Book Review-Mind Game

Book Review-Mind GameMind Game by Christine Feehan
Published by Penguin on 2004
Genres: Fantasy Romance, Fiction, Paranormal Romance, Romance
Pages: 368
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 0515138096
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Hailed as "sultry [and] spine-tingling" (Publishers Weekly) and "intense, sensual, and mesmerizing" (Library Journal), Shadow Game plunged readers into a world of terrifying power and forbidden passion. Now, New York Times bestselling author Christine Feehan returns to that exciting world to give us her most breathtaking novel yet. Dahlia LeBlanc's gifts are also a curse, making it impossible for her to be around others without hurting them. But can she trust her secrets to Nicolas Trevane, a Shadow warrior sent to find her?  

Its always such a pleasure to read from Christine Feehan, of course this is my second time reading this series. I read the first in the series “Shadow Game” and now I have just finished reading “Mind Game” and what a wild crazy ride that turned out to be. Nicolas Trevane has volunteered to go and find Dahlia Le Blanc, who Lily has found. Lily has been searching for all the young girls that her father changed and tormented and then sent out into the world alone. She thinks she has finally found Dahlia who is very powerful in a psychic way. Dahlia has had to live in isolation most of her life, because she has no anchor for all the emotions that bombarde her mind; especially anger which can send her into seizures if she isn’t careful. Dahlia also goes on missions for NCIS (Naval Criminal Investigation ) She has just returned when she finds that those that raised her are dead, and one of her few friends Jesse Calhoun is being tortured for information to find her. Dahlia remains hidden, but stricken at the sight. Then she meets Nicolas who saves and conceals her from the enemy. Dahlia has no idea how to react around this strong capable yet psychic man. Dahlia is afraid that he will get hurt because of her. Since it has happened to her whenever she has gotten close to someone. Together they join forces, for they are on the run from people who are hunting Dahlia to destroy her and her only protection is Nicolas, who is highly trained and a professional. But beneath that exterior that they have built between them a explosive passion builds between them, one they can’t explain and have never experienced. In the midst of it all, both Nicolas and Dahlia find relief in one another’s arms. But there is still a mission to be carried out and with the help of the Ghostwalkers, Dahlia and Nicolas just might succeed if they work together as a unit.

Ever since I read the first novel from Christine Feehan, I fell in love with her writing and capabilities to protray stories that evoke such raw emotions as she does in “Mind Game”. A couple weeks ago I just had the urge to re-read the Ghostwalker Series all over again, especially since I love this series. I absolutely adored Dahlia, she has such a inner strength and fortitude. She is contantly feeling pain under the stress of all the emotional energy that attacks her constantly. Its rare for her to find relief apart from when she sleeps. But when she meets Nicolas and the other Ghostwalkers, she finds for the first time in her life relief from all the energy and a way to learn to focus it. A task that has never been accomplished. Nicolas, is the perfect Alpha Male, arrogant, strong, capable, and loves to be in command and in control. Of course he has met his match with Dahlia, who also has to be in control. They go head to head a few times in the book, which was very satisfyingly enjoyable!!! I loved the way that the characters interacted, the bantering, the passions that ignite, and a thrilling supsenseful plot that keeps you on the edge of your seat and aching for more. I had no problems with reading “Mind Game” Its definitely one of those that I can re-read over and over, and one you will never be disappointed in reading.

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