Book Review-Midnight Wolf by Jennifer Ashley

Book Review-Midnight Wolf by Jennifer Ashley

I received this book for free from Berkley Publishing Group in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Book Review-Midnight Wolf by Jennifer AshleyMidnight Wolf by Jennifer Ashley
Also in this series: Pride Mates, Bodyguard, Hard Mated, Mate Claimed, White Tiger, Red Wolf, Tiger Magic
Series: Shifters Unbound #11
Published by Berkley on April 24, 2018
Genres: Paranormal Romance, Shape Shifting
Pages: 336
Format: eARC
Source: Berkley Publishing Group
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The eleventh novel in the New York Times bestselling paranormal romance series, Shifters Unbound.

Angus Murray, bouncer for a New Orleans Shifter bar, is sent to round up an elusive, Collar-less Shifter woman, Tamsin Calloway, who is causing trouble for Shifter Bureau, and possesses information they want. If Angus refuses, he risks losing his cub. He finds Tamsin but she's slippery and not about to be rounded up quietly.

In fact, quiet is nothing Tamsin will ever be. She leads Angus on a wild chase, but he's determined to bring her in to save his son.

Can Tamsin convince Angus she's worth helping before she's locked away by Shifter Bureau, Collared, or perhaps killed?

Midnight Wolf is a story I have been definitely looking forward to reading all year and I had a blast with this book. Now I won’t say its my favorite book of the series, however this book was SMASHING it all the ways that Jennifer Ashley writes a romance. I can never get enough of her writing, and Midnight Wolf, was so wonderful and easy to read. I read through this book so quickly and now I am saddened that the story is over and I will have to wait for the next book for more of this world of the Shifters Unbound.

Our story begins with our hero, Angus is a bouncer shifter for a bar in New Orleans, he is a father to his son and Angus is a single parent. When officers from the Shifter Bureau kidnaps his son and will only free him if Angus hunts down a lone collarless shifter, a woman that slips through their fingers and they need an expert. And Angus is one of the best shifter trackers. Angus doesn’t want to have to hunt down a fellow shifter however his son is more important to Angus than anything or anyone else in the world and he will do anything to protect him. Tamsin is quite the fox, who keeps on slipping through Angus’ grasp, but Angus is determined and once he has Tamsin in his grasp, he doesn’t want to let her go. Angus and his son become enamoured with Tamsin who is craft yet kind and courageous.

Big bad wolf, afraid of a carnival ride, and he blushes about the mating frenzy

I simply loved this book so much. The bantering between Tamsin and Angus was so delightful and I adored the snarky humor that Ashley makes so entertaining for her readers and this book was no exception. And Angus’ son was a HOOT!! He is so frank and never afraid to say what is exactly on his mind. And he is quite the matchmaker for Angus and Tamsin. He sees the good qualities of Tamsin instantly, and becomes quite protective of her.

We belong together. I knew it when I saw you, kicking ass at pocker and being all smug about it. When you got hurt because I chased you, I knew I’d move heaven and earth to get you well again. I mate-claimed you to save you from Dylan, but I’d have done it anyway, sooner or later. Dylan just gave me the excuse.

The plot and worldbuilding was fantastic, I really liked seeing these two try to survive while being on the run from those that want Tamsin for not so good reasons. And we get some new shifter characters we meet that I found so fun and maybe a future romance for one of my favorite side characters “ben”—I WANT his story so very badly. And of course we get some delightful interaction with Tiger of course, LOVE seeing him being an active participant through the series since he is my favorite all time character of the series.

I found the romance that builds between Angus and Tamsin to be so full of emotion and you find yourself captivated by their story. They are up against some bad odds, but stand together and the chemistry is off the charts. I loved ALL the feels we get from these two in learning and fighting to stay together and be mated. We also see the complexities from loner shifters and living in a shiftertown and the complex dynamics that cause some conflict in their story.

Overall I found Midnight Wolf to be such an amazing read and a quick trip through this wonderful world of shifters and humans and fae and the complexities of magic and science….ENTHRALLING!!!

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