Book Review-From Duke Till Dawn by Eva Leigh

Book Review-From Duke Till Dawn by Eva Leigh

Book Review-From Duke Till Dawn by Eva LeighFrom Duke Till Dawn by Eva Leigh
Also in this series: Dare to Love a Duke
Series: The London Underground #1
Published by Avon on May 30, 2017
Genres: Historical Romance, Regency Era
Pages: 384
Format: eBook
Source: Library
ISBN: 0062499424
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Eva Leigh launches a seductive new series that sizzles with the dark secrets of London’s underworld...

Years ago, the Duke of Greyland gave his heart—and a princely sum of money—to a charming, destitute widow with unparalleled beauty. After one passionate night, she slipped from his bed and vanished without a trace. And just when he’s given up hope of ever seeing her again, Greyland finds her managing a gaming hell. He’s desperate to have her… until he discovers everything about his long-lost lover was a lie.

In truth, Cassandra Blake grew up on the streets, picking pockets to survive. Greyland was a mark—to be fleeced and forgotten—but her feelings for the duke became all too real. Once he learns of her deception, however, the heat in his eyes turns to ice. When her business partner absconds with the gaming hell proceeds—leaving unsavory investors out for blood—Cassandra must beg the man she betrayed for help.

Greyland wants compensation, too, and he’ll assist her under one condition: she doesn’t leave his sight until her debts are paid. But it’s not long before the real Cassandra—the smart, streetwise criminal—is stealing his heart all over again. 

From Duke Till Dawn is the first book in Eva Leigh’s “The London Underground” and I was super excited for this book especially after reading the third installment in the series “Dare To Love A Duke” and where I was charmed by Alex and I really wanted to read his story and was delighted when I saw this book available at my local library. I had a fun time with this book although I do want to mention that the beginning of story is a bit stunted and might throw the reader off, I recommend sticking with the story because it does improve the more you read.

She wouldn’t have believed such an honorable, principled man would make love to her like he was born for the task. As though his only desire was to give her unending pleasure

The Duke of Greyland has never fully gotten over the one woman that he fell in love with who was a widow in need and they had a passionate one night stand but then she disappeared and he never heard from her again. But when his two friends drag him to a gambling club, he runs into Cassandra again and he is shocked to see her alive and well. But then Alex learns that Cassandra is not the woman he thought she was, that she was never a widow and that she played him all those years ago, since she is highly experienced at being a swindler to survive and Alex is furious.

I’d been like an automaton, going through the paces of my life mechanically, dutifully. But you’ve taken me from the confines of my comfortable, familiar world and introduced me to danger, and excitement and a giddy sort of joy.

Cassandra, was born on the streets and she had to learn how to survive in the best way that she knew how by pick pocketing, or stealing so that she wouldn’t have to deal in prostitution unless she had no choice. She has grown up working with thieves and swindlers. She is currently working with a man who taught her to swindle and is like a father to her and in their current venture planning on setting somewhere else and have a fresh start. But then she runs into Alex again and when he learns the truth he is feeling betrayed and she is the cause of that betrayal and she has never felt remorse until now because she loves Alex and has never forgotten him after all these years. But when she is betrayed herself and her father figure abandons her and many other relying on the money they gathered together in their gambling club venture, if she wants to survive she will need to go to Alex for help and hope that he will forgive her one day.

He was everything she dared to dream of but could not allow herself to expect

From Duke Till Dawn, was a enjoyable read, and it may not be my favorite from this author, but I had a fun time with this story but it did take a while before I started to really enjoy it. Its a page turner, so no worries are being able to get into the story but it did start out a bit strange for a second chance romance. There wasn’t any flashbacks (which I was alright with) but it was the way the story was told that seemed a bit unbalanced in the first third part of the book. But then something changed and this is when the story really started to work for me. I really loved the growth of the characters in this book. Cassandra learns about regret and committing wrongs and the guilt that comes with taking advantage of other’s generosity. And Alex learns about the lives about those that live in the underground of London, about poverty and desperation and what some people will need to do in order to survive. He learns the value of forgiveness and redemption. I adored seeing these two grow together and learn to accept one another and their pasts.

You’re the woman I love. Courageous. Strong. Wickedly intelligent” He touched his fingertips to the underside of her chin, holding her reverently. “I want all of you. And I want to give you all of me”

From Duke Till Dawn is a story that is packed with adventure, mystery, emotional growth and a sexy romance that is pure sensation!!

About Eva Leigh

Eva Leigh is a romance author who has always loved the Regency era. She writes novels chock-full of smart women and sexy men. She enjoys baking, spending too much time on the Internet, and listening to music from the ’80s. Eva and her husband live in Central California.

Eva also writes in multiple romance genres as RITA-award nominated Zoë Archer.

You can contact Eva at

She is represented by Kevan Lyon of the Marsal Lyon Literary Agency.

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