Book Review-How To Seduce A Vampire Without Really Trying by Kerrelyn Sparks

Book Review-How To Seduce A Vampire Without Really Trying by Kerrelyn Sparks

Book Review-How To Seduce A Vampire Without Really Trying by Kerrelyn SparksHow to Seduce a Vampire (Without Really Trying) by Kerrelyn Sparks
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Series: Love At Stake #15
Published by Avon on April 29th 2014
Genres: Paranormal Romance, Vampires
Pages: 374
Format: eARC
Source: Avon
ISBN: 0062107763
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From New York Times bestselling author Kerrelyn Sparks comes the next adventure in the Love at Stake series, featuring a Master vampire and his love affair with a woman of many secrets . . .
Vampire Zoltan Czakvar is on the hunt for the truth about his father's death. He's been searching for a very long time—since 1241, in fact. And he is not about to give up, even when he's attacked by a woman with striking blue eyes and a hell of a right hook!
Neona is also on the hunt. She's looking for a mate, and she thinks muscled Zoltan will work just fine. After all, men are good for only one thing. Soon, though, she realizes there's more to this handsome vampire than just sexual prowess. But she's keeping a secret from Zoltan, something so big that it will rock the vampire world.
Can their newfound love survive . . . even if their passion means the destruction of her world?

Zoltan is on the search for his father’s killer, and when a clue lands in his lap, a arrow head that matches the one that killed his father in the 1200’s. So he leaves his duties, and goes in search of the one who murdered his father. What he finds alters his life and his heart. Neona is a warrior princess, living in solitude with her other sisters and their queen, her mother. No men are allowed in their valley, or they are killed. Neona and her sisters are hiding a secret, and protecting it. Some of their women have died, and after losing her twin sister, she aches for something to love, a child, a daughter. When they hear of a strange man entering their property, they go in search of him. Neona, plans on seducing him, and taking his ‘seed’, then will have to kill him. When she meets Zoltan, she sees a man she could eventually love, but that is forbidden, and she will have to settle with having his child, hoping for a daughter. However Zoltan is stubborn in his courtship of her, and before she knows it, she is breaking all the rules, just to have a few moments with the one man that makes her heart sing. But will Neona and Zoltan find their happily ever after?

How To Seduce A Vampire (Without Really Trying) is a fun and exciting story, and one of my favorites, read in only a couple of hours and I was tumbling over it with balls of laughs and a few tears. I have loved this series, and Kerrelyn Sparks is one of my favorite paranormal authors, and I have loved the way she has created this world of Vampires, shifters, demons and angels. I don’t know what I was really expecting with this installment, but WOWZERS!! I am impressed. You never know with how many books are in this series, if the next book will be a great addition or a disapppointment, and I am happy to say it wasn’t the later. I loved everything about this story.

First off, the heroine, she was impressive, I loved everything about her character. She is a warrior, and a fighter, and goes after what she wants, but we see that she has a vulnerability, and Sparks really balanced out her character well. I definitely was amused in the beginning when Zoltan and Neona meet, and she just wants his “seed” in like five minutes, definitely had me laughing from the moment these two meet. Zoltan, whew, I think I could build a forest fire with the heat he was giving off. Zoltan is passionate, and loves women, but I love the slow seduction of Neona. From the beginning, Zoltan is mesmerized by Neona, and doesn’t only want to bed her, but love her and show her the meaning of true love. He begins a courtship that is so sweet at times, and he is so stubborn about it, that Neona can’t help but say “yes”. I love seeing Neona turn ito a woman obeying orders from her queen, to standing up for herself and for what is right. She won my heart over and over.

There is quite a bit of conflict, that never seems to end, and I don’t want to spoil too much, so I wont reveal the secret that they are hiding, I will say that you are guaranteed to fall in love and not just with the main characters of the story, and it does leave with a bit of a cliffhanger, which I am hoping gets resolved in the next book. (Crossing my fingers here, and hope it comes out sooner rather than later). And there are quite a few suprises in here, especially toward the end, that totally shocked me, but in a very positive way. We do see some past characters involved in this one, and a few that are my favorites, and a beginning romance with a sub character, that I am guessing will be the next book. SO EXCITED!!

Overall I was blown away with this book. The characters, the plot, the story line, and the unique setting, it all combined into a blend of tender romance, sizzling desire, and never ending adventure!! MESMERIZING!!!

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