an angel appears and saves her life from some ariel creatures. Aiden is a Zetithian mystic, he has special abilities, a winged creature who can see parts into the future. While flying over the wild terrain, he sees Sula in danger and rescues her and takes her to his home. Even though both keep deep secrets from everyone, there is a connection between them and soon their secrets are revealed and join forces including some comrades that join them alongside their adventure to discover the truth.

Mystic was such a fun adventure filled story and I just love these type of road trip adventure sci fi romances, they are simply the best for sure. Mystic definitely had me falling quickly in love not just with the story but the endearing characters, the fated love, the mystery and danger aspect of the plot and plenty more. We also get a virgin for our hero, he is a member of a species that only mate once so it was quite different to see the heroine be the one with experience and be the teacher in the bedroom. Both Sula and Aiden make such a good pair, their story builds slowly, definitely not your typical fated love romance.

We such beautiful intrigue and delightful plot points that thicken with each chapter and with such engaging writing, you just fall deeper into the story in such a dynamic way that leaves the reader eager for more. I was so intrigued with where the story takes you and hope she continues with the series. I can’t wait to grab up the first book.

About Cheryl Brooks

Cheryl Brooks is a former critical care nurse turned romance writer. Her Cat Star Chronicles series includes Slave, Warrior, Rogue, Outcast, Fugitive, Hero, Virgin, Stud, Wildcat, and Rebel. Her Cowboy Heaven series includes the Cowboy Delight novella and the Cowboy Heaven novel. Her self-published works include Sex Love and a Purple Bikini, Midnight in Reno, and the Unlikely Lovers series, which includes Unbridled, Uninhibited, Undeniable, and Unrivaled. As a member of the Sextet, she has also published several erotic novellas with Siren/Bookstrand. She is a member of RWA and IRWA and lives with her husband, two sons, two horses, four cats, and one dog in rural Indiana.

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