Book Review-How To Tame Your Duke by Juliana Grey

Book Review-How To Tame Your Duke by Juliana GreyHow to Tame Your Duke by Juliana Gray
Series: A Princess In Hiding #1
Published by Berkley Sensation on June 4th 2013
Genres: Historical Romance, Regency Era, Fairy Tales
Pages: 320
Format: Paperback
Source: Library
ISBN: 0425265668
One StarOne StarOne StarOne Star

Three intrepid princesses find themselves targets in a deadly plot against the crown - until their uncle devises a brilliant plan to keep them safe...
England, 1888.
Quiet and scholarly Princess Emilie has always avoided adventure, until she’s forced to disguise herself as a tutor in the household of the imposing Duke of Ashland, a former soldier disfigured in battle and abandoned by his wife. When chance draws her into a secret liaison with the duke, Emilie can't resist the opportunity to learn what lies behind his forbidding mask, and find out what adventure really means...
The duke never imagines that his son's tutor and his mysterious golden-haired beauty are one and the same. But when the true identity of his lover is laid bare, Moreland must face the demons in his past in order to safeguard both his lady - and his heart.

Princess Emilie, is the middle sister, and has always been the quiet and reserved one, and relished her books. But when their father is murdered, they are on the run for their lives. They make it to England, with the aid of their governess to reach their uncle’s home. Who hatches a plan to hide them in the countryside posing as men. Emilie, is to be a tutor for a young teenager, with an overbearing Duke as the man she answers to. She will have to cut her hair, and put on a mustache and act the part. At first it doesn’t seem too difficult but the attraction she feels for Ashland, is overwhelming and she starts having feelings she never expected to have for him. Then when she learns of him having a supposed mistress, who he sees every week, she can’t contain the jealousy and even envy she starts to feel. When she heads to the village, she is mistaken as the women of the evening for Ashland, and soon she is drawn into a web of desire and passion, and she begins to live two lives, and wonders if she could ever share with Ashland the truth of who she really is, or would he hate her forever…

How To Tame Your Duke is the first book in the series, and the first book I have had the pleasure of reading from this author. Now I will say I had no idea what to expect when I started this one. When I start a new author, I either know I will love it or not love it….I love Juliana Gray. This was such a delight to read and it was quite a full depth romance, which was something I wasn’t expecting. There are many intricate patterns in this story that casts a spell over you as you read. Now I will say, that I wasn’t used to the authors writing style, so it did take me a little while to adjust, and really get fully involved in the story. I do love the way that this author created a flawless story for the reader, and there was quite a bit of substance.

It begins with the hero dressing and acting as a man, and the hero a wounded beast, who just wants his solitude. This story is about two that need affection and love and passion more than anyone, they need that trusting relationship, one only dreams of. Emilie has been forced from the only home she has ever known, and lost her father and now separated from her sisters, feels more isolated than ever. Ashland, was wounded and tortured in the war, and has come back disfigured, wears a mask, and hides most of who he is from the world. But when these two collide, you see the instant spark. I loved the little hidden identity theme, and it creates quite a lovely conflict to the story. I really loved this element to the story, not every author can write it in such a way as Gray has done for us.

Overall an enriching, steamy, and beautifully crafted romance…exquisite in every way!!

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