Book Review-Heart Mate

Book Review-Heart MateHeart Mate by Robin D. Owens
Also in this series: Heart Dance
Series: Celta Heartmates #1
Published by Berkley on August 1st 2006
Genres: Futuristic Romance, Fantasy Romance
Pages: 340
Format: Paperback
Source: Library
ISBN: 0425212408
One StarOne StarOne StarOne Star

All his life, Rand T’Ash has looked forward to meeting his HeartMate, with whom he could begin a family. Once a street tough, now a respected nobleman and artisan, he has crafted the perfect HeartGift, which, in the custom of the psychically gifted population of the planet Celta, is the way a man finds—and attracts—his wife…Danith Mallow is irresistibly drawn to the magnificent necklace on display in T’Ash’s shop, but she is wary of its creator, despite an overpowering attraction. In a world where everyone is defined by their psychic ability, Danith has little, placing her at the opposite end of the social spectrum from T’Ash. But T’Ash refuses to accept her rejection and sees it as a challenge instead. They are HeartMates, but can T’Ash persuade his beloved to accept her destiny by his side?

Rand T’Ash lost everything as a young boy, his home, his family, and had to learn to fend for himself most of his life until recently now that he is a nobleman and highly sought after artisan, he is now looking for his heartmate, and when he finds out who she is, he sets out to seduce her, only she doesn’t seem to want to be seduced and keeps rejecting Him. Rand at first where Danith is coming from, because he once came from the kind of life that she is living currently, and he only desires to hold onto her, protect her and love her….he just has to convince her that sharing a life with him would bring her pure happiness, because the love they would share would be timeless.

The Hero (Rand T’Ash)
At the young age of six, Rand lost his family and ended up in the downwinds, in back alleys and criminals of all kinds, and has had to fight to live, now he is fighting to hold on to his heart mate who keeps turning away from his advances, but her kisses are so sweet and he aches to hold onto her….he doesn’t know if he loves her but he does know there is a great future for them both if she will just learn to trust in him

The Heroine (Danith Mallow)
Danith, is a young woman that knows she will never have a heart mate, that she will have to settle for what she can get, and when she is about to be engaged to a young man who cares for her, she meets the intimidating Rand, who looks more like an outlaw than a noble, and doesn’t understand why he would be pursuing her so unless he wants her for his mistress….but she knows she deserves better than that. When she finds out the real purpose in his advances, her life starts changing so dramatically right before her eyes that she doesn’t know which way is right, even though her heart cries out for T’Ash.

My Thoughts 
Heart Mate is the first installment in this series, and it was a very likable read, the beginning was a bit slower to get into, but once I did I had a fantastic time with these two characters. Rand is so Alpha Male type, very possessive and stubborn to the extreme, and more resilient than most, although he does have a soft side. Danith, is somewhat spitfire but does have a more gentle nature about her. Danith’s situation is unique, because she thinks of herself as beneath Rand, however she is anything but, and the heat in this book was very sizzling at times, I just love this world that Robin D. Owens has created, its so fun to get into the scene and just enjoy the ride. It wasn’t the type of book that would keep you from setting it down, but it was more relax before the fire type of read, and a very enjoyable and exciting at times novel, that was so fun and sexy, and I can hardly wait to read the rest of the series.

About Robin D. Owens

RITA® Award Winning novelist Robin D. Owens credits the telepathic cat with attitude in selling her first futuristic/fantasy romance, HeartMate, published in December 2001. Since then she has written fourteen books in the series, Heart Fire the latest in November, 2014.

Her five book Luna series included average American women Summoned into another dimension to save a world. Her Mystic Circle series was a mixture of contemporary urban and romantic fantasy set in Denver.

And her newest stories, about an uptight accountant who sees Old West ghosts and helps them move on, will start with Ghost Seer in April of 2014. She is profoundly thankful to be recipient of the 2004 Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers’ Writer of the Year award as well as the 2011 Writer of the Year Award, the Colorado Romance Writers Lifetime Achievement Award and the 2010 Best Paranormal and Best of the Best Daphne Du Maurier Award…actually, after winning an award she tends to dance around bored cats.

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