Book Review- Knight On The Texas Plains by Linda Broday

Book Review- Knight On The Texas Plains by Linda Broday

I received this book for free from Sourcebooks Casablanca in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Book Review- Knight On The Texas Plains by Linda BrodayKnight on the Texas Plains by Linda Broday
Also in this series: The Cowboy Who Came Calling, To Catch a Texas Star
Series: Texas Heroes #1
Published by Sourcebooks Casablanca on August 1st 2017
Genres: Historical Romance, American West
Pages: 352
Format: eARC
Source: Sourcebooks Casablanca
ISBN: 1492646504
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Duel McClain was no knight in shining armor --- he was a drifter who prided himself on having no responsibilities. But a poker game thrust him into the role of father to an abandoned baby, and then a condemned woman stumbled up to his campfire. The fugitive beauty aimed to keep him at shotgun's length, but obvious maternal instincts belied her fierce demeanor. And she and the baby were clearly made for each other. Worse, the innocent infant and the alleged murderess opened Duel's heart, made him long for the love of a real family. And the only way to have that would be to slay the demons of the past.

Knight On The Texas Plains is a bitter sweet romance that brings together a family, a family that all are lost souls until they find each other. We begin with our hero, the KNIGHT of the story. This isn’t your normal knight in shining armor (although he might as well be wearing some) while playing a card game, somehow wins a toddler, and even though the last thing he needs is another human being to care for, he can’t seem to say no to this sweet child that deserves better than the father she happened to be saddled with. While on the trek back to his folks home, he stumbles across an injured woman, a woman who has obviously been suffering from severe abuse. He offers marriage as protection and Jessie agrees. This story is so powerfully written in only the way that Linda Broday can writes a romance. What I did admire about this book however were the tough topics that she touched on. I don’t mind seeing the effects of abuse or this form of PTSD. Even though it can be heartbreaking to see, its very real and I loved how real this author made it to be without it overshadowing the actual romance that builds between Jessie and Duel.

What a FANTASTIC book this turned out to be and I just flew through the pages on this one, before I realized it the book was over and I was feeling like WHAT?? ALREADY…NO!! hehe Yes that was my exact thoughts because I fell head over heels in love with Knight On The Texas Plains  and this book quickly won my heart. Now there were some unique aspects to the story that make this different from most romances I have read. Our little baby girl, has such a beautiful and sweet way of adopting family and animals to her side instantly. It was quite hilarious to be honest, seeing how this child was so enchanting that she brings people to her and aids in healing and past hurts and traumas from all types.

The romance builds slowly and sweetly, but is ever so endearingly written. Duel and Jessie learn to rely and depend on each other as partners and they see that life may get rough but as long as they have each other, they really can accomplish anything. Jessie is in a bad spot, she has a past, and some enemies and in order to save herself had to resort to some difficult decisions and now her past is coming back and could destroy everything she has built with Duel. Jessie’s story is simply heartbreaking to be honest. Seeing the ways the she is abused by her late husband, and then having to go through a challenging process to clear her name brought some tough emotions to the surface. What is very powerful about this wonderful story is the love this family has for each other, the way the stand up with Jessie through this tough time, and seeing Jessie face up to her past and find some healing and inner peace that she deserves. This story goes through all of the emotions and you begin to see the power of fighting for what is right no matter how hard it is and what a sweet reward you find at the other end.

This story is simply endearing, packed with powerful message of humanity and the true healing power of family and love!!

About Linda Broday

I live in the Texas Panhandle on land they call the Llano Estacado where the Native Americans once roamed. History is so thick here with the ghosts of the people who settled this land. I love writing western historical romance and can't imagine writing anything else. I love a man in a Stetson and tight pants. Cowboys also get me fired up.


19 thoughts on “Book Review- Knight On The Texas Plains by Linda Broday

    1. Hi Carole, just dropped by to say that I’m glad you’re liking it. Enjoy my patchwork family. Often we have to put together the pieces that fit and enrich our lives. Duel, Jessie, and Marley Rose do. By the way, Marley Rose is getting her own book in May 2018. She’s devastated when the secret spills out that she was won in a poker game and feels her whole life has been a lie. Duel’s heart is broken as well to have to tell her. That scene was one of the most powerful I’ve ever written.

  1. Yay! I loved this one, too! It really was wonderful seeing them come together and find some healing. I was really impressed with the book. The author said Marley Rose was based on a real life friend she knew who’d been won in a bet and never knew what happened to her original family. I just. Goodness.

      1. Right? It made my stomach dip a little bit. She gave some more info over on my review on Goodreads. Said one of her readers came up to her at an event after reading this and had been won, too. I left me rather stunned. I just cannot imagine.

        1. Talk about stunned, Anna. I was completely floored when this woman told me. I was glad though that she did find a happy home and was loved. My little playmate Juanita didn’t get that.

    1. Hi Anna, thanks for coming by. I really loved your review on Goodreads. Thank you for your kind words. Yes, this was inspired by a true event. To this day, I wonder what ever happened to Juanita after she disappeared. It was very strange. I hope she did find some measure of happiness. I loved giving her a happy home in Knight on the Texas Plains.

  2. Wow! I already feel for her. I can definitely appreciate a romance book that touches on tough topics, especially when its done well. It sounds like a powerful book all around!
    Lovely review! 🙂

    1. Hi Nick, I tend to like my stories with plenty of meat on the bone with dessert thrown in. We have to talk about these though subjects to advance as a society. I do hope you’ll try it.

  3. Thank you, Addicted to Romance. Your review brought tears to my eyes. Not surprising though. I cried buckets when I wrote this. The plot and the characters sprang from a place deep within my soul. It was actually inspired by a true event in my life when as a young girl, I learned my playmate had been won in a poker game. The man and woman who had her didn’t provide a very good home. He didn’t work and was never sober a day in his life. His wife loved Juanita but she couldn’t protect her from the abuse. I made a vow that one day I’d give Juanita the happy life she deserved even if it was in fiction. People don’t know this kind of thing goes on but it does. I was happy to shine a light on it and spousal abuse. By the way, readers will be happy to know that baby Marley Rose will get her own book in May 2018. She’s devastated to learn that she was won in a poker game and feels her entire life is a lie. Oh, and Duel McClain named his ranch Aces ‘n Eights–the hand he won her with. So hang on for more.

    1. First off, I want to say thank you for stopping by my place!! I truly feel honored, I have big a huge fan of your work for quite a while now. And yes I cried buckets with this book as well. Not many books can do that for me, but certain authors like “yours truly” can do that for me. It breaks my heart that such things happen, but unfortunately I am not shocked by it. There are some bad evils in the world out there. I knew a girl who was kidnapped and was basically a sex slave for three years before she ran away. Fortunately, she got treatment, fell in love, got married and is now on her third child. But I can’t imagine how hard it was for her during those dark years. I am glad to see you give your friend a happy ending. Hope she found it in reality. I do appreciate your touches on spousal abuse too since it happens way too often than we realize.

      So thank you for sharing your writing and these incredible stories.

      And I am thrilled to hear that Marley Rose will have a story. Makes my heart happy.

  4. What a beautiful review- Linda Broday owns a piece of my heart with every book of hers I read. She has such a gifted talent in writing heart warming stories that stand the test of time and weave into your soul destine to take permanent residence. I can’t wait to read this book firvtbe 2nd time, because her books can’t be read once.. they just keep asking to be revisited.

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