Book Review-How To Marry A Royal Highlander

Book Review-How To Marry A Royal Highlander

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Book Review-How To Marry A Royal HighlanderHow to Marry a Royal Highlander by Vanessa Kelly
Published by Kensington on June 30th 2015
Genres: Historical Romance, Regency Era, Scottish Highlands
Pages: 480
Format: eARC
ISBN: 1420131281
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Illegitimate yet thoroughly irresistible, the Renegade Royals are leaving behind their careers as daring spies for the greatest adventure of all…At sixteen, Alasdair Gilbride, heir to a Scottish earldom, fled the Highlands and an arranged betrothal. Ten years later, Alasdair must travel home to face his responsibilities. It’s a task that would be much easier without the distracting presence of the most enticing woman he’s ever met…After one escapade too many, Eden Whitney has been snubbed by the ton. The solution: rusticating in the Scottish wilderness, miles from all temptation. Except, of course, for brawny, charming Alasdair. The man is so exasperating she’d likely kill him before they reach the border—if someone else weren’t trying to do just that. Now Eden and Alasdair are plunging into a scandalous affair with his life and her reputation at stake—and their hearts already irreparably lost…

My Review



Eden Whitney, has become a bit too full of spunk and adventure, and wanting to try new things, gets caught in a scandal and is forced to leave London, and to travel to live in cold and dreary Scotland with Alasdair. Alasdair, has been avoiding his responsibilities. Duties that he has kept to himself, and now he knows it is time to face up to them. For quite some time he has been drawn to Eden, she is lively and full of spirit and energy, but Alasdair is about to come to a difficult choice, because the secret he has kept from his friends and Eden is about to come to full knowledge and it will take creativity and a strong will to overcome. Eden and Alasdair have secret loved each other, but have never admitted it to each other until now, but it may be too late, unless they discover a way to find a way to be together without Alasdair having to break  a word of family honor.

The Hero 

Alasdair, left his home when he was a teenager, and became a spy and fought for his country and now he realizes it is time to face his past and his unresolved issues with his family. Alasdair was a character that I fell for instantly. He is charming, and witty and knows how tease and have fun, he isn’t fully serious-minded (which was refreshing). I just adored his character and seeing how he changes through the story. At the beginning he is a bit full of himself, but he begins to change slowly, and we him become more humble and determined to accomplish everything he wants. He is stubborn, willing to take charge and I love the way he is with Eden.

The Heroine 

Eden, is a twin but for most of her life she has always been the calm one, never getting into any trouble, until now. She needed something different and wanted more from her life than a respectable marriage and a match, she wanted love and passion. Kissing a renown rake is not the best way to go about it especially when you get caught. Her mother is furious with her, and she demands they go up to Scotland and let the scandal boil down a bit. Eden is a woman who has hidden her true self from most except for her twin, and even Alasdair has seen through her facade. What was most fun about Eden’s character was seeing her shine in this story, how she stands on her own against Alasdair’s family and even her mother, I loved her playfulness and sense of honor at times, and doing the right thing even when it means losing a man she loves.

Plot and Story Line 

How To Marry A Royal Highlander is the last of the series ( I believe) and I have only read one other book from this author, and adored it, so I was really excited to get a chance to read this. There were a couple of aspects that drew me to this story, the first was that it was a Highlander romance, and ‘duh’ I will read anything to do with those sexy highlanders. They make some of the best heroes I have ever had a chance to read. Another aspect that this series has made an impact on me. I love the theme of it, and I liked that Alasdair and Eden together. They are quite the perfect match for each other. They each have similar sense of humor and the way they banter and tease each other, is so alike to one another, and you see how well the compliment each other in ways that are very unique to both of these characters. Now Alasdair’s family were one piece of work to be honest, I had many issues with them. And none of them I really ever liked except for his one cousin, I won’t reveal much about her, only that she plays a big role in the story and even from the beginning I enjoyed her character and seeing how she is with Alasdair and her treatment of Eden which is much better than the rest of her family. Now Eden’s parents are both wonderful, and I will be honest at first I hated her mother, she felt so self-righteous at times. But boy I guarantee you all, that you will be charmed by her. She has spunk and quite a bit of attitude and when her daughter is threatened….WHEW watch out boys and girls because she is like a big mama bear. I liked how these two come together, and even though it didn’t end like I would have expected, I did enjoy seeing these two find their HEA. One other quality of the story I want to mention is the “villain” Now there is one and it’s a villain you won’t see coming, I was bowled over by who actually is the person trying to destroy Eden and Alasdair, the way the story is written, the person implied is not who is actually out to kill them, and I loved the way the Kelly shocked me in this story. Made for a fully satisfying read.

The Cover 

I love the vivid reds and oranges in this cover, its a dramatic couple pose that matches the colors and tone of the cover.

Overall View 

How To Marry A Royal Highlander is an exciting installment, a feisty yet tender love story, some intense villains, dramatic family displays, and a conflict that will keep you interested…a stunning Highlander romance that is full of sugar and spice!!

Series Order


Lost In A Royal Kiss (0.5)

Secrets For Seducing A Royal Bodyguard (1)

Confessions of a Royal Bridegroom (2)

Tall, Dark, and Royal (2.5)

How To Plan A Wedding For A Royal Spy (3)

How To Marry A Royal Highlander (4)

About Vanessa Kelly

Vanessa Kelly writes bestselling Regency-set historical romance for Kensington Zebra. Her books have finaled in numerous contests, and she was named by Booklist as "one of the new stars of historical romance." Her second book, Sex And The Single Earl, won the Maggie Medallion for Best Historical Romance. Secrets for Seducing a Royal Bodyguard, the first book in her new Renegade Royals Series, received a starred review from Publishers Weekly and spent four weeks on the BookScan Romance bestseller list. Vanessa also writes USA Today Bestselling contemporary romance with her husband under the pen name of V.K. Sykes. Find her on the web at or at

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